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BILLIONAIRE 02 - Man & Machine Issue

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a word from the ceo

Man’s development down the ages cannot be separated from machines. They say the wheel was first invented for the making of pottery, not for transportation, as many might assume. This was, however, a truly new invention, as no wheel had previously existed in nature. But the wheel was not one of our earliest inventions; boats, musical instruments and kitchen utensils all came before. What is apparent, though, is that mankind has always been focused on improving lives with the use of machines, in the broadest sense of the term. We know today that the Antikythera Mechanism is the oldest analogue computer, invented around 205BC and used to calculate phases of the moon and planetary positions. J&A Beare has, for more than 120 years, serviced, restored and sold the world’s finest stringed instruments.…

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major disruptions

THE STORY OF TECHNOLOGY IS, IN MANY WAYS, THE STORY OF MODERN MAN. From the invention of the wheel some three-and-a-half thousand years ago to the birth of the worldwide web, our ability to apply knowledge to solve problems (which is the definition of technology) has, over time, reshaped the world we live in and transformed our lives. Generally, the steps we take are small: the kind of minor incremental improvements we see, for instance, in today’s personal computing industry. But occasionally a disruptive breakthrough is made, new technology rears its head and, together, we take a leap into a brave new world. It would be nice to be able to bottle the conditions that give rise to this phenomenon and replicate them at will, but distilling the drivers of disruptive change is a…

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treasured island

TIHONI WHISTLED, GENTLY AND SOULFULLY. As if mesmerised by the tune, the hermit crab that was carefully cupped in his hands peeped out of its borrowed shell and scuttled forward to my surprise. “We have been doing this since we were kids,” our French Polynesian guide smiled infectiously. He returned the hermit crab to the coral-peppered floor shaded by coconut palms and picked up a giant coconut crab. A cocktail of vivid blue, purple and orange, its resplendent shell was a work of art. “This is only a teenager! It can grow to 1m in leg span and can pluck your finger off with one swift pinch.” We are on an Ultimate Discovery Tour of the motus (islets) of The Brando that occupies the South Polynesian atoll of Tetiaroa some 30 miles…

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realignment therapy

MENTION PHUKET AND IMAGES OF DRUNKEN BACKPACKERS OR overcrowded beaches often spring to mind. But Patong Beach isn’t the only the only holiday destination in Phuket. Some way off from the tired party area is the Point Yamu by Como resort, which is a much needed breath of fresh air. Designed by Paola Navone, Point Yamu isn’t one of those estates that immediately incites gasps of amazement. Rather, it possesses an understated quality that one would expect from a distinctively non-nouveau riche establishment. Blending industrial minimalism with coastal charm, the property is a lesson in not going over board. Don’t get me wrong — the absence of hedonistic luxury doesn’t mean your experience will be any less lavish. Como definitely doesn’t scrimp on amenities or service. But instead of being in your…

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out of sight suite life

LET’S GET IT OUT OF THE WAY then. Yes, this is the hotel where George Clooney got married. Well, at least this is where he held the reception and, presumably, consummated the union. Clooney actually ended his long, celebrated bachelorhood at the nearby town hall. Which doesn’t sound so spectacular — when I first read the headline ‘Clooney marries at Venice Town Hall’, my initial reaction was: “Good heavens, George, that’s pretty down to earth, getting hitched in a civil ceremony at the Venice Beach municipal chambers.” Of course, my mental geography was a tad off, as was my estimation of the Clooneys’ unassuming tastes — the duo actually exchanged vows in the town hall of the historic, romantic, aquatic Italian city that lent its name to the slightly insalubrious…

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high-tech, high life

WHETHER CARRYING A SUITCASE FOR A SHORT GATEWAY OR LIVING FROM A briefcase, the first thing people probably do as they step into a hotel is check the Wi-Fi signal. As creatures living in a cutting-edge world, we expect our dwelling quarters to be technologically equipped and, thus, hotel surroundings are no exemption. Some hotels are going above and beyond to make an impression with high-tech features of utmost elegance while some create innovative plans for environmental sustainability. We look at some revolutionary hotels. Technologically Primed — London Marriott Hotel Park Lane The newly renovated interior of London Marriott Hotel Park Lane showcases a blend of modernism and historical authenticity. The building has been accentuated in terms of design and materials used but without neglecting some state-of-the-art upgrades. Guests are offered a…