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Automobile July 2019

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Michael Floyd INTERNATIONAL BUREAU CHIEF Angus MacKenzie EXECUTIVE EDITOR Mac Morrison CREATIVE DIRECTOR Darren Scott DETROIT BUREAU CHIEF Todd Lassa SENIOR EDITOR Nelson Ireson SENIOR EDITOR Aaron Gold FEATURES EDITOR Rory Jurnecka MANAGING EDITOR Rusty Kurtz SENIOR COPY EDITOR Jesse Bishop COPY EDITOR Claire Crowley GRAPHIC DESIGNER Michael Cruz-Garcia MANAGING ART DIRECTOR Mike Royer EUROPEAN BUREAU CHIEF George Kacher AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN EDITOR Robert Cumberford NEW YORK BUREAU CHIEF Jamie Kitman EDITOR-AT-LARGE Arthur St. Antoine AUTOMOBILE DIGITAL SENIOR EDITOR Erik Johnson ONLINE EDITOR Ed Tahaney DAILY NEWS EDITOR Conner Golden PRODUCTION EDITOR Eleonor Segura DIRECTOR, SOCIAL MEDIA Brandon Scarpelli SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Billy Rehbock CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Ronald Ahrens, Jethro Bovingdon, Zach Bowman, Jon Alain Guzik, Michael Jordan, Bob Merlis, Chris Nelson, Marc Noordeloos, Andy Pilgrim, Steven Cole Smith, Basem Wasef, Michael Whiteley CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Daniel Byrne, Jim Fets, Martyn Goddard, Steffen Jahn, Robert Kerian, Julia LaPalme, James Lipman, Charlie Magee, Richard Pardon, Tim Marrs, A.J. Mueller, Tom…

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wonderful, windy wedding beetle

THE WIND IS starting to make my eyes water. A car whizzes by on the left to pass me, and a shower of pebbles peppers my face as it does. This is the point where I curse myself for not bringing my sunglasses. I quickly glance down at the speedo to see how fast I’m going. Hmm, about 40 or so. Feels like 80. Not surprising, I suppose, when the car you’re driving has no windscreen, no sheetmetal to speak of. No, this is not a low-slung, track-attacking tube frame machine like an Ariel Atom. This is a 50-plus-year-old VW Beetle, in all its air-cooled, rear-engine, 44-hp glory. But as you’ve no doubt guessed by now, this is no ordinary Bug. Right now, I’m just hoping a bug of a different…

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YOU MIGHT NOT know loads of detail about the life and career of Mario Gabriele Andretti, but you almost certainly know of him. Across generations, you’re not alone. He was an American household name long before cable TV proliferated. He retired from his open-wheel career following the 1994 season, when the Internet was but a non-mainstream novelty. And while the World Wide Web was an everyday commonality by the time of his final professional race, at Le Mans in 2000, the ’round-the-clock, globally interconnected tentacles of smart devices and social media remained several years over the horizon. Yet walk through, say, a grocery store today and ask 10 people if they’ve heard of Andretti, and you’ll probably receive as many nods in the affirmative as you will curious looks of…

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by design

2020 PININFARINA BATTISTA 1 Front 3/4 View TALKING ABOUT March’s Geneva auto show, I noted Palexpo’s halls were “full of various electrics that either resembled Italian supercars or were Italian supercars—but with electric propulsion,” as I reported in this column last month. This car is neither the best nor the worst of that panoply, but it does possess the distinction of coming from the most prestigious and respected of the few remaining Northern Italian carrozzerie (even though it belongs to Mahindra & Mahindra of India now). The Battista is beautifully made, as are all hand-built Pininfarina cars, known for almost nine decades for tasteful classicism tempered by elegant innovation, even on pure racers. Named in honor of the firm’s revered founder, this one is unfortunately more a generic Italian supercar than an example…

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driving the world driving champion

A FRIEND WAS over one evening for cocktails, and as usual, eventually the conversation rolled around to cars. He mentioned that in a few months he planned to make his first-ever pilgrimage to the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and knowing that I’d attended the August “Oscars of classic wheels” many times, he asked me to reminisce a little. Between sips of martini, I rambled through a few among countless memories: Ralph Lauren’s beauteous 1938 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic coupe on the Pebble Beach lawn being carefully inspected for errant atoms of lint by a crew of similarly beauteous, Lauren-attired models; Jackie Stewart blitzing around Laguna Seca in one of his original, 1970s-era Tyrrell Formula 1 cars during the Monterey Historic Races; my daughter, then just 5 years old, getting to climb…

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nothing midcentury about modern-era bmws

WITH THEIR JUST-SO sense of modernist style—particularly in the arenas of architecture, loud sport jackets, and cocktail sophistication—the denizens of Palm Springs, California, don’t get enough credit. They canonized an enduring and uniquely American hipster aesthetic back in the 1950s that’s percolated through the decades. If anything, its appeal is even stronger today, as a visit to the city’s Modernism Week following a full-brand BMW ride and drive event in nearby Thermal confirmed. Legions of youthful lounge lizards came to inspect the crazy homes and gardens. Dressed like their old-time forebears but presumably with even greater senses of irony, they rolled and strolled through Palm Springs’ streets alongside bespangled alter kockers in outfits so kitsch that one expected to find Joey Bishop around every corner. Old cars abounded. Over at the BMW…