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Black Girl's Magazine (BGM) Dec. 2019, Issue #8

BGM offers unique perspectives written by Black girls for all girls!

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editor’s note

Dear Readers, Welcome to our eighth edition on fairy tales and climate change! Climate change affects each and everyone of us. Many of you are making a difference in your homes and schools by being a part of the solution and not the problem. If you haven’t thought about it yet, here is your chance to start now and help create a better world with less plastics, more trees, breathable fresh air, and thriving animal habitats. These climate change and fairy tales are full of twists and turns that will excite and inspire you. So, read on and prepare to make your mark in creating a more livable future for yourself, your friends and family.…

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raven and the flood

A girl named Raven lived in an enchanted city. She was a girl like no other. This is because Raven would wear the longest of dresses; they were longer than 200 meters! Raven lived on the top floor of her fifty-five-story apartment where she was never let out by her overprotective mother. Every day when her mom came back from work, she would shout from the ground towards Raven’s window, “Raven, oh Raven, let down your dress!” Her mother would then use Raven’s long dress to climb all the way to the top. Raven lived a lonely life. However, she was sure that her mom had a perfectly logical explanation for it. One day, a girl named Favor Rider was out riding her bike. She saw a very long cloth blowing in…

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drastic plastic: sleeping beauty story

As a five-year-old, I remember the world being so beautiful. Skies and oceans were so green and blue they looked like a painting. With my pet turtle, Emerald, by my side we spent day after day running down the sandy shore and swimming in the ocean. I wish I could have spent more time with her before I went to sleep for 10 years. My name is Aurora Sleepmeister and I have a condition called weak finger-otosis. One a Saturday afternoon at the beach, I found a plastic straw. I picked it up and it pricked my finger. A tiny drop of blood hit the sand, and then I didn’t feel so well. I felt sleepy. Really sleepy. THUD! My head hit the ground and the lights went out. I awoke in…

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cinderella and the three tasks

Once upon a time there lived a young girl named Cinderella. Everyday Cinderella would feed the animals that came to her house. One day Cinderella was on her way home from school when she realized how hot it was. “Oh, my goodness!” thought Cinderella, “my poor animals!” Cinderella went to the backyard and found most of the animals dying from the heat. She ran into her house to get food and water for them. Luckily, she was able to save them. When Cinderella turned 16, her father died while he was in the military and her mother married a wealthy man named Sir. Treast-mon. He had two daughters, Angela and Angel. The three hated Cinderella and made Cinderella do all the house chores. Cinderella made them new clothes, cooked food and…

5 min.
a bgm interview with canadian actress simone miller

The BGM girls got the opportunity to interview the young Canadian actress Simone Miller. Simone Miller is 13 years old and she plays the role of a girl named Raign Westbrook in the Canadian kids show Detention Adventure streaming on CBC GEM. Simone acts as the lead of a crew of sixth graders who intentionally get themselves sent to detention after they discover the entrance to a labyrinth of tunnels filled with traps and riddles that protect a long-lost secret. BGM girls interviewed her about her acting career, her start, her passions, and even questions related to the environment and climate change. Q1 How did you get into acting? Simone: I got into acting about three years ago when my mom actually suggested it, because I used to be very shy and…

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aliyah and friends save the three kingdoms

Once upon a time there was a group of adventurous friends who always helped their magical friend, Aliyah. She was the leader of the three magical worlds - the Green Kingdom, the Starlight Kingdom, and the Krystal Kingdom. School had just ended and the students were ready to enjoy their summer vacation. Emily, Madison, Michael, and Jacob had already planned their entire summer together and were starting to have fun. They were making plans to go to the pool when they got a message on their phones. It was Aliyah. “Oh, come on!” they all exclaimed disappointed that they had to interrupt the fun. Aliyah needed their help. There was a problem in the Krystal Kingdom. Nonetheless, they rushed to their secret Head Quarters to assist her. Aliyah quickly explained to…