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BILLIONAIRE 23 - The Hope Issue

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a word from the ceo

It is often in the darkest hour, that hour before dawn, when hope rises. Perhaps it is when something is so near, so imminent, we sense its presence and we dare to hope. Yet, oddly, what is further away and what appears almost unobtainable we call, at best, a dream. Much of our lives we spend dancing between hopes and dreams. We call this dance, planning, and we seem perfectly happy to spend a lifetime doing just that: planning. And yet how futile an activity this really is when so many factors are out of our control. Perhaps one of the lessons we are to learn from the pandemic is precisely this: to focus more on the moment, more on living, more on being in the now. And more on dreaming. For just about…

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editor’s note

Having recently returned to the south-west coast of England, my place of birth, after nearly 20 years away, I remember what joy comes from a simple change of seasons. The relief of spring is in seeing those first promising buds on bare branches; tiny green shoots peeping up from the earth; birdsong; lighter evenings; and, mercifully, warmer weather. The winter, with the fear and uncertainty of COVID hanging over and lockdowns forcing families apart, really was a miserable one. Now it feels like a brighter future is ahead in so many ways. We dedicate this issue to Hope because there are so many things to feel genuinely positive about. We now have a leader in the US who takes climate change seriously, already making progress on plans to have his country…

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tipping point

As a point of reference, if the Earth’s total existence was measured as one year, humans have only been around for the last few minutes of the 365th day. In that relatively short time, we have reached a tipping point and it’s time for us to take action and avert severe consequences. We are where we are due to our uncontrollable growth, associated impactful habits and beliefs. People often say that the planet is in trouble, but the reality is we are in trouble. In light of our challenges: from global warming and climate change to the extinction crisis and mass migration, the notion of a ‘return to normal’ is simply not an option. None of us are exempt, nor will we be unaffected by the consequences of inaction. While we managed…

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Katie Brindle One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received was that exercise can be for healing, as well as for fitness. Qigong, which translates as ‘life force practice’, changed my life, by helping heal a shoulder injury after a car crash, which affected me for many years. The idea is that by strengthening your life force on the inside, you will see the results on the outside. Life force is the very thing that makes you feel alive and energised and healthy. According to Chinese medicine, hardcore workouts tax and stress the organs of the body. Qigong, on the other hand, boosts your oxygen uptake and circulation, but while your body is relaxed. So, if you are a runner or into intensive fitness, you should balance your workouts with meditation or…

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innovative design

For so long, the world’s attention has been monopolised by one thing. But now that the COVID-19 vaccines are being disseminated, we can start thinking about the bigger picture again. Innovation will be crucial to meeting some of the world’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as quality education for everyone, clean energy, climate action, and supporting life below water. We look at a few of the most interesting innovations of recent times. Ray Of Sunshine Dutch solar designer Marjan van Aubel created a smart solar light called Sunne, which hangs in a window. During the day it stores energy in an integrated battery, and at night gives off an ambient light. Van Aubel crowdfunded €60,000 for the project; she had surpassed the goal within 48 hours. “I believe in solar democracy, solar energy for everyone,…

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Notwithstanding logistical challenges, demand for luxury collectables soared last year, according to the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2021. Handbags, fine wine and classic cars were amongst some of the most sought-after luxury goods. But the art market is where the biggest bargains were struck, as many auctions were put on hold and sales shifted to the private market. We look at some of the most interesting sales of the last quarter. Beeple, Everydays: The First 5000 Days US$69 million Setting the third-highest price for a living artist at auction, a watershed moment came when Beeple’s non-fungible token-based work of art was sold by Christie’s in an online-only auction in March. It is an amalgamation of images by Beeple, a digital artist, who created one image every day for the last 13 years. Beeple…