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August 2017

Cake International, like the show itself will be THE magazine for cake decorating enthusiasts. Delivered with a fresh, modern, friendly tone, each monthly publication will help you CREATE - through a minimum of 8 tutorials each issue by top designers. Cake International will help you SHARE and showcase designs and will utilise social media to support the focus on encouraging ideas. Crucially the magazine will help you LEARN through technical pages from our own gurus with monthly reviews and problem solving pages..

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We’re experiencing a mini heatwave in the UK at the moment, hot days and glorious balmy evenings. I’m actually sitting outside working again! We embrace summer with this issue and our front cover star is Janette MacPherson with her Pretty Flamingo, the full step-by-step tutorial starts on page 11. Katja Khan explains the stunning fretwork technique that intrigued us at NEC, Birmingham on page 57 and I adore Jan Berry’s Precious Peony on page 52. We’re very lucky to welcome Daniel Diéguez once again with an incredible Dreamy Lifeguard on page 40. Daniel always amazes the cake world with his versatility. Joanna Pyda has a pretty summer Beauty wedding cake, based on her entry at The Cake International Show in March. Joanna is one of our special ‘pink envelope’ contributors. See her tutorial on…

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sugar store

Time to shine Create edible sequins using the Sequins Mat by Claire Bowman. Simply let your designs dry in the mat overnight, turn over and the sequins will pop out. Sequins Mat by Claire Bowman, £19.99, cakecraftworld.co.uk Mad for metallics Add a stunning metallic finish to cakes with Magic Colours Airbrush Paint. Magic Colours Metallic Airbrush Colour, £4.95, shesto.co.uk Pretty paper Squires Kitchen Edible Wafer Paper now comes in a pretty floral design. Created by British cake artist Natasha Collins, the Big Blooms set includes two beautiful floral motifs. SK Edible Wafer Paper, £5.95, squires-shop.com SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT: EMMA JAYNE Emma Jayne is a huge talent – she stunned with her wedding gown cake at the CI Show in April. Follow her on Instagram @emmajaynecakedesign ALL THE TRIMMINGS Fantastic Ribbons has an enormous selection of ribbons in every colour and fabric –…

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artists’ showcase

See which cake artists have caught our attention lately. From seasonal and bridal to structure or air-brushed designs, it’s great to be able to share them amongst the cake decorating community. In this issue, our Artist Of The Month is Michael Lewis Anderson – a well-deserved winner for his wonderful tribute celebrating the Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee. PERFECT POSIES After taking a flower class at Cotton & Crumbs, Kim Godden of Sugar Rush Coventry has become a master of blooms! facebook.com/sugarrushcoventry Baking champ ‘Rocky Balboa was my biggest hero growing up,’ says Ben Cullen. You can really feel the passion that went into his creation of famous boxer Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone. thebakeking.co.uk STORMTROOPER You really have to see some of the incredible creations by Kylie Mangles of the Letterpress Bakery, based in Canada. Check out…

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Q I have seen many tutorials on slow-baking cakes, what would you say is the best method to try? Baking large sponges in domestic ovens can cause problems and result in a domed cake – because the outside has cooked before the centre, forcing the mixture upwards. You can overcome this with baking strips, which slow down the cooking of the outer edges to allow the centre of the cake to finish cooking These are available commercially, or you can make your own from damp crepe bandage or towelling, wrapped around the outside of the tin. It’s so important to know your own oven; modern ovens are highly sophisticated so many of these suggested slow-cooking ‘aids’ may no longer be required. For a slow-baked rich fruit cake: line the tin carefully,…

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pretty flamingo

Cake facts Level INTERMEDIATE Time to make 1 day to decorate Retail price £130 You will need READY-MADE CAKE 2 x 25cm (10in) round cake layers, both 2.5cm (1in) deep 1 x 15cm (6in) half ball cake INGREDIENTS 300g buttercream 600g ganache satin Ice sugarpaste: 2.35kg White; 200g Red saracino Modelling paste: 30g black; 60g White 175g saracino White Modelling Chocolate Rainbow Dust proGel colours: pink, baby blue, Yellow, Lime Green, Red sugarflair Airbrush Food Colours: black, Yellow, Dark blue, Red, pink Cassie brown Airbrush Food Colours: Violet, Green edible glue CMC powder or Red modelling paste EQUIPMENT 35cm (14in) cake board sharp knife 15cm (6in) cake card palette knife Flexi-smoother Large & small rolling pins Dresden tool shell tool Fine paintbrushes Cutting board Makin’s stripe texture sheet Circle cutters: 20mm, 30mm & 40mm 1 x 50mm styrofoam ball Cocktail sticks Cake dummy Cling film Rounded oblong cutter: 40mm scalpel paint palette square cutter 460mm piece of 4mm aluminium wire Wire cutters Green floristry tape skewer bubble tea straw scissors pliers Airbrush blue & White polka dot…

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janette macpherson

Q How long have you been a cake artist? I started regularly making cakes around four years ago. Before that, I was a graphic designer and I studied animation, so I’ve always been involved in some form of design. Q What do you love about cake art? I love the design, the artistry, the technical challenge. But also the enjoyment it seems to bring to everyone. That’s a real privilege – I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to combine both. Q You specialise in sculpted cakes, is it your favourite skill? Yes. When cakes and power tools go hand in hand I’m at my happiest. It’s where I feel I can be most creative; I enjoy the whole process of bringing the pieces to life. Q What does the future hold for your cake…