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Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's Quarterly Winter 2019

Buddhadharma offers in-depth teachings that reflect the wealth and range of Buddhist traditions, expert book reviews, and first-rate reporting on stories of special interest to Buddhists. It’s a precious resource for readers who want to deepen their understanding of Buddhist practice and philosophy.

Shambhala Sun Foundation
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big love

THIS BOOK tells the story of Lama Yeshe, how he met Lama Zopa Rinpoche and how they created the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), one of the world’s largest Tibetan Buddhist organizations. It begins in Tibet, where Lama was born, and moves to the Buxaduar refugee camp in West Bengal, where Rinpoche became his student, to other parts of India and Nepal, and finally to the entire world. The author, Australian columnist Adele Hulse, one of Lama’s earliest students, highlights his special connection with early Western Dharma seekers and skillfully weaves their intimate stories with details of where Lama went, the teachings he gave and the centers he started. It brings to life how special he was and how he connected with people from all over the…

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ZENJU EARTHLYN MANUEL is a Soto Zen priest and founder of Still Breathing Zen Sangha. She is the author of Sanctuary: A Meditation on Home, Homelessness, and Belonging as well as The Way of Tenderness: Awakening Through Race, Sexuality, and Gender. She resides north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. PATRICK DOWD is a doctoral student in the department of anthropology at the University of British Columbia, where he is researching Tibetan language. In 2017, he directed the Bhoti Ethical Education Textbook Project, which produced a “linguistically and culturally relevant storybook rooted in the language, culture, and landscape of Ladakh.” He is also the founder and director of Storybooks Himalaya, a new website that aims to promote bilingualism and multilingualism in the Himalaya region. VANESSA ZUISEI GODDARD is a lay Zen teacher in…

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about the art

THE FIRST TIME Lasha Mutual was introduced to traditional thangka painting, what struck her was “the variety and power of the feminine imagery.” She credits her painting skills with an increasingly richer ability for visualization practices and aspires, through her art, “to cultivate a generous, peaceful, and clear mind.” Her painting “Wisdom Dakini” is on this issue’s cover. The work of Toronto-based artist Gary Taxali can be found in his children’s book This is Silly!, the Library of Congress’ permanent collection, special edition twenty-five cent coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint, and even on phone cases and toys. Known for retro-style illustrations (page 46) that draw from vintage advertising and comics but speak to the insecurities of today, his clients include Sony, Rolling Stone, Converse, The New Yorker, and GQ. Photographer…

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the enlightenment project

IN MY EARLY TWENTIES, when I first became involved in the Tibetan tradition, I would often hear fellow practitioners say, “I must achieve enlightenment, for the sake of all sentient beings.” When I think back on this sentiment, I can almost hear Chögyam Trungpa chuckling to himself. He once wrote that the ego will never see itself become enlightened; he said we spend our time striving to achieve enlightenment only to realize that striving itself is our biggest obstacle. For me, bodhicitta, or the intention to achieve enlightenment for the welfare of sentient beings, has been hugely significant in my Buddhist journey. But even with this selfless goal, I found my intention bound up in a kind of ego aspiration, like setting my sights on running a half marathon. I spent…

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ask the teachers

Anushka Fernandopulle lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she teaches in the Insight Meditation tradition and works as a leadership coach and consultant ANUSHKA FERNANDOPULLE: The Buddha talked about three different levels of happiness. The first is happiness that can come from pleasant sense experiences: delicious food, nice weather, pleasant music, or any kind of positive sensual experience. These are enjoyable but fleeting. Since all sense experiences change quickly and none can be relied upon to stay forever, this kind of happiness is fragile. There is nothing wrong with pleasant experiences, but orienting one’s life entirely around them comes with a deep restlessness, one that we may not even notice while we are caught up in that game. If we were solely chasing pleasant experiences for happiness, it could indeed…

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zen-inspired senior living comes to sonoma county

SONOMA COUNTY is known for many things — lush landscape, rolling vineyards, and a laidback vibe. Starting in 2023 it can add Zen-inspired senior living community to the list: Enso Village. Architectural plans are being developed and approvals from the City of Healdsburg are underway. Enso Village is a project born out of The San Francisco Zen Center in partnership with The Kendal Corporation. Susan O’Connell, former President of the San Francisco Zen Center and current Spiritual Director of Enso Village, sat down with us to talk about what life will be like for future Enso Village residents. Tell me about how you came to Buddhism? I heard a wonderful teacher talk and was intrigued by the quality of his presence. Seeing the benefits my business partner was experiencing led me to begin…