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Australian Motorcycle News Vol 70 Issue 01

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ed’s desk

WE AIN’T 70 yet, but with this issue we are officially in our 70th year. That’s a lot of motorcycling, when you understand we have cranked out as a fortnightly (mostly) since then. I say mostly because the Green Horror began as a weekly, shifting to a fortnightly when the weekly deadline become problematic. Thank god George Lynn made that call… In 1951 you could buy a brand-new AJS Vincent Comet, Geoff Duke was the 350cc and 500cc World Champ and I was 22 years away from being born. The title has been through recessions, bike sales booms, the arrival of the internet and, most recently of course, the cursed year of 2020. This time next year, we will be celebrating wildly This time next year, we will be celebrating wildly, and the planning…

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big boxer tricks

THIS ISN’T THE first time Boxer Design has been employed by a legendary supercar firm hoping to expand its reach to two wheels – the company was tasked with doing the same for Lamborghini 35 years ago. The fact that we’re not all riding Lamborghini bikes today (even though, after various changes of ownership, Lambo and Ducati are now sister companies) shows that the mid’80s attempt wasn’t a success. The bike in question was an alloy-framed, Kawasaki-engined beast with all-enveloping bodywork that mimicked the supercar fashion for straked intakes and outlets. Although some say as many as 50 were intended to be made when production started in 1986, just six were finished before Lamborghini pulled the plug.…

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turbo brough superbike

WHEN CAR MAKER Aston Martin revealed its V-twin-powered, turbocharged AMB 001 at last year’s EICMA event in Milan, you could be forgiven for thinking it might disappear without trace like so many other jaw-dropping prototypes. But the first of 100 planned examples of this wild superbike is on schedule to reach its wealthy new owner later this year, as these images of the bike under test at the Pau-Arnos circuit in France prove. Why at Pau-Arnos and not at one of the many purpose-made test facilities near Aston’s base in the UK? Because, despite its badges, the AMB 001 is actually being built by Brough Superior – another famous British name but one that now builds its bikes at the Boxer Design facility in Toulouse, France. In case you missed its unveiling last…

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ktm revives electric scooter

BACK IN 2013 KTM announced plans to enter the electric scooter arena and showed its radical-looking E-Speed concept bike, but canned it a year later, deciding scooters weren’t a good fit with its image. Now KTM has revealed that it will indeed be getting in on the electric scooter market. An investor document revealed late last year confirmed it was working on a new 48-volt common electric platform for outputs from 3kW to 10kW, to be built in India. There are sure to be links to the new Bajaj Chetak electric scooter. Bajaj is one of KTM’s partners and the Chetak’s 4kW, 48V design would fit in with the KTM common platform. The same plan also showed drawings of a Husqvarna electric scooter, which is scheduled to go into production in 2021 in…

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indian’s electric ftr

RECENT TRADEMARK FILINGS have prompted Indian to confirm it will reveal an electric-powered EFTR later this year. It claims it will be a ‘youth-oriented product’ so expect a product way cheaper than the Harley LiveWire and Zero SR/F. Indian’s parent company, Polaris, isn’t short of expertise in this area. It bought electric motorcycle pioneer Brammo in 2015, rebranding the company’s impressive Empulse R as the Victory Empulse TT. All looked good for a couple of years until Polaris made the surprise decision to wind-down the Victory brand in 2017.…

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the smoke and mirrors of emissions

ONE OF THE biggest issues to emerge from the current worldwide pandemic isn’t on the consciousness of riders. But it is a major focus of motorcycle manufacturers around the world, and the elephant in the room is whether Euro-5 emissions rules will be enforced. From 1 January, 2021, every new bike sold in the European Union must comply with the next-generation Euro-5 emissions rules, but it’s looking increasingly like manufacturers will struggle to bring their ranges into line with the new rules in time. This is because the continuing coronavirus pandemic that has hampered both sales and development. However, some manufacturers have already side-stepped the Euro-5 issue by getting new models type-approved just before the 1 January, 2020 deadline that ends Euro-4. Ducati is just one example. It had the Streetfighter V4 type-approved for…