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Classic Truck Performance Volume 2, Issue 4 April 2021

Classic Truck Performance is dedicated to '40s-'90s American-made haulers. CTP features include the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products and special features.

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it’s electric … or is it?

So, as many of you have probably heard, General Motors has taken the EV bull by the proverbial horn and vowed to completely phase out gas-powered vehicle production by the year 2035 and become “carbon neutral” by 2040. (Ford has made similar yet not-so-stringent EV goals for the future.) Additionally, GM has touted a “triple zero vision” goal, which, along with zero emissions, includes “zero congestion” and “zero crashes” with the use of self-driving vehicles (this according to a recent report by CNN). Bold goals, to say the least. For a hot rodder at heart like myself, these goals—which for the longest time were mostly talk until just recently—have put my pessimistic “what if” train of thought into overdrive. While I’m by no means against saving our planet or anything remotely…

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ctp ⋆ parts dept

1. SQUAREBODY SUSPENSION DONE RIGHT Scott’s Hotrods’N Customs has your Squarebody covered, whether you are building a Pro Touring, autocross cone-dodging, all-out street machine, you want to lay frame, or you just want a solid, comfortable cruiser. 1973-1987 Chevy truck chassis start at $9,500 and include the complete framerails, eight-point chassis crossmember, Scott’s IFS, Scott’s True Parallel 4-Bar rear suspension with Panhard, Moser 9-inch housing with 31-spline axles, and either single-adjustable coilovers or airbags on all four corners. Options include upgraded coilovers or shocks, sway bars, Wilwood disc brakes, fuel tank, stainless steel fuel and brake lines, motor and trans mounts, power rack-and-pinion, posi third member, Watt’s link, and more (no leaf springs or drum brakes). All of Scott’s chassis and suspension kits are 100 percent built-to-order, meaning you can custom…

4 min

Following the four-wheel-drive debut of the K5 Blazer in 1969, GM’s initial foray into the two-door SUV market, Chevrolet introduced the first of its two-wheel-drive models in 1970. What began as a response to rival the International Harvester Scout with what GM described as a “shortened pickup with luxury-like accommodations” (such as A/C and non-utilitarian interior features) ultimately launched the 2WD SUV segment we now know today. As of late, the first two generations of Blazers/Jimmys are hotter than ever—in both on- and off-road applications! But there seems to be two distinct Blazer crowds when it comes to the 1969-1972 and the later Squarebody-era 1973-1991 models. To be honest, we love them both—in all forms and styles! When we heard that Scott’s Hotrods owner Justin Padfield was building a second-gen 1982…

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c10 frontal rehab

Last month we got our 1969 C10 project’s front suspension squared away—literally, with the correct geometry and absence of air spring adjustability—and back on all fours after months of being disabled, as it were. That just left us with properly addressing the steering components—or, in this case, the lack thereof. While we had the intention of replacing the worn-out, leaking power steering box from the onset of the re-transformation of our previously/poorly built truck, we hadn’t put much thought into the rest of the components controlling the soon-to-be-updated box. That is until those particular items grew legs and walked away—or, the truck’s owner left them outside and the scrap man inherited them! Either way, we had to decide what direction to go with the replacement parts: stock or upgraded aftermarket? With a…

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gold standard

There’s a lot to be said about the cool factor and how it’s managed to create a distinct vibe through the decades. Many times for a youngster it could have been something as simple as seeing an Ed Roth monster T-shirt, riding a Schwinn Sting-Ray, or visiting a dragstrip to catch a whiff of burnt rubber and nitro. In any case, imagine just how high the level of cool would have been if your dad owned and operated his very own ice cream distribution company. For Bill Gagliardi of Canton, Connecticut, the experience eventually led to the creation of the mild custom 1959 Ford you see laid out across our pages. Growing up, Bill, along with his brothers Ben and Bob, spent plenty of weekends with their dad who owned Mellocrest…

6 min
modern-vintage spark

One of the great things about building a classic truck today is that you don’t need to settle for using a lot of classic (meaning old) parts. If you’re restoring a truck, or trying to keep one looking vintage, there are a lot of modern, performance-based parts that you can use and still retain the vintage appearance guidelines. One perfect example of an affordable performance upgrade is your truck’s ignition system. Stepping up to a new distributor has several advantages, including a modern, electronic trigger device and a more accurate timing advance. One company that can deliver these performance updates is PerTronix. For years, PerTronix was known for their line of breaker points replacement kits with their stealthy Ignitor Kits. These kits simply mounted inside the distributor to replace the worn-out mechanical…