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BILLIONAIRE 24 - The Power Issue

BILLIONAIRE is an award-winning magazine not available on newsstands, but offered to a distinguished group of the most powerful, influential, high net worth readers across the world. Join them to receive special subscriber-only invitations. We go the extra mile to report on important topics such as the future of technology, world health, philanthropy and humanitarian work. We bring you incredible travel experiences, the very best in elegant living, the arts, culture and craftsmanship. We exclusively interview some of the world’s most illustrious billionaires, from Ted Turner to Nicky Oppenheimer to Joe Gebbia to Mo Ibrahim, about the problems keeping them up at night, their passions and projects. We speak to some of the planet’s most inspiring change-makers, from Jimmy Carter to Buzz Aldrin to Kofi Annan, about their visions for the future and how they are making the world a better place. Each quarterly issue of BILLIONAIRE is carefully curated with unique content that other magazines simply do not offer.

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a word from the ceo

We are now firmly in the eye of the storm. We are well underway on what will be a painful march from man-power towards man-kind. As many jobs and careers are replaced by machines (and by that I mean everything from robotics to AI and technology in general) we need to find, once again, the power of man. To be precise, the power of being human. This journey will require of us to dig deep and find what it is about us as individuals that makes us unique. For what is unique about us is what will be valuable going forward. For many, myself included as I head towards 50, this may have far less of an impact; but for my children and yours, they’re going to need to figure out what role…

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editor’s note

The wonderful thing about power, these days, is that it is not tied to age, wealth or lofty connections. Where the will is strong enough, the power to change knows no bounds. I realised this as I spoke to Josie Naughton over Zoom and she described her 30-year-old decision to raise money for refugees in Calais, which led to the “accidental” formation of Choose Love, an NGO that became the largest grassroots distributor of aid in Europe during the refugee crisis of 2015-16 (p34). In this issue of Billionaire, themed on Power, we have dedicated a section to empowered women. Women who, like Josie and her co-founders, are improving the lives of others. On p28 we speak to Ann Mettler, vice-president of Europe at Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy (alongside her role…

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the power of impact investing

Now is Environmental, Social and Governance’s (ESG’s) moment. Or is it? Based upon the money flows, one would say it has been a resounding success. Investors have poured US$54 billion into bond funds specialising in ESG impact so far this year, according to Morningstar, which said 2021 is on track to surpass last year’s record. This is on top of the claims of US$40 trillion committed to ESG. Unfortunately, the money does not seem to have addressed the issues at stake, such as water shortages, biodiversity loss and climate-change destruction. This is because the methodology used for ESG assessment is not what a company does, but how it reports. Greenwashing is prolific, so there needs to be more transparency. No doubt there is huge demand to invest in ESG companies. ESG describes…