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BILLIONAIRE 14 - The Discovery Issue

BILLIONAIRE is an award-winning magazine not available on newsstands, but offered to a distinguished group of the most powerful, influential, high net worth readers across the world. Join them to receive special subscriber-only invitations. We go the extra mile to report on important topics such as the future of technology, world health, philanthropy and humanitarian work. We bring you incredible travel experiences, the very best in elegant living, the arts, culture and craftsmanship. We exclusively interview some of the world’s most illustrious billionaires, from Ted Turner to Nicky Oppenheimer to Joe Gebbia to Mo Ibrahim, about the problems keeping them up at night, their passions and projects. We speak to some of the planet’s most inspiring change-makers, from Jimmy Carter to Buzz Aldrin to Kofi Annan, about their visions for the future and how they are making the world a better place. Each quarterly issue of BILLIONAIRE is carefully curated with unique content that other magazines simply do not offer.

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a word from the ceo

There is a growing trend towards authenticity. Back to what is real. Whether it’s the re-awakening of our passions or a drive to go back to the land, there is a movement that I would argue is unstoppable. I believe it to be unstoppable because technology — and by this I mean robotics — will take over many of the menial (and not-so-menial) jobs in our lives, freeing us up to do other things. We will have more free time. And that means more time with friends, family and, indeed, on our own. We are heading into an era of self-exploration and this will bring about great challenges for many. Our society for too long has interpreted being busy as a good thing. Successful people are busy people. They have no…

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editor’s note

In his new book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Yuval Noah Harari offers some chilling predictions about the challenges that humans will face in the future. His overriding message is to not get bogged down in the immediate demands on our attention: Trump, Brexit, Russia, trade wars, tensions around immigration and so on. Instead we must acknowledge a coming post-truth era, the Sapiens author says, against which today’s election-rigging scandals will pale in comparison. In future, using data gathered from our every online move, sophisticated AI will be able to sell us anything from household appliances to political ideologies. Humanity’s power lies in creating and believing fictions, but future generations will depend on being able to tell fact from fiction; to amass real knowledge; to make sense of information; and cut through…

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journeys of discovery

Whenever I’m introduced as a wildlife photographer, the most common question is: “Have you had lots of close calls with dangerous animals?” Many of my peers are constantly frustrated, feeling the public should be asking us about species behaviour, our technical workflows, or how they can help in protecting wild spaces. However, I love it. There’s an innate sense of discovery naturally interwoven into the question: “Tell me about wild spaces and places.” It instantly opens the conversation to storytelling, an opportunity for me to bring to the fore our most cherished memories. The most recent of which was a trip to the Odzala National Park, deep in the Congo Basin. Although I’d originally been assigned to find and photograph the western lowland gorillas, it was the sense of place and journey of…

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getting off the grid

700,000 Heures, various The world’s first nomadic hotel, 700,000 Heures (the approximate length of a human life in the developed world) will change location every six months. The brainchild of French hotelier Thierry Teyssier, the hotel is due to launch this month in Italy. Next March it will pop up in remote Cambodia. Pictured here is breakfast laid in a cave in Gagliano del Capo in southern Italy. (c) 700,000 Heures Longitude 131°, Australia This ultra-luxury tented eco-resort is located in the Australian outback, just outside the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Fifteen luxury tents float over rust-red dunes where classic touches from bygone eras meld with indigenous textures to evoke an earthy sanctuary. (c) Luxury Lodges of Australia Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador Hidden deep within Ecuador’s Andean cloud forest, Mashpi is a glass…

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democratising space

Imagine the cost of the ticket, if, every time you flew between New York and London, the jet had to be thrown away. That was the case with space launches up until a few months ago. But when Elon Musk launched and landed SpaceX’s partially reusable Falcon 9 — including Block 5, a vehicle to carry humans to space — it marked a new era of rocket recycling, and a key step towards making space cheaper, therefore more accessible, for more than just a handful. Other innovations in space technology will help to significantly reduce the cost per unit, say experts, buoyed by massive investments from figures such as Elon Musk of Tesla, Jeff Bezos of Blue Origin and Virgin’s Richard Branson, to boost the industry. Traditionally, satellites could only be…

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the dinosaur hunters

It’s not every day you discover a new dinosaur species, let alone three. But during a recent expedition into Mongolia’s Gobi Desert led by The Explorers Club, scientists identified bones from an ostrich-type dinosaur, a turtle-like dinosaur and the neck vertebrae from an unknown dinosaur from 70 million years ago. These discoveries went along with more than 250 new fossil locations, five entirely new areas previously not known to contain fossils, and hundreds of fossilised bones, including those of mammals, which were not previously known to have existed in the area. “It was a game-changer. Palaeontologists can redraw the geological map with greater precision, which has a ripple effect on other questions that are being contemplated, from climate change to finding water on Mars.” — Michael Barth, Explorers Club. It was using…