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BIKE India April 2021

BIKE India has fixed that urge with a truly adrenaline-pumping passion magazine that caters as much to the super-bike fanatic as to man-on-the-road commuter. Dedicated in its entirety to the country’s burgeoning biker community, the magazine is emerging as a biker’s bible, not just in India, but across Asia. BIKE India magazine is produced by die-hard motorcycle enthusiasts with over 25 years of hands-on experience, who strive to deliver unbiased and extensive reviews of latest two-wheelers produced across the globe.

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danger looms large

THE COVID-19 CASES ARE GOING UP BY THE DAY IN MAHARASHTRA, GIVING RISE TO THE fear that we may be heading towards another lockdown. We are to blame for this. The day they got to know that the vaccine was being administered, people thought that now it was all right to stop wearing masks and do away with social distancing. That seems to be the reason for the sudden spike in the number of cases. Needless to say, if there is another lockdown, it will be disastrous for the economy. We have been suffering from an economic slow-down even before the outbreak of the pandemic. After a lot of delay, we saw the Indian Motorcycle of the Year (IMOTY) awards for 2021 being presented last month. The main reason for the…

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readers write

Nice Torque Spread for Daily Use Which motorcycle should I buy for short rides and daily use within the city? It should also have a nice spread of torque and good fuel efficiency. I like the BMW G 310 GS but I am confused if I should go for it. Please advise me. Ojas Jain, via social media Dear Ojas, The BMW G 310 GS is a well-built motorcycle with good levels of quality that make it a nice product overall. It will be perfectly at home on poor roads and good surfaces alike. Furthermore, it will fulfil your requirements quite easily. We would recommend that you take a test-ride on it prior to sealing the deal. How About the TRK and Benelli’s Service? What is your take on the Benelli TRK 502? Is it worth…

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top 3 q

Questions about the Benelli TRK 502 @anirudh_t_e_c_i_e asks: ‘Does it feel bulky when being ridden?’ At speed, the motorcycle is quite well-balanced and easy to handle, but its weight becomes evident, for example, at low speed, U-turns, and parking. This particular aspect has been discussed in our update on this motorcycle on page 62 of this issue. @hirakbarman_15 asks: ‘How is the throttle response?’ It is smooth, linear, and progressive. @nkale18: ‘How is it to handle when riding off road?’ It is capable of mild off-roading, but it will be difficult to recover if it lets go. Questions about Ducati Multistrada 950 S @abhishek_xavier asks: ‘How would you rate touring comfort on a scale of 1-10?’ We would give it an eight on 10 for touring per se. @maitreyanath asks: ‘Which riding mode did you use the most?’ We used mainly…

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la moto mexicana

Who I Am: Abhishek Iyer Riding: The Honda XR 150L (2019 model) THIS STORY HAS ITS ORIGIN IN ME spending a month studying an adventure on a bicycle. Let me fill you in first, though. A few years ago, I bicycled across southern India, then, a step further, along the length of Nepal, and, a year later, the length of Norway. It had been a whole two years since the Northern Lights and the mind yearned for another epic adventure. I found a slick-looking website about a six-week route through a desert in northern Mexico and, a couple of weeks later with visa formalities taken care of, I was on a 24-hour bus ride across Mexico to the border wall: my starting point for this bicycle ride. Little did I anticipate that this time…

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harley-davidson pan america 1250 revealed

AFTER YEARS OF TEASERS AND MOTORCYCLE SHOW APPEARANCES, THE production version of Harley-Davidson’s adventure bike has finally been launched in international markets. It is powered by a revvy 1,252-cc V-twin that makes 152 hp at 9,000 rpm and 127 Nm of torque at 6,750 rpm. Continuously variable cam timing ensures that enough twist is delivered at lower revs without sacrificing top-end performance. Harley-Davidson have also done away with valve clearance service intervals by incorporating automatic hydraulic valve clearance adjusters. Other interesting bits include the linked braking system that automatically sends some braking force to the rear wheel when the front brake lever is squeezed, fully adjustable suspension at both ends with electronic semi-active suspension on the top-end model, and a comprehensive suite of rider assistance systems that includes riding modes, lean-sensitive traction…

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Honda Developing NT1100 Sport Tourer with Africa Twin Motor Honda have recently applied for a patent for a motorcycle called the NT1100. The last time the Japanese manufacturer used the NT designation, it was for the NT700V — a middleweight, road-going, touring bike powered by a 680-cc V-twin motor. The discontinuation of this bike in 2013 left a void in Honda’s line-up; a void that they didn’t seem too concerned about until now. The company’s 1,100-cc parallel twin from the CRF1100 Africa Twin adventure bike has already been used in the Honda Rebel 1100 cruiser and this latest patent application leads us to believe that the motor will also find a home in the new NT1100 that is being developed. The patent images reveal a steel trellis frame with the engine as…