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Black Girl's Magazine (BGM) Dec. 2018, Issue #6

BGM offers unique perspectives written by Black girls for all girls!

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bgm black girl's magazine

Dear Readers, Welcome back wherever your travels, thoughts or dreams may have taken you this year! The BGM girls had a blast visiting Montreal this last summer and are thrilled to share this photo essay journey with you. Be a part of this amazing group of girls who write and share their stories and interests. Send us your riddles, jokes, artwork, stories, puzzles, recipes, pictures of your experiments… whatever your interests! Email them to: blackgirlsmagazine@gmail.com Until next time, enjoy this special travel edition. BGM cover/ Art work & comics/ Assistant editor: Mbabazi Art Direction: Mary Bazira Art Consultant: Solomon Nyakojo Accounting: Abi’s Tax Services…

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day 1

One of this summer’s highlights for me was the weekend I spent in Montreal with my BGM friends and family. On the first day of our trip we took a 5-hour ride to Montreal on the train. Have you ever been so excited about something that you couldn’t sleep? Well, that’s exactly how I felt weeks before the big trip. The anticipation was unbearable. I double checked my suitcase to make sure that everything that I needed was packed. Happy to sit back and enjoy the train ride. When we got to the hotel, we settled into our rooms and later met in the lobby to discuss our plan of action for the rest of the day. We walked down Sainte Catherine Street. We walked in downtown Montreal for the rest of the evening. …and went…

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day 2

…at the start of the road ahead. Climbing Mount Royal Standing at the top of the steps looking out to the distance of the beautiful road up Mount Royal and the streets ahead. …but first, a selfie! The scenery at the bottom of the Mount Royal hill is truly amazing and beautiful! It was a lovely sunny day. Beaver lake, part of Mount Royal Park, or Parc du Mont-Royal. The way up the hike has an amazing view. It is so beautiful, and the air is cool and refreshing! The hike up Mount Royal features some cool sculptures along the way. Do you know that ‘Montréal’ got its name from ‘Mont-Royal’? You may also not know that Mont Royal is a larger volcanic hill. Some call it a small mountain in the city of Montréal. Mont Royal…

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steaming facts about volcanoes

“Sizzle,” “Crack,” “Pop”. Have you ever wondered what makes a volcano erupt, where volcanoes can be found, or even how to make your own volcano? Well, we will answer those questions for you! Come on or the volcano will erupt behind you, “Boom!” A volcano is an opening in the earth where lava and gases can escape. Magma (melted rock under the earth’s surface) turns into lava when it erupts out of the volcano. Pressure under the earth causes magma to squeeze through the earth’s crust. Every time it erupts, the lava forms new layers of rock. Layer by layer, it forms a bigger volcano. An active volcano is a volcano that erupts regularly. A dormant volcano is a volcano that recently erupted but remains silent. An extinct volcano is a…

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day 3

My day started off with a long 40-minute bus ride to the Canadian Space Agency. I was boiling hot and so tired I drifted off in a deep sleep. When I arrived, I lifted my tired head and started to take pictures. I slowly got off the bus. Once we got inside we saw a beautiful row of flags of the provinces. There were Ontario, Newfoundland, and, obviously, Quebec. Our tour guide was really nice. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) The Canadian Space Agency was established in 1989. It is responsible for coordinating all government- funded space activities in Canada. CSA’s projects include its robotics, most famously the Canadarm and Canadarm 2 (space.com). Our tour guide greeted us in the lobby then we got prepped and started our 2 hour guided tour upstairs. WOW!…

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traveling w/ kamara

Salutations. As I welcome you into the wondrous journey that is ‘Kamara’s Trip to Montréal’, we will begin with the photo on the left; Kamara finding herself ruled by the desire to arrive at the destination, yet happy to be both aboard a railroad carrier and sitting next to me. The delighted girl immerses herself in “Instasnapping” her travels, while engaging in several intense rounds of ‘Crazy-8s’ against yours truly. My dear friends, you now have the privilege of experiencing her excellency who is Kamara, staring off into the distance, contemplating her crazy-8 abilities after a thrashing on the train. As she pauses so elegantly during the walk to our hotel, one can only wonder what envelops her innermost thoughts… Well, I guess we’ll never know. Finally, after a taxing 15 minute…