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WITH WARM SUMMER DAYS behind us, it’s time to enjoy autumn’s cool breezes and one of the most anticipated baking seasons of the year. Can’t you just smell the delicious baked goods that will come from your oven? We are here to up your fall baking game with new favorites that are full of the comforting flavors that this beloved season is all about. We’re excited to share our interview with the celebrity of caramel, William Werner, who uses this classic fall ingredient to elevate his pastry case at Craftsman and Wolves in San Francisco. Then, turn to “The Pantry” on page 27 for our list of the best cinnamons to stock up on for your fall baking. September ushers in the grand German celebration of beer—Oktoberfest. So how could we not…

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LINNEA COVINGTON When not chasing after a toddler, Linnea Covington spends a lot of time curled up in her grandfather’s chair writing about food, drinks, and travel for Food Republic, Zagat, Westword, and Forbes Travel Guide. Often the three subjects meet, whether that means delving into the world of cheese in Switzerland, noshing on grubs in the Amazon, or making wine in the Finger Lakes of New York. This lover of bubbly wine and all-things-taco lives in Denver with her family and two pesky cats. In the fall, I crave: “Pumpkin beer. My favorite is Southern Tier’s Pumking. It sells out every year, and I stock up so I can sip it all season, preferably with a tumbler of rye to accent the spices.” MATT ARMENDARIZ Matt Armendariz is a food, travel, and lifestyle…

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countertop nostalgia

1. Custom Wreath Design Heirloom Recipe Box The custom initial atop this wooden box makes it the perfect chest to carry beloved, time-tested recipes. Add your own and proudly pass it down to the next branch of the family tree. $84; 2. Ironwood Gourmet Recipe Box The dark tone of this sturdy, yet sleek acacia wood box fits perfectly in the modern kitchen. A subtle slit across the top acts as a card stand to preserve your precious cards from unnecessary grit while in use. $31.99; 3. Oceanstar Design Bamboo Recipe Box A simple design and durable bamboo frame give this recipe box the ability to fit in with any countertop décor. It also includes a removable clear divider that slides into place on the box lid to keep your recipe in plain sight while…

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fall into baking

BREAKING BREADS By Uri Scheft Uri Scheft, the baker behind the celebrity-status chocolate babka at Breads Bakery in New York City, is bringing a different side of his baking knowledge into the limelight in Breaking Breads: A New World of Israeli Baking (Artisan Books). Drawing from his Israeli heritage, childhood love of freshly baked bread, and global travels, Uri makes the international classics, such as seed-studded challah and tomato-topped focaccia, and lesser known European, Israeli, and Middle Eastern breads—like Jachnun and Cheese Bourekas—accessible for the home baker. With a mix of recipes and tips, dramatic photography, and step-by-step how-tos to creating beautiful loaves, braids, and rolls, this cookbook is truly a bread baker’s guide to Europe and the Middle East. CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE: Kubaneh, a rich Yemenite bread that is a cross…

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william werner on caramel

Why is caramel so magical? Caramel is the sweet world’s beurre blanc. There’s a mystery around it. What is the biggest challenge for a home cook? Fear. Fear of burning the caramel or themselves. That’s what I hear nine times out of ten when I do a cooking demo or a class. But it’s not a terribly involved process. I think we sometimes overcomplicate it. What’s the most important part of the process? As with all confections, it’s about temperature. For my caramels, that’s 118 degrees Celsius. I cook it at a medium-high heat with a rapid boil. Bring it to a boil quickly and keep it there until you hit the temperature mark. If you slowly bring it to a boil, you’ve lost all of the momentum and reach that degree mark at a…

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bourbon & bread pudding

When it comes to bourbon in Kentucky, Edward Lee knows his brown water. Chef and owner of Louisville’s 610 Magnolia and Milkwood Restaurant, he features a healthy roster of America’s native spirit on his menus, holds an impressive personal collection of rare and vintage bourbons, and even plans to open a downtown whiskey bar in the near future. For him, there’s nothing better than a glass of bourbon neat (or on the rocks) to cap off a night. “People always pair desserts with something sweet like ice wine, which I’ve never understood,” he says. “The last thing I want with something sweet is something more sweet.” For his twist on classic bread pudding, made with cornbread and sugared sweet potatoes, he looks to bourbons that are less aggressive, food-friendly, and…