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BILLIONAIRE 15 - The Giving Issue

BILLIONAIRE is an award-winning magazine not available on newsstands, but offered to a distinguished group of the most powerful, influential, high net worth readers across the world. Join them to receive special subscriber-only invitations. We go the extra mile to report on important topics such as the future of technology, world health, philanthropy and humanitarian work. We bring you incredible travel experiences, the very best in elegant living, the arts, culture and craftsmanship. We exclusively interview some of the world’s most illustrious billionaires, from Ted Turner to Nicky Oppenheimer to Joe Gebbia to Mo Ibrahim, about the problems keeping them up at night, their passions and projects. We speak to some of the planet’s most inspiring change-makers, from Jimmy Carter to Buzz Aldrin to Kofi Annan, about their visions for the future and how they are making the world a better place. Each quarterly issue of BILLIONAIRE is carefully curated with unique content that other magazines simply do not offer.

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a word from the ceo

Yet another year draws to an end. This is never my favourite time, but it is a period when, for several days, things fall quiet. And that is often the opportunity to reflect, something we do too little of in the hectic lives we choose to live. As the streets and stores fill with people desperately looking to buy yet more things they don’t really want or need, I prefer to shy away from the madness of the season and instead consider those so much less fortunate than myself. Equally, I take time to appreciate all those that spend their lives working to support others. Compassion is something we should live with daily, not just when the season for giving (or forgiving), comes around. Our generosity towards people and causes should not…

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editor’s note

We are experiencing an era of unprecedented giving, with total US charitable donations exceeding US$400 billion for the first time in recorded history in 2017. In fact, philanthropy levels have been steadily growing almost unilaterally across the globe for the last two decades, especially noticeable in emerging markets like Brazil and China. It’s been boosted by the rise of mega donors such as Jeff Bezos, who took to Twitter last year to ask for ideas for philanthropic giving. He has since announced a US$2 billion gift to homelessness and education (see comment p20). But the trend is more widespread. In his 2018 book Factfulness, Hans Rosling argues that the world is not as depressing a place as we perceive it. Over the past 20 years, the proportion of people living in extreme…

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positive returns

The timing of this Billionaire issue focusing on philanthropy and social enterprise could not be more apt. ‘Big philanthropy’, in the form of large gifts and high-profile philanthropists, has helped place social good in a dominant position on the news agenda. The spotlight has been placed on the role the wealthy should play in supporting wider society. Traditionally delivered though philanthropy, recent examples, such as the charitable donation of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, highlight how expectations are heightened towards social-impact footprint. At its heart, Bezos’s announcement of a US$2 billion commitment to helping homelessness and pre-school education in the US is certainly one of the largest charitable donations in history. An undoubted positive action and yet one that sparked multiple negative responses that questioned his motives, criticised his company and challenged the…

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gifts with stories

The New Craftsmen is a London-based collective aiming to redefine the value of craft and move away from homogenised design. Co-founded in 2012 by Mark Henderson, Natalie Melton and Catherine Locke, it now represents over 120 craftsmen with skills ranging from weaving to ceramics and furniture design. Many of its artisans offer little-known skills that might otherwise quietly disappear. Managing director Yelena Ford says that gifting is a growing market for them as people look for something more meaningful, a one-of-a-kind item that comes with its own story. “A gift crafted by another individual is a pure expression of ‘self’ connecting you to another person — their story, process, and sense of place — in a very literal way,” says Ford. “They cease to be transient objects but become beautiful heirlooms,…

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circular giving

Sustainability has long been a buzzword in the luxury industry, and thanks to a more discerning and environmentally conscious consumer, the secondary market is booming. Textiles and fashion exhort an extraordinarily high toll on the environment: for example, the textile industry causes around 20 percent of industrial water pollution. Second-hand luxury consigners have popped up to cater for a new wave of buyers and sellers to whom the word ‘used’ no longer carries a stigma. While they might want a new handbag every season, they don’t want to overburden the planet, their wardrobes, or wallets. We look at some of the best pre-loved luxury sites. Goat Goat is a sneaker reseller, a huge marketplace given that one pair of shoes can go for as much as US$60,000. With over 35,000 pairs of…

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giving is the new currency

The search for new avenues of philanthropy brought us to explore workplace giving through painless payroll deductions — such as a 401(k) for donating to nonprofits that employers can match. It brought me to examine the possibilities at cashiers and checkout counters where a few cents every now and then — always optional, but always an option — could create a tangible social impact when placed in the right hands. We need to make it possible for every sector — from finance to retail — to embrace giving through approaches that fit the way they make money. By bringing together pledges and initiatives tailored for them, we can convince them to join us in this new giving journey. And it works. Or, more accurately, it is beginning to work. In companies…