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July/August 2021

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very crucial intel you never knew you needed: how to clean up any kind of sex stain

Few things besides sex have the power to make you feel totally okay—happy, even!—about ruining your (sometimes pretty pricey) possessions. But once that postnut glow dulls to a post-nut flicker and you’re staring at a duvet you had literally *just* strugglebused into a cover that’s now moist with… something, the vibe changes. As if the journey from orgasmic high back to baseline life weren’t depressing enough, now you actually have to do laundry. And there’s always the chance you’ll take said cover out of the dryer and It’s? Still? Stained? Maybe/probably even permanently?? As you can tell, I hate it here—or, at least, I did before reporting this story. Behold, what will (and will not) keep sex messes from ever making you not want to have sex. Semen GO AHEAD AND DO THIS Fresh…

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BEST CAT DISH “The modern design (1) is easy to clean, (2) won’t tip, spill, or break, and (3) can be permanently left on display because it’s basically art.” —MF Head to Cosmopolitan.com/PetAwards to shop (and to see the *rest* of our picks). BEST CAT TREAT “My husband and I have to ration these because our cats just beg and beg. And they really work from a dental perspective: no stinky breath!” —MAXWELL LOSGAR, entertainment director BEST DOG TREAT “These last exactly long enough to distract your dog from jumping all over guests.” —MR BEST SPECIAL-OCCASION DOG TREAT “I’ve never heard my dog sound more like a baby pig than when she was nosedeep in this cute little cup.” —AA BEST CAT FOOD “My cat Walter literally stages a revolt and meows incessantly if I dare swap in anything else.”…

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MEET WOLFGANG @KABBALAHKITTIES This Russian Siberian tries to sneak sips of his dad’s coffee. And also booze, lol! BEST DESIGNER-Y CAT BED “Say hello to cat furniture that will fit seamlessly with your aesthetic. If *I* got to sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day, I would want it to be in this cozy cave.” —MARY FAMA, art director BEST CASUAL CAT BE “Your cat will want to live in this. Luckily, it’s easy to throw in the wash.” —AW MEET DOUGH @DOUGHISAGOODBOY Dough is a Cancer, so he’s pretty sensit ive. He also highf ives. Relentlessly. BEST DESIGNER-Y DOG BED “It looks more like a fancy rug than a bed, and we love that for it. The memory foam is low profile but dense.” —CH BEST BED FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM DOGS “Thoughtful details like hidden zippers (for zero floor scratchage)…

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please, just eat this glorious salad from pepper teigen

THE INGREDIENTS 4 to 6 slices of bacon, chopped2 shallots, finely chopped3 cups corn kernels, frozen or fresh (about 3 ears of corn)1 cup halved cherry tomatoes2 fresh bird’s eye chilis (HOT!) or 1 serrano (a lil less hot), minced2 teaspoons fish sauce1 avocado, chopped½ cup cilantro leaves, chopped1 lime, halved Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper ICYMI, Pepper Teigen, super-talented cook and very cool famous mom, has just blessed humankind with The Pepper Thai Cookbook, packed with recipes like this spicy, bacon-y delight. Serve it at a picnic or just scoop it into your mouth with chips whilst standing in front of your A/C. Either way, you’ll love it! THE RECIPE 1. In a wok or large skillet over medium-high heat, cook the bacon until it’s very crisp (just how you like…

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just a list of reasons to take a midday shower

1 The rush from all that hot water and ~exfoliation~ will inspire you to finally answer an urgent email from last week. 2 One word: roommates. No soul will be loudly banging on the door during your me-time. 3 Your post-meeting belt sesh of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) sounds like Broadway with these bathroom acoustics. 4 Hair wash day = hitting 10K steps? Right, science?! (Science: “Nope.”) (But still.) 5 It’s a prime opportunity to swap outfits and do a Kelly Kapoor–approved fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch! 6 Nighttime bathing is utterly impossible after hours of terrifying Netflix murder content. 7 And watching Unsolved Mysteries till 2 a.m. means sleeping through your regularly scheduled shower call time. 8 Because you are a grown-up person who can. And being kind to yourself is a lovely experience.…

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just a list of celebs you totally forgot tried to be musicians

1 SCARLETT JOHANSSON The transformative ~acteur~ could probs play a tree if she wanted to. And she can definitely do music: two full albums and some EPs! Good for her! 2 MICHAEL CERA In news that should surprise exactly no one, the man is a bassist, with a selfreleased album on Bandcamp. 3 NAOMI CAMPBELL The model’s one and only album featured a photo of her shaving her legs on the cover. Iconic. 4 BRIE LARSON Excuse you, but “She Said” off her Avril Lavigne–esque album Finally Out of P.E. hit number 31 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart. 5 RYAN GOSLING Dead Man’s Bones. That’s the name of his (leather-jacketwearing, I assume) rock band, which may or may not still be together. Their one album came out in 2009. 6 LUCY HALE She did place in the top five…