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AZURE January/February 2020

Lively, fresh, forward-looking, but also socially relevant — this defines Azure, the leading design publication covering the expanding world of international contemporary architecture and design. Each issue delivers readers inspiring ideas and cutting-edge innovations, from state-of-the-art green building to the latest in furniture and home accessories from around the globe.

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Editor Danny Sinopoli Executive Editor Elizabeth Pagliacolo Managing Editor Kendra Jackson Associate Editor Evan Pavka Associate Art Director Vicky Lee Assistant Art Director Kari Silver Copy Editor David Dick-Agnew Contributors A-Frame, Francis Amiand, Veronika Aquila, Tom Arban, Dror Baldinger, Jeremy Bittermann, Olivier Blouin, Alex Bozikovic, BoysPlayNice, Andrew Braithwaite, Sama Jim Canzian, Marc Cramer, Samantha Edwards, Pierre Even, Matthew Krull, Simon Lewsen, Laura May Todd, Mark Menjivar, Eric Mutrie, Alex Nirta, Philam Nguyen, Lisa Petrole, Carolyn Pioro, Joann Plockova, Rosemary Poole, Corinna Reeves, Toby Scott, Ivo Tavares, Andrés Villota Magazines Canada Fellow Sharine Taylor Creative Direction and Design Frontier Paddy Harrington, Founder Jessica Leong, Senior Designer Nicholas Hanlon, Designer Director of Operations Jacqueline LaRonde Senior Account Managers Jeffrey Bakazias (416) 203-9674 x238 jeffrey@azureonline.com Mitch Gilroy (416) 203-9674 x239 mitch@azureonline.com Neil Young (416) 203-9674 x230 neil@azureonline.com Director Integrated Production Alessandro Cancian Digital Development Manager Francesco Sgaramella Web Editor…

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natural evolution

What’s in a ceramic tile? From the striking facade of a Barcelona hotel to the vivid interplay of surfaces at Manhattan’s Mercado Little Spain, Spanish ceramics are a marquee feature of inspiring architecture and interiors globally. Drawing on centuries of tradition, the country’s contemporary ceramics combine a durable and sustainable material with innovations that expand its aesthetic and functional possibilities across a range of applications. Under the Tile of Spain banner, the nation’s ceramics manufacturers are the stewards of a continually evolving craft. It all begins, as it always has, with the earth. A humble mixture of natural, renewably sourced ingredients — including clay, water and feldspar — is baked at high temperatures to create a long-lasting and non-flammable product. The environmentally sensitive process also salvages unused material to minimize waste.…

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we asked…

Besides the house you shot for this issue, what residence has impressed you the most lately? IVO TAVARES Photographer, “The House in the Hill” (page 72) This year, I shot a home called GR House (pictured) by Portuguese architect Paulo Martins. What caught my eye was the way he created moments that emphasize the views into the valley beyond. What direction do you see residential architecture going in? ROSEMARY POOLE Writer, “Shared Economy” (page 68) Increasingly, homeowners are seeking more adaptable interiors that can be easily modified for aging in place or suited for tenants, relatives and even multiple-unit conversion. What was the most memorable part of your assignment? JOANN PLOCKOVA Writer, “Czech Balance” (page 84) With DDAANN’s Summer House, a major source of inspiration for the project came from rural Czech cottages that are typically extended in makeshift fashion. It…

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first + foremost

Sharjah Totems While clay might not be the first material that comes to mind for a suite of contemporary furnishings, the ancient substance proved just the medium for Barcelona designer Pepa Reverter and Dubai architect Abdalla Almulla’s first collaboration. Unveiled during the 2019 London Design Fair, their eight-piece Sharjah Totems collection — a series of 35-to-70-centimetre-wide terracotta- and umber-toned vessels — functions as outdoor seating, tabletops and more. Lids and bands with accents of plum and tangerine made from safeefah (woven palm fronds) transform the earthen forms into individual perches — perfect for roosting while checking email — as well as surfaces for working or dining. Alternatively, as many as four pieces can be stacked to create towering columns and, ultimately, a whole landscape of large-scale, hand-formed pottery. The totems were…

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double take

Housing a convenience store, a travel agency and a Chinese restaurant, a strip mall in the city of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, appears just as unassuming as any other. Only this particular mall is also the location of Kolab Project’s flagship cannabis shop, LAB001, which masquerades as a laundromat. Just inside the doors, an austere entry lined with vintage washing machines and metal carts leads to a room where pipes, grinders and other pot accoutrements appear to float effortlessly in transparent acrylic cases. A black and yellow news ticker above the stainless-steel reception desk displays customer wait times. “I wanted to emulate a business that would be located here already. The laundromat was the perfect front,” says LAB001’s designer, Emil Teleki. The brains behind Toronto studio I-V, Teleki has also designed offices for…

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5 things we learned from christophe delcourt

Although he augments his namesake furniture collection just about every year, quality and permanence trump faddishness and flash for Paris-based designer Christophe Delcourt. His pieces, which include seating, lighting and tables of all kinds, are typically clean of line, simple of form and crafted to endure. And they’re always inspired by strong defining concepts, such as light and shade or gravity versus inertia. Both of these themes are central to his latest line, the Shape of Shade, a series of wood, stone and upholstered furnishings that are simultaneously fluid and rooted to the ground, their sculptural silhouettes casting distinctive shadows when struck by rays of light. It should come as no surprise that shadow and motion would interest Delcourt, who trained as an actor and scenographer. But as he told…