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Cosmopolitan March 2021

Famous for its upbeat style, Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends. Get Cosmopolitan digital magazine subscription today.

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march issue by the numbers

5 designers had 10 brainstorming sessions that led to 1 genius idea of using 120 hours of 3D printing to make 6 Kardashian busts for the story on page 88. 62 BADLY-BUT-EMPHATICALLY-SUNG-ALONG-TO STREAMS OF OLIVIA RODRIGO’S “DRIVERS LICENSE” (FINE, IT WAS MORE). 24 stress zits picked at, informing the flowchart on page 14. 19 furbaby coworkers turned merch 135 minutes of panic during that massive Slack outage. 1 Gemini astrologer willing to reveal his sign’s secret we akness, page 70. 5 FARM ANIMALS THAT GOT THEIR CLOSE-UPS AT OUR COVER SHOOT. 9 pairs of knit boxers purchased while curating the options on page 24. 18 PIECES OF CEREAL EATEN WHILE DECORATING THE SHAKE ON PAGE 60. 143 ITEMS ADDED TO OUR VIRTUAL CARTS.. …in preparation for Hauliday™ by Cosmo x Klarna, which is baaack for a two-day discount-palooza starting March 1! In case you didn’t partake in last year’s glorious…

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ed letter

Say hello to deputy editor Rosa Heyman, in charge of All Things Digital: our website, socials, and general interwebz strategy. @Cosmopolitan’s funny/cute/sometimes unhinged Instagram? That’s her. Also her: the staffer with the most alarming Screen Time report. Here’s what she does all day (in between responding to your IG comments). 7:45 A.M. Before coffee/”exercise,” I gotta read my newsletters. Today, it’s the New York Times’ The Morning and Girls’ Night In (a rec from fellow deputy editor Jen Ortiz). Yes, I’m one of those people who looks at their phone the second they wake up. Sry, experts. 8:15 A.M. It’s my job to keep our home page—which has approx one bajillion daily visitors—looking purdy. I program a mix of buzzy and useful stories (have you read our lifechanging explainer on the exact order to…

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fun fact: we’re not all speaking the same emoji language

68% OF READERS USE In Slacks to my work wife after, say, stepping in a literal pile of poo at 7:41 a.m. 32% OF READERS USE As “ty!”s to Bumble dates after having a truly wonderful time. Here for the chaos. 60% OF READERS USE As a response to my BFF trolling our “friend” for his maskless vacay ’gram during COVID-19. She’s out for blood. 40% OF READERS USE As a response to my mom, who pierced my heart with cuteness by tagging me in a post about how dogs are just a small part of our lives but we are their whole life. 56% OF READERS USE After my boss DMs me on Insta because I didn’t answer their email fast enough on a Saturday. 4 4% OF READERS USE At the end of every message ever because I don’t want…

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15 miraculous discoveries you made during quarantine

“Truffle hot sauce belongs in your morning bowl of oatmeal.”—ANNABEL, 22“Guys who have any reference to The Office in their Tinder bios are the same guys who try to convince you to break quarantine.”—TAYLOR, 25“I don’t actually have to feel guilty about not using my weekends to the fullest. Turns out, FOMO is fake?” —EMMA, 26“My nail technician is my lord and savior, and I miss her sm.”—MEGAN, 24“Cats are okay!!”—RACHEL, 32“I was raised on NYC ’za, but a Domino’s pizza is actually the real MVP.”—STARR, 25“A mouse is *not* a baby rat. And I should read more.”—JEN, 34“Makeup isn’t, in fact, the reason I get zits.”—JACQUE LINE, 25“Baths work better than Xanax.”—BROOKE, 35“Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are my core support system.”—ASHLEY, 30“I really hate group texts, and I…

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will i pop this zit even though i know i shouldn’t: a flowchart

ANSWERS NO CHANCE You will do a substantial amount of pouting but won’t be able to think of a single reason to pop it. And honestly, neither will I. MAAAYBE? Okay, you’ll go through with it… eventually. First, you’ll remember to breathe, which will inspire a stellar pimple-patch application and a satisfying post-workday extraction. YOU’RE ABOUT TO DO IT RIGHT NOW AND YOU KNOW IT Your long, hard pre-9-a.m. day will lead to a brief moment of ecstasy before you (obviously) call in sick. You’ll keep this dark secret until it slips out at a happy hour years from now, when you may or may not receive high fives.…

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1 ZENDAYA ~VIRGO~ This girl takes wardrobe risks left, right, and center. Afraid to try new things who? 2 TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET ~ CAPRICORN~ You’ve seen the Lil Timmy Tim statistics rap (right?). Proof that this guy is way too chaotic to be a Capricorn. 3 CHRIS PRATT ~CANCER~ The man can’t even lose a Hollywood Chris Twitter poll without throwing a massive PR tantrum. (Meryl Streep, a true Cancer, would never.) 4 KYLIE JENNER ~LEO~ Okay, Kylie has plenty of Leo qualities, but she did keep her whole pregnancy secret. You’re telling me she didn’t need to show it off?! 5 KRISTEN STEWART ~ARIES~ She is beyond chill in interviews, the opposite of every relentlessly competitive Aries ever. 6 BEN AFFLECK ~LEO~ There are way too many pics of Ben looking like a mess. To register as a Leo, he’d have…