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Bespoke the chic and the cool No. 15

Bespoke the chic and the cool, is a magazine dedicated to quality',to the authentic exclusivity,to the stories of people and companies behind the scenes of this world, so selective but at the same time fascinating. Not only Saville Row, The Madeleine or via Condotti but rather the research of things, products, stories around the world chosen  carefully, exclusively for our readers.

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Dear Friends and Readers, Alvin Lee sang those lyrics in the mythical song by "Ten Years After" band. He has been the fastest rock guitarist of his days. I like Alvin and much more than 10 years later, I would love to change the world, possibly in a better way without excessive claims or presumption, but I think I have found the right formula for it. I want to keep continuing the path that leads to beauty and quality, as I have achieved till now. While wandering in the world searching for excellence of the Holy Grail, I just entered into a wonderful property, located in the heart of Milan, my city, in the International Fashion District that is the core to style, fashion, design, art of living. This important universe of…

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the spanking new flagship by bespoke

Success after success and two temporary "house events" in 2014 and 2015. Finally, beHouse, the beSpoke House, opened on a permanent basis in the prestigious Via della Spiga 34, in Milan, in the heart of the Fashion District. beHouse is a luxury experience space faithful to our original "a real Home" idea, with a particular value to the research of especial collections, clothing, footwear, accessories and design, jewellery & watches and furnishing fabrics. Definitely different products, but all with a focus on extraordinary tailormade. It is a unique place in which the " quest " is going to be completely devote to quality and excellence. A fil rouge that unites the European culture to the world's great cities. Faithful to its insight calling, beHouse is the Wunderkammer in its broadest…

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bettanin & venturi

A classic story of which our land is rich and celebrated all over the world. Since 1856, Bettanin & Venturi has been crafting the finest shoes for sophisticated gentlemen. A strive for perfection and a lifetime devotion of the master shoemaker Giuseppe Bettanin. For over a century, in Verona, their artisans mastered the still hidden secret to make tasteful signature creations passed through five family generations. Today their main aim is still to make extraordinary handmade shoes using the same craftsmanship traditions and passion in the making. These shoes are entirely made in Italy and crafted by meticulous hands of skilled artisans supervised directly by the master shoemaker Giuseppe Bettanin. A unique know-how passed on from father-to-son, that still permit them to construct and welt handmade shoes both with Goodyear,…

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In London. In the 1885. Henry & Mary Rayne found Rayne Shoes. The firm expanded quickly and Rayne started to build a clientele of society women for their shoes. At the time the range of ladies shoes available from traditional shoemakers was limited, uninspiring and often uncomfortable, whereas Rayne shoes were delicate, beautifully designed, exquisitely well made and comfortable. By the turn of the Twentieth Century, Rayne had become London's first theatrical costumiers and supplied footwear to many leading actors and dancers of the day including Anna Pavlova and others. Since the beginning, Rayne made sensational British shoes to be worn by the world's most glamorous and iconic women, including Vivien Leigh, Marlene Dietrich and Brigitte Bardot. Awarded three Royal Warrants, Rayne made the shoes of queen Elizabeth II including…

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Floris is being relaunched its bespoke perfumery service. The world's oldest independent family perfumer (it was founded back in 1730) and the only one appointed to Her Majesty the queen, the company has a long history of creating fine fragrances for the most demanding of clients. A quick glance at its 300-year-old customer ledger, for example, reveals sartorial legends such as the Duke of Windsor as past clients and it has always been as popular with discerning gentlemen as it has with Europe's most famous Grand Duchesses. The company offers two types of bespoke service: Bespoke Perfume Design and Fragrance Customisation. The former allows you to work with one of Floris' perfumers, alongside the house "nose" Edward Bodenham, to create a truly distinct signature fragrance - one that's totally unique…

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luna, lucifer and the magic of stones

From architecture to art, Luna Scamuzzi owner of Lucifer Vir Honestus (unconventional name given after the first ancient jeweller in Milan) is one of the most original and visionary jewellery designers of this time. Born and raised in Milan, she creates rings, earrings and bracelets very unique and charming. Each of her piece feel and take shape as a new experience and work of art. She loves unique stones and with her quintessentially Italian passion for shape, colour and design, Luna creates luminous masterpieces of timeless beauty. Referencing the 15th-century art of wax casting, each one-of-a-kind piece features organic metalwork that artfully frames gorgeously handsculpted stones. Her latest collection draws inspiration from the ocean with shapes and colors as for the body sensors, as place of the times, body scents…