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Cosmopolitan June 2020

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hi from the editor-in-chief

TEAM COSMO, ALONE TOGETHER, STILL CUTE AS HELL Patty Camerota, social media editor Julee Wilson, beauty director Ruby Buddemeyer, beauty editor (costarring Violet) Taylor Andrews, assistant editor Sarah Weldon, associate Snapchat editor Alexis Bennett, shopping editor Rosa Heyman, deputy editor Aka couch-lounger-in-chief. Scrolling-Tik-Tok-till-3-a.m.-er-in-chief. Random-ingredient-martini-er-in-chief. Titles I never thought I’d have for a thing I never thought we’d have to go through. None of us did, obviously. And how to describe it? Life on hold in the most infuriating way—and the immediate guilt of knowing how lucky some of us are to be healthy enough to be bothered. The dystopian weirdness of only seeing loved ones on Zoom calls and of imagining things like fever checks when the world goes back to some kind of “normal”—and the sinking realization that nothing will ever be quite the same again…and maybe it…

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just a list of … the best shows you’ve never watched

1. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Three words: hot football players. Two more words: Coach Taylor. 2. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER If you can’t laugh your way through a late-’90s show about teenagers and demons, What Is The Point? 3. THE O.C. The Euphoria kids have nothing on the misbehaving high schoolers of Orange County circa 2003. 4. DAWSON’S CREEK These guys. And Katie Holmes, pre-cashmere-bra icon status. So basically Gossip Girl with less couture and more denim. 5. THE SOPRANOS Nothing screams escapism like a mob show (just me?) with a whopping 86 episodes. 6. THE WIRE It’s got a young Michael B. Jordan, which is reason enough. But also: lots of timeless topics like problematic politicians and law enforcement. 7. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Let these totally bonkers ladies fill the gossip void in your group chat. 8. VERONICA MARS Stans loved this moody mystery so much…

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the state of the union on meghan and harry

*They still get to go by “the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.” So. While I used this spring to officially resign from wearing pants, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry used it to officially resign from senior royal duties, giving up the use of their His/Her Royal Highness titles.* (Strangely, my personal news didn’t make as many headlines.) Stepping down has come with a lot of theoretical upsides for these guys—no more required engagements! No more sheer stockings! No more super-strict rules dictating their every move! Of course, the timing has meant there wouldn’t be much of that right now anyway… and there’s also the major downside: They’re not getting any more of Le Royal Cash. Like so many people rn, they’re basically between jobs, which somehow, for them, has not yet translated…

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nicole scherzinger perfected the art of the staying-in playlist

Fire up your speakers 1 Greatest Love of All BY WHITNEY HOUSTON 2 (Something Inside) So Strong BY LABI SIFFRE 3 Purple Rain BY PRINCE 4 Look Up Child BY LAUREN DAIGLE 5 Worship BY LIZZO 6 Bloodstream BY ED SHEERAN 7 Blessing BY JESSICA MAUBOY 8 Malamente BY ROSAL ÍA 9 Never Enough BY LOREN ALLRED 10 React BY THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS HEY, IT ME! 1. “I loved singing this song so much as a kid that my family arranged for me to record a version of it when we went to Dollywood on vacation.” 2. ”This is all about coming together and overcoming adversity. An empowering listen.” 3. ”I’m blessed to have called Prince one of my best friends, and I love singing this in his honor.” 4. ”Lauren writes and sings with such purpose. This track always puts me in a good mindset.” 5. ”I’ve been on Lizzo’s hype train for years. She’s…

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your scandalous true-story guide to net flix’s hollywood

And it’s just as delicious as you’ve come to expect from your favorite showrunner: high stakes, ambitious Hot People, and all the dialed-up drama your binge-watching heart can handle. It’s also… kinda confusing? The show’s post-WWII Tinseltown is full of real humans and events…and made-up characters and plot points. I mean, great, because it presents a version of history in which homophobia, racism, and sexism are taken down like the villains they are. Here’s how this ideal scenario shakes out. The real-ass humans Rock Hudson (Jake Picking) A movie stah, dahling. Real-life Rock was rumored to be gay; Jake’s version wants the whole world to know. Vivien Leigh (Katie McGuinness) The one, the only, the legendary Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. Hollywood royalty, both on the show and IRL. Henry Willson (Jim Parsons) Scheming talent agent infamous for…

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my borderline nsfw friday-night phone call with the absurdly talented kelvin harrison jr.

This guy plays a musician in his new film The High Note, and not to absolutely destroy you, but that’s actually him singing the entire time. He also paints canvases in his living room. I know. While self-quarantining on our (sadly) separate couches, we spent a night flirting chatting about, you guessed it, stuff we do at home. How are you staying connected to your people right now? My friends and I have been thinking about acting out a play on FaceTime. Maybe doing the movie Closer but as a play. Wow, my friends and I just drink wine. What’s your favorite thing in your place right now? My candles. They all have different vibes. Some people have made me candles from scratch, and then I have some from Le Labo and some from…