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Black Girl's Magazine (BGM) Dec. 2017, Issue #4

BGM offers unique perspectives written by Black girls for all girls!

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Black Girl's Magazine
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bgm black girl's magazine

Dear Readers, In 2017 we celebrated our first year of publishing BGM. We are glad you are coming on this journey with us! This is our 4th Edition with more stories and features for you to enjoy. BGM writers and contributers, all ages 9-14, are proud to bring you more fun stuff! Would you like to publish your work in BGM? We would be thrilled to share your work with other readers of BGM! In our next issue, we will be featuring a science & technology theme! To share your features on science & technology, email them to: blackgirlsmagazine@gmail.com…

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christmas jokes

1. Who is Santa’s favourite singer? 2. What do you call a scary reindeer? 3. What nationality is Santa? 4. What is a snowman’s temper tantrum called? Knock knock Who’s there Alaska Alaska who? Alaska Santa for a new bike! 1. Elf-is Presley 2. A Cari-boo! 3. North Polish 4. A melt down Do you love science, technology, math, science fiction, or are simply curious, or have questions about science and technology? Share your stories, features, & art-work with other BGM readers in our next Science and Techology themed Edition. Email Us: blackgirlsmagazine@gmail.com…

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happy holidays!

“It’s Christmas!” shouted Lily. She ran to her parent’s room and woke them up. When her parents were fully awake they told Lily that they had a special Christmas gift for her. Lily’s brother soon woke up and they headed downstairs for Christmas breakfast, gingerbread cookies and pancakes. After breakfast the whole family went to open their stockings which held Lily’s special Christmas gift. It was a GNOME! Lily frowned in disappointment. After a while, her parents went up to her and told her a story. “Lily do you know that you thought Santa was a gnome when you were 4 years old,” her dad said. “What?” said Lily. “A Gnome. On Christmas day when you were 4, your mom and I told you that you had 3 hours to put…

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easter colors

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christmas recipes!

INGREDIENTS 4 cups of milk of your choice (you can substitute with heavy cream or half and half, or do a mixture).1 tsp of vanilla extract.8 oz. of white chocolate chopped up into small pieces or white chocolate chips.Peppermint candieswhipped cream. DIRECTIONS 1. Stir milk, white chocolate chips, and vanilla in a medium saucepan. 2. Cook over medium-low heat stirring occasionally until hot liquid comes to a simmer. Do not let it boil. Pour in your favourite mug. 3. Take a clean plastic bag and put the peppermints in the bag. Use something hard like a rolling pin to smash the candies into little pieces. 4. Top up your chocolate drink with whipped cream. 5. Sprinkle crashed peppermint onto the whipped cream. X-MAS Tip: Always ask an adult for help when cooking! (Recipe courtesy of Gimme Some Oven) Strawberry filled Pancakes,…

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winter fash ion with chisom a. 10

Hey guys! It’s Chisom here with some fabulous tips for your winter fashion. What to wear is simple. The most important things are a jacket, some boots, some gloves, and you’re good to go! But maybe you can jazz things up a little. 1. UGGS or look-alikes. TIP: Uggs are expensive, so you don’t have to buy them. There are Uggs look-alikes out there. This boot style is my favorite. These boots are perfect for when it’s not too cold and not too wet. Make sure you don’t wear them when it’s too wet because they might get soaked. Once that happens, you can get frosty feet (trust me, been there, done that). Other than that, they are PERFECT for winter! 2. WINTER SCARVES. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Scarves can…