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Classic Truck Performance Volume 2, Issue 3 March 2021

Classic Truck Performance is dedicated to '40s-'90s American-made haulers. CTP features include the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products and special features.

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Here we are, hopefully putting 2020 as far back in the rearview mirror as possible and looking toward a sign of semblance for the coming new year. I won’t use phrases like “new normal” or “great reset,” as I don’t want to use this as a political pulpit—there’s enough of that going on around us. Let’s just say, I hope 2021 is what we all hoped 2020 would be before it turned into the nightmare kickoff to the new decade that it ended up being in so many aspects. Just the other day, I got to thinking about the various roots of the classic truck hobby—as a whole, and my own personal ones as well. When you step back and take a hard look at what we’ve become versus where it…

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behind the scenes:premier street rod’s all-new, all-inclusive prototype 1967-1972 c10 cab!

Without a bed, a classic truck isn’t really much of a truck … but without a cab, a classic truck isn’t really much of anything! When it comes to both the Advance Design (1947-1953) and Task Force (1955 Second Series through 1959) Chevrolet 1/2-ton pickups, you can literally build one from scratch using all-new sheetmetal. In conjunction with LMC Truck, Premier Street Rod has done all the hard work already … including the licensing! Now, Premier’s in the process of adding the 1967-1972 C10 cab to their line of reproduction/restoration truck cabs. Once again brought to you by the fine folks at LMC Truck, Premier Street Rod will soon be offering the second-generation 1967-1972 Chevy/GMC cab in both big- and small-window variations, big- and low-hump, A/C and non-A/C—all custom built to order.…

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parts dept

1. F-100 FLOORPANS Now available from EMS Automotive are 1957-1960 Ford F-100 replacement floorpans. Die-stamped individual (R/L) front floorpans feature the OE-style shapes and curves. Made in Detroit by EMS from heavy 18-gauge steel just like the originals, they are available in pairs or individually and ship by economy package delivery. Cab corners and cab mounts are also available. EMS Automotive is your stop for any high-quality replacement sheetmetal for your Ford or Chevy. For more information, contact EMS Automotive at (248) 546-0232 or visit emsautomotive.com. 2. HURRICANE A/C & HEATER SYSTEM Old Air Products is now offering their new Hurricane A/C Heat & Defrost system for 1973-1979 Ford trucks. The Hurricane unit mounts to the firewall in place of the original A/C or heater. Fittings pass neatly through the firewall using a custom…

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eye candy gold

What’s the old adage about a painter and his personal projects? Something along the lines of “never getting done”? Whatever it is we’re here to dispel that pseudo proverb, as we present you with a legit painter’s pride: IKandy Paintworks proprietor Frank Rechlin’s 1963 GMC. Teaming up with next-door neighbor Tre5 Customs (led by owner Jeremy Rice along with Hector Garcia, Travis Rawleigh, and Olin Glick), as he’s done with his own crew (Travis Hearning and Scotty-P) on numerous projects each year, Frank decided back in November 2019 that it was due time he put a set of wheels on the street for himself. Having recently painted two first-gen C10s at the time is what primarily biased his decision on what exactly he wanted to build—and with the help of his…

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shut the front door!

If you’ve ever dealt with aftermarket sheetmetal, you know there’s a vast difference in both price and quality/fitment between your no-name generic reproduction, or “crash”-type (automotive collision repair), and the OE replacement panels. Generally speaking, you can attain decent-quality repop parts from most reputable suppliers that won’t require a ton of additional work to fit and finish—but if you want the best fit with the minimal amount of finishing effort, you’re going to pay a lot more for that convenience. At least until now, that is. Golden Star Classic Auto Parts has just released their all-new OE-quality replacement doors for the 1977-1987 Chevy/GMC C10 pickups (also fits 1977-1991 Suburban/Jimmy). Having installed the previously mentioned Squarebody crash doors in the past, I was at first a bit skeptical about the actual quality…

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watermelon wrath

When it comes to color choices and, more importantly, color combinations, there are unwritten rules to what works and, more importantly, what does not. Having a background in art/graphic design, I’m probably one of the pickiest when it comes to color palettes as they’re applied to vehicles. If Aaron Read, the owner of this particular 1967 C10, were to have told me the particular hues he was going with before I had the chance to see the finished product, I’m sure my reaction would’ve been less than complimentary. A watermelon, of sorts, bright green and red seem better suited for a Jolly Rancher candy than a top-tier truck as such. But as it turned out, those colors actually work—and quite well, at that! Built by Tre5 Customs and painted by IKandy…