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BILLIONAIRE 22 - The Reset Issue

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a word from the ceo

Few of us can recall a year quite like 2020. Most plans we may have had or even subsequently made had to ultimately be cancelled, postponed or adapted to restrictions and circumstance. The limited travel I managed to do was in January and February; thereafter I stayed put and am grateful to have been in a place I would rather be than anywhere else. How few of us can say that? To say it’s been a challenging year would be an understatement, but it hasn’t been without real value: 2020 truly became a year of self-exploration; a year of contemplation and concern; a year of travelling inward more than abroad. This year has given many clarity on what they don’t want their lives to be like; on where they would really…

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editor’s note

As we start the New Year with a vaccine, there can be no celebration; too many have died. But as economies recover, there will be a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconsider a better path. What will our new world look like? Those who believe a vaccine will give us our old lives back are probably dreaming. With the sell-off on the high street and the explosion of remote work, how long before cities are repurposed from retail; and offices to community space and shared work areas? For someone who took 19 flights in 2019, and two in 2020 (one to return to my homeland of the UK after nine years in Hong Kong), what will become of international travel? My hope is that the biggest shift comes in our attitude towards sustainability —…

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kyoto calling

Say ‘konnichiwa’ to 2021 at the Mitsui Kyoto: a freshly opened hotel with design helmed by André Fu Studio. Steeped in history, the hotel is built on the site of the original residence of Kitake, the executive branch of the Mitsui family dating back to the 17th century, and directly faces Nijo-jo Castle in the city centre. The entrance comprises a 300-year-old Kajiimiya Gate from the original Mitsui residence, which leads through a bamboo forest into a dramatic lobby lounge with its enormous shoji lantern. Enjoy a steaming outdoor onsen, explore the Japanese garden, or just soak up that wabi-sabi spirit. www.hotelthemitsui.com…

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phoenix from the ashes

The global pandemic has reset so much of our society and the way we operate across the world. We have more time to think; spending time with family or often in even more isolation than we have ever experienced or will experience again. This time to reflect and slow down has also given a chance for many to reflect on the value of our time. From my own experience I have traded five round-the-world trips a year for daily two-hour walks in the countryside with my wife, two young children and dogs. This has been a moment to reflect on how important our natural environment is and how it squares with the race around the world and burning fossil fuel at such a fast pace. Because the whole world is in the…

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going, going, gone

‘Revenge spending’ may have played a part, but the pandemic appears to have had little impact on the auction world during the last quarter of 2020. Live-streamed auctions broke records across the world during the last quarter of 2020. “Thanks to online sales, the major auction houses have found a way to countervail the COVID-19 health crisis,” said Thierry Ehrmann of Artprice. Here is a selection of some of the most intriguing lots. Abstract Perfection A Gerhard Richter painting became the most expensive Western work ever sold at auction in Asia, after fetching US$29.2 million at a Sotheby’s Hong Kong live-streamed auction in October. Martian Motors The renowned Alfa Romeo BAT concept cars, 1950s automotive masterpieces that more resemble alien spacecraft than earthly vehicles, sold together for US$14.8 million through Sotheby’s. Graffiti Genius Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Black and…

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Anders Peter Juel Sauerberg At the end of every year, my wife and I set aside two half days to plan and go through the following year, month by month. Once the first draft is complete, we get input from our children. This routine makes it possible for everyone in the family to look forward to time together, which also allows me to work hard for periods of time; the family and I know when the next ‘break’ is. As an entrepreneur, I used to believe that success meant working hard, sleeping less, and spending minimal time on recreation. Weekends became an extension of the work week. My perception of time changed significantly when I became a father to our firstborn, Carl August. Now, I get up at 5.30am or 7.30am for…