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Black Girl's Magazine (BGM) June 2020, Issue #9

BGM offers unique perspectives written by Black girls for all girls!

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editor’s note

Welcome to BGM’s food edition! Thanks to all of the writers and contributors who shared recipes, fun and embarrassing stories, and food adventures! So, whether you love to cook, bake, just eat, or simply love to read, there is something for you to enjoy in this edition! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram or Facebook @frombgmwithlove for our next theme if you would like to submit articles, comics, artwork etc. We love to hear from you and to share your stories with all BGM readers! Please submit articles to blackgirlsmagazine@gmail.com ALL PHOTOS, TEXT, AND OTHER CONTENT OR INFORMATION YOU SUBMIT TO BGM SHALL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF BGM, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. FOR DETAILS AND FULL TERMS OF SUBMISSION, PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE WWW.BLACKGIRLSMAGAZINE.CA FOR ADVERTISING INQUIRIES, EMAIL: BLACKGIRLSMAGAZINE@GMAIL.COM COMIC ARTWORK CREATED WITH WWW.PIXTON.COM…

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my amazing visit to china

My name is Nyomi and I am eleven years old. I am going to tell you about one of my many experiences travelling. Three years ago, my family visited China. I realized that some of the foods there were the same as at home, and some were very different. Some of the foods I liked were the mini jelly cups, rice, noodles, and Chinese doughnuts, like I’ve included in this drawing. We even saw how tofu was made at a restaurant. I wondered what the starfish tasted like, but I didn’t try it. One of my favourite memories was feeding chips to some cats on the Great Wall of China. They had really interesting flavours of chips in China. I liked them and the cats liked them too. Now that we’re…

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“there’s mold on my potatoes!”

I love potatoes so much. I’ll eat them fried, broiled, grilled, baked and more. But this is not a story about how much I love potatoes. Okay, it is. But it is also about a lesson about potatoes. For my sister’s birthday, we decided to go to Sunset Grill for a delicious birthday breakfast. Of course, I got a side of potato wedges with my food. I ate all my bacon, pancakes, and eggs, but got too stuffed to eat my wedges. I wasn’t about to let my potatoes go to waste, so I put them in a takeaway container and took them home. I put my potatoes in the fridge and planned to eat them for lunch, but I forgot after eating a tonne of Birthday cake. I forgot about my…

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“got hot dogs?”

Once upon a time, I was a big fan of meat. I loved sausages, chicken, turkey, you name it. Then at a Nigerian picnic, everything changed. I was waiting in line for my hotdog, and everyone who you would not want to embarrass yourself in front of was in the line behind me. When I got my hotdog, I took a bite and instantly felt a rumble in my stomach. I tried my best to hold it in, but it was no use. I hurled leftover potato chips, pancakes, orange juice and an eighth of a hotdog all over the grill! The worst part was that no one else could have a hotdog because I threw up all over the hotdogs on the grill! I got a lot of angry complaints from…

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“watch out its expired!”

Ever eaten anything expired? Well, one day my sister and I were playing and tired ourselves out. We decided to get a snack, and that’s when it happened. Pretzels! The best snack ever, right? That’s the total opposite for me. Once you read my story, you’ll understand. After we were done watching TV and playing with our dolls, my sister grabbed pretzels from the cupboard. We snacked on them for a long time because back then, it was our favourite snack when we were 6 and 8, but not anymore. Once we were satisfied, we went back to playing. We began to feel sick and didn’t realize it was the pretzels at first. Just to make sure, we checked the expiry date and, of course, the pretzels were expired. The bottom…

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i love baking!

My name is Charlotte and I love baking. My friend and I have a baking business called Sweet Sensations and we are working on a website. For my 8th birthday, my family and I made African food from scratch. It was so fun! When I was 3, I went to India and I remember the food being really spicy and delicious! Now I can eat super spicy food. I would like to talk about my experience with baking. I love to take baking classes when I can! Once I took a class where I used ginger ale to make meatballs, and I used root beer to make cake. We also made pizza pockets. I would like to tell you about my history with baking. My mom and I love to bake. We…