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BeanScene August 2018

BeanScene is Australia’s world-class coffee magazine. Not simply one for industry insiders, BeanScene caters for coffee aficionados who love what ‘coffee culture’ contributes to everyday life and leisure pursuits. Packed with fascinating barista profiles, inspiring feature articles and tantalising coffee reviews, BeanScene is a must-read for coffee lovers in Australia.

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beanscene covershoot

Ona Coffee Marrickville 140 Marrickville Rd Marrickville, NSW 2204 www.onacoffee.com.au In the peak of winter, it seems there's nothing more conforting that a warm, delicious coffee. For this reason, the August edition of BeanScene decided to take a turn and put something cold on its cover. Something very cold in fact, just -32°C. "Why", you ask? Because it's the latest movement to make its mark on the Australian coffee industry. Freezing roasted coffee has made its mark around the world and for the first time Australian consumers had their chance to see what all the fuss is about when Ona Coffee opened its first Sydney café with an extensive list of frozen coffees to try. Naturally, BeanScene thought this would make a great cover shot. "We were pretty stoked to be asked…

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Kyle Rutten is the National Training Manager for Suntory and Mocopan Coffee Australia. He has extensive experience in training and development, and people management. Kyle has a strong background in specialty coffee with a focus in bringing that expertise into the corporate coffee industry. He is passionate about developing people through knowledge and experience to further their careers. Mandy DelVecchio is part of the marketing and communications team for Zest Specialty Coffee. She is a consumer-centric flavour-seeker who dreams of a more environmentally sustainable coffee industry. A professional writer with strong foundations in food and hospitality, Mandy is also driven by flavour development along with exploring and celebrating local makers and small producers. Mandy believes translating the message of artisanal appreciation to consumers is key in any industry. Shinsaku Fukayama is the…

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the coffee connection

It’s 8.08am. I decided to annoy my body clock on a Saturday morning and arrive at Ona Coffee Marrickville’s grand opening bright and early – beat the crowds I say. Problem is, it wasn’t early enough. By ‘grand opening’ status, I should have been there when the doors opened at 7.30am, and maybe I should have camped the night before like eager tech geeks do when a new iPhone is released. Nevertheless, I arrive with the doors wide open, a tray of complementary donuts half devoured, and the communal table of the industry’s who’s who sipping on a reserve menu of frozen coffees. Not since I attended Nolan Hirste’s tasting of the rare HR61 coffee variety at Proud Mary has there been that much attention on a coffee. As I’m brought…

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WILFORD LAMASTUS OF ELIDA ESTATE WINS BOTH GEISHA CATEGORIES IN 2018 BEST OF PANAMA Wilford Lamastus of Elida Estate has done what no other producer has achieved in the 22 years of the Best of Panama, winning both the Washed and Natural Geisha categories in the 2018 competition. In 2016, Wilford broke the Best of Panama record in the Geisha Washed category, and in this year’s event, he broke his own record. “Nobody has ever won both Geisha categories (washed and natural) in 22 years of competition. I still cannot believe it. This is an extremely tough competition, so many outstanding growers here in Panama,” Wilford says. Wilford submitted four Geisha variety coffees and placed first in the Washed Geisha category with 94.66 points for a Elida Geisha Washed, first in the Geisha Natural…

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café essentials

BIZPHONE For small businesses needing to contact suppliers for bulk food and coffee orders or chase payments, Australian internet provider service iiNet believes it’s developed the best value business phone – BizPhone. At $29.95 per month, (a total minimum cost of $168.90) with no lock-in contract, iiNet’s BizPhone is packed with great features and functions you would only see in large business enterprise products. BizPhone offers users the choice of a fixed or cordless phone, and comes with unlimited standard calls to Australian mobiles and landlines. BizPhone’s scheduling feature lets businesses control how customer calls are handled, depending on the time of day. Calls can be sent straight to voicemail or forwarded to a mobile number outside of opening hours. Convenience and ease of use are more reasons why so many Australian businesses…

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myth busting

Mario Fernández has a growing list of more than 50 problems, but his determination is not one. Rather, his spreadsheet of issues consist of common coffee processing myths he says are simply rumours that have circulated like a bad case of Chinese whispers. For the past few years, that’s included the poor quality and mistrust of natural processed coffees, false claims about yeast fermentation and honey-processing methods, and one of Mario’s particular favourites – people preferring solar drying over mechanical drying just because it’s “more environmentally friendly”. “We have to start myth busting. People process coffee all over the world, but no-one taught us how to do it properly,” says Mario of Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), a non-profit organisation working internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of those…