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Classic Truck Performance Volume 2, Issue 10 June 2021

Classic Truck Performance is dedicated to '40s-'90s American-made haulers. CTP features include the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products and special features.

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still hammerin’ editor’s letter

It takes a village, as they say—and that couldn’t ring truer when it comes to producing this here magazine you happen to be reading. While the internal editorial staff list consists of yours truly and the ever-faithful Sarah Gonzales, who’s saved my hind end on many occasion when it comes to deadlines and whatnot for the past umpteen years, I pretty much rely on a solid crew of freelancers to make sure each and every issue of Classic Truck Performance is just that: solid with the best possible features along with the most informative tech articles we could possibly procure. I’d like to take this opportunity to formally thank them all. When it comes to the vibrant color features I’ve always relied on two key photographers to grab the cream of…

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parts department

1. LUG PATTERN DRILL GUIDE Hell’s Gate Hot Rods makes it easy to change your wheel lug pattern with their Drill Guides. The drill guide, or “jig,” is a nifty tool that you can use to re-drill axles and drums to be able to use a different lug pattern without having to remove the axles from the vehicle or take the wheels down to a machine shop to get re-drilled to the desired pattern. The drill guides are made of steel for strength and durability and can be used many times over. The drill guides come in 13 different lug patterns, giving you a wide variety of options so you can fit the wheel of your choice. For more information, contact Hell’s Gate Hot Rods at (208) 305-6469 or visit hellsgatehotrods.com. 2. NEW…

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1957 ford f-100

Some of you might think it would be a difficult task for a “GM guy” to write about Ford trucks. Well, let the record state: That could not be further from the truth … especially when said FoMoCo haulers are GM-powered! (Just kidding!) To be completely honest, I love writing about any well-built, well-storied, and/or just plain cool old cars and trucks. But when it comes to practically anything that Alan Johnson lays his hands on, well, it could literally be pretty much any make/model and there’s no doubt it’ll fit in all three abovementioned categories. In the case of George Poteet’s 1957 F-100, however, there needs to be a fourth category added: Insane! First and foremost I went directly to the man himself, Alan Johnson, and asked the proverbial “Why?” Here’s…

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led taillight and third brake light upgrade

https://vimeo.com/543366111 Believe it or not, LED (light-emitting diode) taillights have actually been around since the early ’90s. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until the early ’00s that LED headlights began replacing the popular HIDs (high-intensity discharge), which had started to replace the age-old Halogen sealed beams around the same time the LED taillights came around. Today, LED lighting is so prevalent there’s absolutely no reason any vehicle—no matter the age—should NOT have LED lighting, including the old trucks we drive. Besides their obvious greatly improved illumination, LED lights use less power than standard incandescent bulbs, plus they produce much less heat and are resistant to vibration (no socket contact), which means the diodes can be mounted closer (sometimes even integrated into) to the lens in which they’re being illuminated through. Obviously, however, some…

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1959 chevy apache truck

For lifelong truck lover Tom Patterson, childhood dreams of owning his own hot rod quickly came together when he was lucky enough to meet up with Mike and Brad Swaney of Hayman Creations in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The result of their partnership was a sleek 1929 Model A Tudor that was everything Tom desired in his own custom hot rod. Down the road, these three town natives would once again join forces and devise a plan to construct the hot-rodded pickup that Tom had craved since he was knee-high to a chrome bumper. STORY TIME This truck tale goes way back to Tom’s early years growing up in the countryside surrounding the bustling municipality of Uniontown. “My grandfather owned a 1959 Chevy that I took a lot of rides in sitting alongside him.…

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vintage-looking efi systems

We’re the first to admit there’s nothing like the peace of mind and go-anywhere confidence that comes with electronic fuel injection. We’ll also admit that, for all the convenience of it, the black plastic intake manifold of a factory crate engine and the requisite cone filter, clamped to a length of steel tubing serving as an air intake, don’t exactly complement the underhood aesthetics of a classic truck. To split the difference, many enthusiasts have understandably been lured by the undeniably great look of a vintage-looking stack-style EFI system. That classic style doesn’t exactly come cheap. Some of the more inclusive systems can push to $6,000 and beyond, which can be difficult to justify when that simple black plastic intake comes already bolted to a crate LS3. Then again, style counts. The stack-type…