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Bespoke the chic and the cool No. 14

Bespoke the chic and the cool, is a magazine dedicated to quality',to the authentic exclusivity,to the stories of people and companies behind the scenes of this world, so selective but at the same time fascinating. Not only Saville Row, The Madeleine or via Condotti but rather the research of things, products, stories around the world chosen  carefully, exclusively for our readers.

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Dear Friends and Readers, This year's end, that is about to come, dear readers, offers me the spark to make some important considerations, coming from the arrival of both bad and good news. But aren't we, after all, the judges of our destiny? BeHouse, the house of Bespoke, has finally found a permanent residence, a place that I would define extraordinary, according to the location and the quality of the offer: via della Spiga 34, in Milan, in the middle of the international quality shopping vibrating heart. It will be the know-how Hub, as we have until today told you in our two previous editions, every three months from the magazine's pages and daily from our web site. And, from the next 2016, it will gather the best offers that we…

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be h i m

Hong Kong, the last fortress of the British Empire, surely inherited from its previous owners the colonial allure of never forgotten customs and traditions, skilfully blended with all that China represents nowadays, especially in Kowloon zone and regarding the development of financial markets and electronic and digital technology that make of this part of the Far East the city that never sleeps, always ready, clock-round, to offer adrenaline and every kind of emotion to its inhabitants and visitors. My travel was based on the exploration of those quality signals that I always look for around the world, without overlooking stories and images that, blended together, show in this very city outcomes never to be found elsewhere. I would like to talk about images, things, men I met only during a…

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be h e r

One of the luxuries that would be really nice to allow yourself: draw up a list of objects of desire, without having to wait for the feasts, far in time from birthdays, occasions... The luxury to desire without a manifest reason, apart from the fact of finding yourself in front of something capable of provoking pure emotions. Not an insignificant goal: which objects really can make us dream (of them)? BeSpoke has gone hunting for desires. We found many. And picked 15. It wasn’t easy to choose between so many beautiful things, but in the end our finger fell upon each of them and our heart gave in: want it! Its features? Not common at all: it has to be extraordinary, but it also has to be usable every day.…

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Tim Little was a former PR man with an interest in shoes. This led him to design his own range of shoes, (initially) produced by Alfred Sargent, and to open his own shop in London's King's Road. I remember very well this “shabby chic” shop I saw a few years ago. A place with a fully handmade bespoke service, which was very rare but also the best possible form of shoemaking in the world. They measure your feet, make your unique wooden lasts and then create the shoes perfectly following your indications. In 1997 Tim left his advertising career to follow his dream of designing his own “English shoes without cobwebs” shoe collection. His King’s Road shop was defined by a journalist “the arse-end of the Kings Road”. His first…

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miller harris

Close your eyes. Open the graceful bottle. Smell. Aroma of ancient Egypt is coming to you. La Fumee Alexandrie is the sixth addition to La Fumee Collection by Miller Harris. This last but absolutely not least fragrance is a tribute to the mythical shoreline of Alexandria. The memory of a spectacular civilization, powerful and mysterious. It’s a modern way to recall the incense road of antiquity. Fascinating, somehow easy to wear and hugely long lasting, this scent is an elegant classic, sophisticated but lively and vibrant. Notably, also, La Fumee Alexandrie has a refreshingly dirtier and harsher initial opening that after a bit assumes a suitable more polite character. It' s the perfect creation by Miller Harris. The exciting and very talented nose behind all this is the creator of her…

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d.s. & durga

Wild. Different. Charming. David Seth Moltz and Kavi Moltz are a very fascinating couple as husband and wife in private as founders of their Unisex Luxury Perfume House. Factory-style setting in Brooklyn, D.S & DURGA arrived onto the scene in 2007. It's named after David's initials and his nickname for Kavi (DURGA is a Hindu goddess). They combined perfectly talents to create all scents exclusively inhouse. Perfume and cologne are made in small batches using just premium- sourced raw materials. For them, to create fragrances is high art, it's about emotions, time and personalities. He is the nose and the unique mind who handcrafts the scents and she is the graphic genius that designs the bottles and packaging. They control all the finer details of productions themselves. The pair love sharing…