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Classic Truck Performance

Classic Truck Performance

Volume 2, Issue 12 August 2021

Classic Truck Performance is dedicated to '40s-'90s American-made haulers. CTP features include the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products and special features.

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are we there … yet?

As of Tuesday, June 15, despite resistance from certain powers that be, the state in which I currently reside—that being California—finally decided to lift restrictions, mandates, and whatnot and once and for all let residents get back some semblance of their former lives. It’s still all pretty surreal, but I’m sure I speak for many others when I say how badly I want to put this last year-plus as far behind us as possible. Sure, it was a tremendous learning experience, and many of the lessons taught and learned will remain with us for years to come and, hopefully, help prevent this from happening again (at least in the severity that it did). But, enough of my soapboxing … let’s get on with it, shall we? So, as we’ve all seen…

5 min
parts dept

1. FITECH STAINLESS EFI HOSE KITS Whether you’re plumbing a fuel system for use with a carburetor or updating to a fuel injection system, FiTech’s new Stainless Braided Fuel Line Kits will help you get the job done right. The stainless steel braided line, available in natural and black, is chemical resistant for a long life and great looks. The rubber internal hose material is engineered for use with pump gas, methanol, ethanol, or alcohol fuels. To complement the fuel lines, 12 -6 fittings are supplied, along with a serviceable 10-micron fitting and check valve. Each kit includes 20- or 40-foot natural stainless or black stainless braided hose with 12 -6 AN fittings, including three 90-degree, three 45-degree, and six straight fittings, along with a 10-micron fuel filter and inline check…

4 min
sixty floored

Tony Leal’s killer 1964 that you’re witnessing here is the latest of his long line of incredibly built machines. While he has experienced much success with each of the Big Three truck brands, he figured he’d give it another go with a Ford pickup since the last one (a 1961) he built was on the opposite side of the spectrum as this one. It was a patina-clad unibody that he knew deep down he could easily top, even though it was legitimately cool as hell. This time around, he envisioned a superclean, supersmooth Ford that would hit all the marks as a standard cover truck—and then some. There is an obvious deeply rooted passion for old trucks inside of Tony (if you haven’t noticed already), which had been planted long ago…

8 min
worry-free wiring

For many classic truck fans there is nothing more mysterious than an electrical system. After all, how can you understand something you’ve never seen—that is unless you’ve walked across carpeting in your socks, grabbed a door knob, and saw a spark. Of course you don’t have to see electricity to know it exists—if you’ve been zapped by the ignition system of a running engine you know it’s real. Because of the theoretical nature of electricity it can be hard to know where to start when replacing a dilapidated old wiring harness or wiring a truck from scratch. At one time the common approach to solve either issue involved some sort of diagram, spools of wire (often all the same color, which made troubleshooting impossible), a variety of butt connectors, and lots…

5 min
factory style with a twist

Nothing helps generate a true appreciation for classic trucks better than spending your formative years with them in a natural environment where they’re being used every day to their fullest extent. For Dave Bartlett of Nantucket, Massachusetts, growing up on the picturesque New England Island created a fusion of history and agriculture for him every day since he can remember. It’s easy to see that his passion for early trucks translated perfectly in the creation of the stunning 1950 Ford F-1 laid out across our pages. With Bartlett’s Farm spanning seven generations back to the early 1800s, it’s the oldest and largest family owned farm on Nantucket. You can only imagine the amount of commercial vehicles that have worked the well-over 100 acres of open fields for growing produce and flowers.…

3 min
canyon-carving classic

As much as I love writing about other people and the trucks they build/own and drive, I also love when people have a great story to tell themselves. Not only does it make my job easier, it prevents me from messing anything up. More importantly, it relays the personal perspective just as it was intended. This is Jason Odell’s second 1949 Chevy 3100, and as he’s about to describe, it might just be his last! “I built my 1949 Chevy after owning another one for about six years, selling it, trying to buy it back (unsuccessfully), and giving in to build my dream restomod idea of a perfect pickup. I drove my first truck a lot—in fact, the first drive was from Florida straight to Los Angeles, and it was also…