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Cosmopolitan February 2021

Famous for its upbeat style, Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends. Get Cosmopolitan digital magazine subscription today.

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february issue by the numbers

4 (deep) emotional scars from Mercury Retrograde–induced IG Live mishaps. 75 minutes(and 8 seconds) on the phone with celeb psychics. Details, page 19. 24 slices of extremely delicious cold second-day pizza, leading to the shout-out on page 56. 32 WORK LAPTOPS THAT HAVE OFFICIALLY STARTED MAKING THAT FAN NOISE EVERY TIME WE OPEN THEM UP. 420 minutes of staring at Al Pacino’s face to write the list on page 32. 4 bottles of sriracha and 4 jars of mayo because DIPS: page 60. 11 retinol horror stories, fixed. Page 34. 1 sewing injury (well, so far) in pursuit of the per fect DIY Franken-shirt like the one on page 30. 7 “UGLY” SWEATERS STOLEN FROM OUR MOMS/NANAS/GRANDPAS, INSPIRED BY THE FASHUN ON PAGE 2 0. 422 GLASSES OF OUR NEW (HONESTLY REALLY GOOD!) WINES. BUY A BOTTLE (OR4) AT…

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ed letter

Hellooo!! This is deputy lifestyle director Ashley Oerman, the definitely-not-bored person behind Cosmo’s career, money, health, fitness, tech, home, and booze coverage. Oh, and also our brand-new FOOD SECTION, launching this very month. Here’s a lil taste of what she’s up to when she’s not leaving drool marks in cookbooks. 8:30 A.M. I wake up like that meme of the two Chihuahuas in a car—I’m the one who looks like death. My husband is the fluffy, annoyingly awake one. I trade places with him in the bathroom so he can make the bed. (Yes, I’m a monster.) Or a genius? 9 A.M. Normally I’d spend the next 45 minutes pretending my 80-square-foot kitchen is a gym, but I sprained my foot and am not even allowed to yoga. Instead, my thumbs work out by adding…

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our official selfie survey

How important is lighting in your photo? 45% Meh, as long as my face is visible. 45% I must take it by a window at noon when the sun is positioned at a healthy 90 degrees in the sky. 10% It’s the to be seen. reason I own a ring light.… Have you ever used the self-timer feature? 60% A handful of times just to get a couple of cute half-body poses. 25% Duh, I need the entire 10 secs to make sure everything is in place. 15% That’s a thing? How do you posit ion your phone to achieve your *chef’s kiss* selfie? 50% My dominant hand is basically my PA. It knows all my angles. 40% I have it leaning on my iced-coffee cup from earlier. She’s sturdy enough, right? 10% Investing in a tripod was the best thing…

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how impressive are your creeping skills?

-4 TO 13 POINTS YOU NEED SOME PRACTICE You made a LinkedIn account senior year solely for professional reasons and deactivated your Facebook before it was cool. It’s 2021, honey. You gotta try a bit harder if you want to stay on top. 14 TO 23 POINTS YOU’RE A SOLID SLEUTH You have *so* much potential. Twitter is cute and all, but if you really want to know the depth of a person, you can’t be afraid to dip your toes into Venmo. 24 TO 30 POINTS HELLO? FBI? You’ve been honing these talents since you were 12 and watching your crush’s AIM icon light up. If we need a Spy Kids–style background check or just the name of our nemesis’s great-aunt, you’ll deliver.…

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HAVE A FREE SPACE! Texted my trash ex at 3 a.m. just to feel something Applied to be on The Bachelor Spent $40 ordering Taco Bell delivery to avoid The Outdoors Earnestly bought a “live, laugh, love” sign Pulled out the holiday decorations—in August Actually cleaned my makeup brushes Overheated my phone while FaceTiming my BFF Accidentally went viral on TikTok Listened to Folklore on repeat for…several hours Proudly finished a quesarito from Chipotle Ate fast food in my bed Started The Crown at midnight on a Sunday Attempted the splits Sat next to a phone charger all day but still had only 2% by dinner Posted my unsolicited skincare routine on IG Tagged a distant relative in a cash giveaway Captioned an Instagram with cryptic song lyrics Said the dog ate my Wi-Fi when I missed a deadline Had a solid video date with a Hinge match Scrolled through…

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1 THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHIE: CARTOON EDITION A chronicle of His Royal Youth but animated and with “cameos” from his royal cousins. 2 A GAME SHOW Where former royal-staff contestants share the weirdest, most bizarre things they witnessed while working for the family, and the audience has to guess which royal did which weird thing. If they get it right, the contestant wins $100,000. 3 A COOKING COMPETITION Britain is not known for its (good) food, so what if the royal couple had to revamp some traditionally questionable recipes (jellied eels, anyone?) with just the stuff in their fridge? 4 AN OSCARS-BAIT FILM I’m thinking it’d have to be, like, loosely based on Meghan’s experience fighting the paparazzi and the legal battle that’s followed, with someone very Prestige playing her. 5 REAL HOUSEWIVES: ROYAL CIRCLE I need to know…