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BILLIONAIRE 12 - The Ideas Issue

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a word from the ceo

We are going to have to learn to live differently. Our days as a society of workers is coming to an end. Challenges will arise and not only financial. How are we going to keep ourselves busy? What are we going to do to feel our lives have purpose and meaning? How will we measure a life that is worth living? As clichéd as it sounds, we must embrace not only change but the fact it is inevitable. I can often be heard explaining to friends who are concerned about change in their lives, that, as small children, we accept change with greater ease and that as we grow older we become more concerned about it, often digging our heels in and refusing to welcome it into our lives. Think of…

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editor’s note

History’s great civilisations were all good at coming up with ideas. The Ancient Chinese invented printing and gunpowder, while the Egyptians were forward-thinkers in medicine and surgery. The Greeks were sophisticated architects and astrologers, while the Romans were revolutionary tacticians. All these societies stuck around for so long because they constantly kept thinking of better ways of doing things. When our ancestors look back on the Anthropocene epoch, will they consider it a great civilisation? Faced with an exponential crisis of population growth, ecological disasters and plummeting energy returns, the future of Western civilisation appears to be a bit of history that might best be forgotten. If one thing can save us, it’s good ideas. Using common sense and science to guide us, steered by strong leadership and, above all, with an…

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tectonic shifts

Hyperloops Four years ago, Elon Musk first announced the idea of propelling passengers along an inter-city tunnel at the speed of an airline. Now it is being put into practice. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is at the forefront of the process, with the first full-scale passenger Hyperloop capsule to be revealed imminently at HTT’s R&D centre in Toulouse, France. The capsule has been built in collaboration with aerospace construction company Carbures SA and designed by British industrial design studio PriestmanGoode. The first commercially operated Hyperloop is around a decade away, with agreements signed to develop hyperloops in India, Korea, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, California, France and Abu Dhabi. City trees Dénes Honus, co-founder of Green City Solutions, came up with the ‘CityTree’: freestanding units containing a special moss culture that literally eats air…

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new minimalists

Asia’s biggest design fair, Design Shanghai, opened its doors for the fifth year this month. Over 400 international and home-grown design groups came together under one roof at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, including Zaha Hadid Design, Carl Hansen & Son, Lasvit, Swarovski, Lalique and many more. Pictured here is Green Chair by Maxmarko, a minimalist Chinese furniture brand on show at Design Shanghai this year. Launched by Derek Chen in 2010, it follows the Daoism philosophy of ‘unity without uniformity’, and takes inspiration from the five elements, earth, gold, wood, water and fire, from which everything is created.…

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Clinton Misamore and Mimi Kim have made a name in Hollywood hosting exclusive private dinners for wealthy investors. Last year they launched Storytellers, a series of monthly intimate dinner parties at the private home of CE Toberman, accompanied by a TED-style talk and Q&A. Attendees include world leaders, financiers, philanthropists, Fortune 500 executives, scientists and influencers who each offer significant ideas on how to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Some of last year’s speakers included Marie Haga, executive director of The Crop Trust/Global Seed Vault; DJs Moby and Paul Oakenfold; movie director David Lynch; and photographer Norman Seeff.…

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concrete ideas

There has been a lot of hand-wringing over the US decision to drastically ramp down its efforts to combat climate change and protect the environment. Yet the more important decisions about climate change and other resource issues over the next decades will not be made in Washington, London or Brussels, but in Beijing, New Delhi, Jakarta, Lagos, and the other major emerging economies of Asia and Africa. One thing that should be clear is that Asians cannot and should not aspire to consume as much as Americans and Europeans do to sustain economic growth. According to the United Nations, Asia is already home to more than four-billion people, and will add another billion by 2050; in contrast, the population of those living in ‘more developed regions’ will stay constant at around…