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Cosmopolitan November 2020

Famous for its upbeat style, Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends. Get Cosmopolitan digital magazine subscription today.

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november issue by the numbers

1 TRICHOLOGIST (TRANSLATION: HAIR SPECIALIST) WITH ADVICE FOR GROWING YOURS OUT. 10 PSL fueled late editing nights. 25 Gilmore Girls fans, 13 of whom have seen the series more than once. So, yeah, we know our shit (page 18). 8 hours spent on Zoom styling this beautiful road-trip shoot from a NYC apartment 2,746 miles away. 14 exis tential-crisis-related phone calls with Mom. 1 visit with a relationship psychic (ya know, before we discovered Saturn on page 64). 31 HOR RIBLE FORMER BOSSES, WHO WE HAVE TO THANK FOR BOTH OUR EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE AND THE STORY ON PAGE 58. 6 horrendous hiking dates. 28 stress-induced breakouts (see page 36). 38 THE NUMBER OF ITEMS IN OUR MERCH LAUNCH (!!!), aka the number of totes (like this one, $28), tees, puzzles, and accessories you didn’t even know you couldn’t live…

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ed letter

My all-time favorite TikTok. When Mia sent it to me, I did a literal spit take. Pls go watch it. 6 A.M. I’m out on a (masked) solo run. I miss my run crew so much that I decide to race a toddler. I show them no mercy. 9:30 A.M. Assembling a daily Snapchat Discover edition is like making a mini magazine every morning. For tomorrow’s Story, I write up celebrity news for my designers to animate. Y’all, this is a ton of work!! Mia and her team make it seem easy, but they hustle hard to get this done every day. 11 A.M. On TikTok, our goal is to be educational and funny. Today, that means a guide to budget-friendly vibrators and a prank (go ahead and search our page for “pen pal babies”). 12:45 P.M. We’re prepping…

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which thanksgiving hot take are you, based on these totally unrelated but very related questions?

FIRST UP 1. Starbucks, Dunkin’, or Tim Hortons? a I’m sorry, what? Can’t hear you over my zillion PSL rewards. b I live and die by Dunkin’ iced coffee. c If it’s good enough for Bieber, Tim Hortons is good enough for me. 2. Do you sleep with your socks on? a It’s the devil’s work. b Eh, on or off, I’ll knock out either way. c My feet yearn for mini jackets during my sweet cocoon slumber. 3. Is pineapple a viable pizza topping? a This is a sick joke, right? b TBH, you had me at “pizza.” c Truly a match made in heaven. 4. T-Swift circa 2008 was her greatest era: Discuss. a Sorry, but 1989 Tay was freakin’ revolutionary. b I will let the Fearless days live on forever. c Folklore or fight me. 5. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Yea or…

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what your arm placement in group photos says about how you really feel

If you’re aggressively holding your phone… We get it, people can be scary—like that flat-earther you were just trapped in a convo with. Gripping your cell for dear life = subconsciously bat-signaling your crew to bounce for afties and taquitos at tu casa, stat. If you’re aggressively holding a friend… This is basically the 21st-century equivalent of playing faves. It’s not that you’re trying to make the others in your group feel nonexistent…but you also don’t hate that they’re jealous of this bond rn. “This must be how Oprah and Gayle feel.” —you If your arms are high in the sky… Let’s get real: A sexy someone you’ll probably never see again just caught your eye. Even though you think you’re playing it cool, your lowkey desperate/very flirty stance screams, “Hi, I’m the one who…

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you don’t even need to move to win this scavenger hunt

Hunt down three recent “Happy birthday!!” posts on random friends’ Facebook walls. They must contain exactly two exclamation points (no more, no less). Send a random Venmo “friend” a 50-cent payment request with just and no explanation. Go to the cutie with a booty you’ve been talking to’s IG. Scroll all the way down—avoiding the accidental double-tap—until you find a photo of them holding up a fish. You know the kind. (We promise not to tell them about this!) Look for five couples photos on any platform with the words “this dork” in the caption. Untag yourself from all the photos your friends swore they wouldn’t post but did. (Consider this very early spring-cleaning.) DM five celebs an astro meme dragging their sign to hell and back. If they respond, double down. Search LinkedIn for a rambling…

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things about gilmore girls that still don’t make any sense

1. THE LAYOUT OF STARS HOLLOW This town is so small, *and yet* Rory and Lorelai approach the square from a different angle every single time they go. That’s just geographically impossible. 2. TOWN HALL MEETING ATTENDANCE I’m sorry, but the exact same group of people would never show up anywhere on a regular schedule unless it’s their job. My group chat can’t even make Zoom happy hours. 3. RORY AND LORELAI’S SPENDING HABITS They complain about being broke but hit up Luke’s for almost every meal, so I guess their burger budg is actually massive? Also, if you drank as much coffee or ate as much sugar as they do, you would die. 4. MAX AND LORELAI They get engaged after dating on and off for just eight months, spending more time apart than they do…