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Automobile September/October 2019

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Michael Floyd INTERNATIONAL BUREAU CHIEF Angus MacKenzie EXECUTIVE EDITOR Mac Morrison CREATIVE DIRECTOR Darren Scott DETROIT BUREAU CHIEF Todd Lassa SENIOR EDITOR Nelson Ireson SENIOR EDITOR Aaron Gold FEATURES EDITOR Rory Jurnecka MANAGING EDITOR Rusty Kurtz SENIOR COPY EDITOR Jesse Bishop COPY EDITOR Claire Crowley MANAGING ART DIRECTOR Mike Royer EUROPEAN BUREAU CHIEF George Kacher AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN EDITOR Robert Cumberford NEW YORK BUREAU CHIEF Jamie Kitman EDITOR-AT-LARGE Arthur St. Antoine AUTOMOBILE DIGITAL SENIOR EDITOR Erik Johnson ONLINE EDITOR Ed Tahaney DAILY NEWS EDITOR Conner Golden PRODUCTION EDITOR Eleonor Segura DIRECTOR, SOCIAL MEDIA Brandon Scarpelli SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Billy Rehbock CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Ronald Ahrens, Jethro Bovingdon, Zach Bowman, Jon Alain Guzik, Michael Jordan, Bob Merlis, Chris Nelson, Marc Noordeloos, Andy Pilgrim, Steven Cole Smith, Basem Wasef, Michael Whiteley CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Daniel Byrne, Jim Fets, Martyn Goddard, Steffen Jahn, Robert Kerian, Julia LaPalme, James Lipman, Charlie Magee, Richard Pardon, Tim Marrs, A.J. Mueller, Tom Salt, Jürgen Skarwan,…

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five years of change

AS WE STARTED bolting together our annual look at what we believe to be the best new cars, trucks, and SUVs the automotive world has to offer, it hit me: five years. Dang, has it really been that long? I’m not huge on anniversaries, and the Big 5 isn’t exactly a momentous milestone in the grand scheme. But as I began to ruminate on my tenure at the helm of the USS Automobile, I was struck by how much things have changed, not just at our publication but for the industry as a whole. Nowhere has the pace been more breakneck than in the electric-powered vehicle space. Back in September 2014, Tesla was just starting to gain its footing thanks to its breakthrough Model S, a car that gobsmacked me the first…

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by design

I DON’T KNOW how many road cars Ferrari has made, but the first one I saw when I was at Art Center 66 years ago was probably one of just a few hundred extant, each one different from all the others—even when that was not the intent. The idea in Italy then was that if a door on one side was longer than the one on the other side, well, you can’t see both at once. Today, Ferrari’s historical total build must be well into six figures, and its cars coming off the line are rigorously identical in surfaces and panel alignment, unlike that touchingly asymmetrical Touring 166 coupe sitting outside Ernie McAfee’s Hollywood Hills shop displaying side-to-side discrepancies even an untrained student eye could discern. For decades, any Ferrari would…

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marvels, mirages, and manson

“THOSE THINGS ARE really freaking me out. Especially seeing ’em way out here.” My friend Case was studying a row of 12 ghosts, their white, hooded shrouds reflecting the last rays of twilight as the sun settled into the vastness of the Mojave Desert. He turned to me. “You told me we were driving to a ghost town. You didn’t say we’d actually see any.” Case and I were standing in front of “The Last Supper,” an outdoor sculpture created in 1984 by the late Belgian-Polish artist Charles Albert Szukalski. It’s near the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada, itself a spooky apparition formed by the cadaverous remains of a gold-rush boomtown where, from roughly 1905 to 1908, as many as 5,000 people lived and worked and even attended performances at the…

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thoughts on the launch of a new volvo wagon

LIKE SOME SCRAPPY Nordic rally driver of yore, Volvo regained control of the sliding car that was its corporate self just before it drifted over a cliff. Thanks to billions pumped into its tank by a new adoptive parent, China’s Geely, the smart and feisty Swede gathered its perilously sideways mount to once again nip at the heels of the world’s front-running car manufacturers, with a technological attack and design coherence impressive today in absolute terms but especially for a company of its small size. Along these lines, it was hard at first sight not to be impressed by the company’s new V60. Nor could you easily overstate its importance. Although traditional wagons are not what they once were for the automobile industry, they continue to play an outsized role in…

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about all-stars

TO START WITH, I really enjoy your magazine; your articles and photography are second to none. I do, however, take exception to your exclusion of the Corvette ZR-1 from your All-Stars list (May). Your “qualifying rules” state these vehicles are “meant to represent the most aspirational, attainable, and otherwise exceptional offerings of the past calendar year.” The complaint by the reviewers of lack of traction is confusing; it would be like Mark Donohue complaining to Roger Penske that the Porsche 917-30 had too much horsepower as he proceeded to dominate the Can-Am Series. What about appropriate throttle input and driver skills? To rank the Mercedes G 550 SUV and the Nissan Altima SR 2.0 above the ZR-1 is mind-boggling. This is not to say that these are not great vehicles.…