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Classic Truck Performance Volume 2, Issue 11 July 2021

Classic Truck Performance is dedicated to '40s-'90s American-made haulers. CTP features include the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products and special features.

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still hammerin’ editor’s letter

Twentysome years ago, give or take, I was heading up this little old magazine by the name of Custom Rodder (maybe some of you have heard of it?!). One of the most common questions—and subsequent debates—I fielded during my time on CRM was, what's a “custom rod”? It was really a great question; unfortunately, my simple answer was not always taken, well, so simply. See, the problem was, a good number of readers just wanted to see the first portion of the title (customs: true, period customs), which we/I did feature. However, we also devoted as much if not more page space to “custom rods,” which by today’s standards were really just fullsize, post-1948 vehicles with a heavy performance twist, not so much a heavily modified “custom.” Well, the division…

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parts department

1. BOOST VACUUM … ELECTRONICALLY The Granatelli Motor Sports 12V Electric Vacuum Pump Kit is an all-new design using forward-thinking technology not seen before in this segment. What does this mean? The Granatelli design utilizes a rotary vein–style pump with an enlarged diaphragm to ensure maximum suction while remaining nearly dead quiet and vibration free. Utilizing an MAVP (Manifold Absolute Vacuum/Pressure Sensor), it eliminates the need for old-school vacuum switches and relays. This configuration also guarantees an incredibly quick vacuum recovery time ensuring 17 to 23-inch Hg vacuum all the time. It comes in four standard configurations: bare (no outer shell), black, chrome, or gunmetal gray ABS plastic outer shell. They even offer custom color options for a nominal fee. These kits comes complete with 5 feet of ³/8-inch supporting vacuum…

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1956 chevy

Danny Carrasco, of Chino Hills, California, is a certified Tri-Five Chevy truck purist. From the time he was a teenager up until now (42 years old), there has always been something about 1955-1957 3100s that has lured him into starting one fresh build scenario after another. Over the years he’s owned other types of classic cars, but when it comes to pickups, he always comes right back to this specific model. In the beginning of 2020 Danny had decided to go ahead and build another 3100, which would mark his fifth one so far. While he didn’t have a project heap sitting around that he could use as a foundation (and neither did he have the desire to go out and hunt for one), he figured he’d just start with a…

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better obs stopping and ride

The passage of time has a funny way of changing things. Take for example back in late 1987 when Chevrolet and GMC, after 15 years of producing essentially the same body style for its C10 series pickups, introduced the C/K 1500, which C10 fans then referred to as the “new body style.” In the 21st century the name has changed but the game is still the same: guys remain infatuated with the clean lines of the C/K 1500 series but the slang name is now OBS (meaning old body style). The C/K series wasn’t the first truck to be offered as a customized special right off the showroom floor … as history reveals, that was the 1956 F-100 right off Ford dealership floors. That said, the C/K 1500 series, or OBS as…

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1964 dodge dualie

Even though they no longer officially wear the Dodge badge, the words Power Wagon and Dodge have gone hand-in-hand with the ultimate in heavy-duty trucks since they were first brought to the consumer market at the end of World War II. Regardless of how many Power Wagons you may have seen in your lifetime, we’re pretty sure you’ve yet to see one quite like this! Dubbed the “Lunch Wagon” for the plain and simple reason that’s exactly what it was built for—to haul all the shop employees to lunch, or wherever else they may need to go—the 1964 Dodge you see here is anything but what it once resembled prior to House of Hotrods & Classics (HoH), in Mansfield, Texas, getting their hands on it. Back in its heyday, this Sweptline originally…

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guaranteed bolt-on horsepower boost

When it comes to affordable, “bolt-on” horsepower improvements for your LS engine, the $64,000 question has always been: What’s real and what’s nothing more than snake oil? Well, believe it or not, we actually have the answer to that—and it’s rather shocking … no pun intended! When it comes to the LS family of powerplants most don’t complain when it comes to factory performance. But we’re not most people, and any opportunity we get to bolster what’s under the hood, we take advantage! That said, when it came to the 5.3L powering Jason Scudellari’s Bumpside (yes, you read that correctly!) it already had an ample amount of boost in the form of ProCharger’s D-1X supercharger—putting out 18 pounds of boost at 7,500 rpm, it was already producing a not-so-modest 1,000-plus horsepower.…