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IF YOU’RE ANYTHING LIKE ME, your holiday baking list is well underway, and let’s be honest, I don’t need a holiday to get me in the kitchen knee-deep in dough. But this time of year calls for the necessity of cookies—lots and lots of cookies. In the pages that follow, you will quickly see why my oven won’t have a chance to cool down this holiday season. We are so excited to partner with feedfeed and their talented community of bloggers, Instagrammers, and culinary influencers to bring you this amazing collection of cookie recipes (including one from feedfeed founders Julie and Dan Resnick) that represents holiday traditions around the globe as well as creative flavor combinations and gift-worthy bakes. While I’m always baking new recipes and putting my twist on them, there…

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julie & dan resnick

We started feedfeed four years ago after moving from New York City to Amagansett, New York, a region surrounded by farmland, ocean, and a thriving food community. After becoming deeply inspired by the local farmers, fishermen/fisherwomen, chefs, and bakers pioneering an amazing culinary community committed to local and seasonal cooking and baking, we strove to make similar connections with like-minded people all over the world. To create these connections, we started a hashtag, #feedfeed, as a call to action on Instagram to encourage home cooks, chefs, bloggers, photographers and stylists, and food producers to share inspiration with each other. This hashtag is now the glue holding together a community of millions who share more than 15,000 posts each day (7 million to date) using #feedfeed, allowing us to curate our crowdsourced…

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swap in the city

Cover Recipe the guest list SUSAN SPUNGEN New York, New York The food stylist behind sumptuous films like It’s Complicated, Julie & Julia, and Eat, Pray, Love, Susan started her career in food as the founding Food Director at Martha Stewart Living. When she’s not making food look incredible on the big screen, she’s populating her blog, The Modern Cook, with the sophisticated and delicious entertaining recipes she’s known for. What she brought: Salted Caramel Sablé Sandwich Cookies, the little black dress of holiday cookies that would satisfy any sweet tooth, celebrity or no. @susanspungen | | ERIN CLARKSON Brooklyn, New York Kiwi-expat Erin Clarkson went from working as a geologist on an oil rig to running a cutting-edge design studio in New York with her husband. Erin brings the same kind of abstract creativity she uses…

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amisha gurbani

FOLLOW: Instagram: @thejamlab Computer engineer, baker, blogger, and artisan jam maker—all proper titles for the inexhaustible woman behind The Jam Lab, Amisha Gurbani. What started as a jam business soon blossomed into a blog documenting each recipe, savory and sweet, as a new step in her journey to bring from-scratch food to the table. Exposure to the innovative atmosphere of the Bay Area keeps Amisha experimenting with new, unique flavors. Amisha’s cookies highlight flavors that are taking the baking world by storm and include matcha macarons, halva-swirled pinwheel cookies, black sesame seed-flecked madeleines, and richly spiced thandai cookies that harken back to her Mumbai roots. HALVA AND PISTACHIO PINWHEEL COOKIES Makes about 54 I consider pinwheels to be the quintessential Christmas cookie. Here, I swirl halva and pistachio dough into a cookie log,…

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laura kasavan

FOLLOW: Instagram: @tutti_dolci For Laura Kasavan, there’s always room for dessert. Tutti Dolci, Italian for “all sweets,” is a blog that combines four of Laura’s enduring passions: writing, photography, baking, and—you guessed it—dining on sweets. Though she considers herself an equal opportunity cookie lover, shortbread occupies a special place in her heart. Known for accessible but genius hacks, like using a fluted tart pan to create elegant, no-fuss wedges of shortbread, Laura offers four recipes that are simple in method but decadent in execution. Celebrating classic flavor pairings, from toasted hazelnut and chocolate to rich pumpkin and warm spice, these buttery, crumbly cookies offer all the holiday comfort you could want. CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT SHORTBREAD COOKIES Makes about 28 Dipped in rich chocolate and decked with toasted hazelnuts and gold sprinkles, these chocolate hazelnut…

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amy ho

FOLLOW: constellationinspiration Instagram: @constellationinspiration Amy Ho’s hunger for baking goes beyond the basic craving for something sweet. Behind each layer cake, pie, or tart is the desire to transform base ingredients (flour, sugar, and butter) into something deliciously extraordinary. Amy refers to each recipe in her blog, Constellation Inspiration, as a love letter. Like any good love letter, Amy often accompanies hers with flowers—be it roses, lavender, or chrysanthemums—either as photographic accents or as a flavor component. With her personal brand of flower power, Amy’s holiday cookies make the most of floral inspiration, with rose-scented wreath cookies, spicy chocolate sandwich cookies held together with a piped rosette of horchata buttercream frosting, addictive Speculoos cookies, and browned butter cranberry bars styled with baby’s breath. ROSE, WHITE CHOCOLATE, AND PISTACHIO WREATH COOKIES Makes 18…