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Classic Rock February 2021

Every month Classic Rock is packed with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes features on rock’s biggest names, from Led Zeppelin to Deep Purple, from Guns N’ Roses to the Rolling Stones, from the Sex Pistols to AC/DC and beyond. Each issue plays host to the heftiest rock reviews section on the planet. In an average issue, you’ll find over 150 albums reviewed, all from the ever-varied, multi-faceted world of rock - whether it’s hard rock or heavy metal, prog or punk, goth rock or southern rock, we’ve got it covered.

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard Foo Fighters on my favourite ‘classic rock’ radio station. It was the song Learn To Fly, and as the opening notes came through my distorted car speakers I glanced at the radio dial in shock and thought: “Classic rock? Foo Fighters?” Sandwiched between Foghat and the Doobie Brothers, I thought this must be some wicked prank by a rogue disc jockey on his last day of work, doing his best to exact revenge upon his unsuspecting, abusive superior. “Obviously a one off,” I thought. Nevertheless, it got me thinking. What exactly is ‘classic rock’? Is it a genre defined by a specific time, or style? Is it a measure of tone, or aesthetic? It’s difficult to interpret, but the term definitely carries with…

19 min
let's dance

“Taking this shit too seriously can be the death of any band.”Dave Grohl Dave Grohl has many great memories of Lemmy, but there’s one in particular that’s imprinted on his brain It was late morning in Los Angeles years ago, and the Foo Fighters frontman was en route to The Rainbow, Lemmy’s Sunset Strip hangout of choice, for an early-doors meeting with the Motörhead mainman. Halfway there, Grohl got a call: could he come to Lemmy’s apartment instead? Sure, said Grohl. After all, he’d never been through those hallowed portals. “So I got to the apartment,” says Grohl, laughing, “and I was shocked at how fucking disgusting it was. These aisles of magazines and VHS tapes stacked three to four feet high, Lemmy sitting on the couch, in his black bikini underwear with…

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chris shiflett

When Dave Grohl told you that with the new album he wanted to make a Foo Fighters record that got people dancing, what did you think? Well it’s not like we sit down and Dave goes: “I wanna make a dance record.” I would love to pretend everything’s this big, planned-out thing, but it’s not. It’s more like he said: “I’ve been listening to a lot of [Bowie’s album] Let’s Dance, and the feel of that record oozes into what we do.” Was the house in which you recorded theMedicine At Midnight album really haunted? I’m not a big believer in ghost stories, but I will say we recorded it in a spooky old fucked-up house in the Valley, for sure. You’d be walking down a dark pathway at night and it would…

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nate mendel

Dave Grohl is pitching Medicine At Midnight as a Foo Fighters record you could dance to. As a bassist, that must have been music to your ears. I was like, yeah, I’m on board. With any band there’s always this push-pull between your musical history and trying to do something new and fresh. There’s always some element of: “Let’s try to do things different this time.” That’s what we tried to do here. Was the house you recorded the album in really haunted? Everybody’s got their own definition of what counts as haunted. I’m more of a sceptic. If I see a window slam on its own I’m like, the wind caused it. Or if there’s steps in an empty room, I’m, like, it’s a raccoon. There’s definitely some creepy vibes in the…

2 min
pat smear

Who sends up the Bat Signal when it’s time to make a new Foo Fighters record? Here’s what always happens. We’ll do a long-ass tour, we’ll all be exhausted, we’ll say something ridiculous like we’ll take a year off. Then a month later Dave will send a text going: “Hey, I’ve got some riffs and bits and pieces…” And he’ll send you a dozen songs. Like: “Oh shit, he’s inspired.” That’s how this one started. You started out as a member of original LA punk band The Germs in the seventies. What was it like being in the middle of that scene? What made it so great was that there was no set thing about what punk rock was. You could have a band with two keyboard players and nobody would think: “Wait,…

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rami jaffee

You went to the same school that Slash and the Red Hot Chili Peppers went to, Fairfax High. Does every kid who goes there end up in a band? I was playing the Sunset Strip and all these wacky goth clubs while I was still in school. My first band, Daisy Chamber, were getting demo deals, but nothing panned out. By college I was like: “Fuck this, I’ve been doing it for six years.” During high school it was definitely: “Come on, where’s my fucking record deal?!” You were the last one to join the Foo Fighters, in 2005. Yeah. And I finally became a full-time member in 2017! That’s quite a long probation period. Ha! Yeah. But I guess it’s all about patience. Where did you first meet Dave? I was with The Wallflowers, and it…