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Beijing Review Vol.63/No.36

Beijing Review is China's only national newsmagazine in English. It is published every week in Beijing, by the China International Publishing Group (CIPG). Launched in March 1958, Beijing Review reports and comments on the country's social, political, economic and cultural affairs, policy changes and latest developments. It also offers in-depth analysis on major regional and international events, and provides consulting and information services.

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more, but not strong enough

When Fortune magazine compiled its first Global 500 list in 1995, selecting the top industrial, financial and service corporations by revenue, only one company from the Chinese mainland appeared on it. It was Bank of China, occupying the 207th spot. Two years down the line, the number had increased to four, and in 2001, when China joined the World Trade Organization, it grew to 12. This year, when the list was released on August 10, there were 133 Chinese companies on it, outnumbering the 121 from the United States. Reading between the lines, it indicates Chinese brands are becoming globally renowned. Since 2008, the number of Chinese companies on the list has been growing rapidly. They outnumbered Germany, France, the UK, then Japan, and the U.S. Since the launch of the list, no…

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frontline volunteer

A volunteer shows a special protective suit he received as a souvenir in a community in the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China, on August 21. By August 26, Xinjiang had 107 confirmed novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases and 38 asymptomatic cases, all in regional capital Urumqi, according to the regional health commission. From July 15 to August 26, a total of 719 COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospital after recovery. Volunteers are participating in COVID-19 prevention and control in Urumqi and taking care of those in need.…

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Sports Fun A bicycle motocross lover rides into Donghu Lake in Wuhan, Hubei Province in central China, on August 22. CPPCC Meeting The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China’s top political advisory body, on August 25 opened its 13th Standing Committee session on economic and social planning for the next five years. Wang Yang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, attended the opening meeting. State Councilor Wang Yong said while delivering a report at the meeting that goals and tasks should be meticulously set for the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) for national economic and social development. During the session, political advisors held discussions on a range of topics including high-quality economic…

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R&D Progress China’s spending on research and development (R&D) hit a record high at 2.23 percent of its GDP in 2019, 0.09 percentage point higher than the previous year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed on August 27. Total expenditure on R&D amounted to 2.2 trillion yuan ($321.3 billion) last year, up 12.5 percent year on year, according to a report jointly released by NBS, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance. The figure has seen doubledigit growth for four consecutive years, with the growth pace last year quickening by 0.7 percentage point from the previous year, said Deng Yongxu, an NBS statistician. Investment in basic research stood at 133.56 billion yuan ($19.4 billion) last year, accounting for 6 percent of the total spending. Expenditure on R&D by…

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VIET NAM The 52nd ASEAN Economic Ministers’ Meeting is held via video link on August 25. Participants discussed the bloc’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, including a comprehensive recovery plan MALTA Migrants wait for disembarkation from an armed forces patrol boat in Senglea on August 20. Malta’s military rescued 118 irregular migrants from a sinking boat LATVIA A girl sprinkles color powder during a color festival in Jurmala on August 16 COTE D’IVOIRE Supporters of President Alassane Ouattara attend an event in capital city Abidjan on August 22, after he officially announced his reelection bid JAPAN A visitor takes pictures of wind chimes at an exhibition in Tokyo on August 26. The exhibits will be given to medical workers as gifts of gratitude PAKISTAN Vehicles plow through floodwater in the southern port city of Karachi on August 26. Heavy rains…

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people & points

CHINA’S TOP GO PLAYER Chinese go player Ke Jie defeated Republic of Korea (ROK) player Park Jung Hwan on August 18, making it the eighth consecutive year that China has won the Nongshim Cup. Go is a strategic board game originating in China with a history of over 2,500 years. Known officially as the Shinramyun Cup World Baduk Championship, the Nongshim Cup is the only international team championship and invites five players from China, the ROK and Japan, and is one of the world’s most anticipated go competitions. The 23-year-old Ke is the youngest seven-time champion in the history of the game and is currently considered the world’s best go player. In 2017 Ke played against AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence go program by Google. The face-off between Ke and AlphaGo was one of…