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Cosmopolitan September 2021

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our issue by the numbers

9 HOT-COFFEE ENTHUSIASTS WHO GLEEFULLY SIPPED THEIR FAVE DRINK ALL SZN LONG. 13 minor panic attacks had while talking to the food-safety experts on page 56. (Yes, you should buy a meat thermometer.) 43,800 soul-sucking minutes spent staring at our weak air conditioners during the summer heat wave(s), contemplating the existence of Earth, time, space, and anti-frizz products that don’t work. 6 ice-cream cones used for this incredibly NSFW photo on page 54. 12 editors who had no clue what the hell a Saturn Return was, cementing the need for the thorough explainer starting on page 58. 21 “Hey, girl!” DMs uncovered from our Instagram archives that inspired the “business” “op” data on page 6. 17 (safe) beach vacations taken to recharge and touch le sand IRL. 5 sob sessions one seasoned crier endured on her search…

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questions from the editor

The September issue is, as you know, kind of a big deal. It’s the moment when magazines are their magazineiest, all shiny and excited about the season ahead. Maybe that goes double for this particular September, after everything we’ve been through. So the task of finding the perfect cover star is a daunting one. The stakes! The pressure! But I have a confession: My job was so easy this time around. Because literally who could be better than Nora Lum, aka Awkwafina, aka the woman who’s transforming herself and us along with her in the biggest and arguably most culturally significant blockbuster of the year? Her interview exposes a lot about how she thinks, and it made me curious about how she lives—hence this fun round of rapid-fire questions and…

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let’s talk mlms

Tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth: Are you part of a multilevel marketing company? 72% Nope, never. 21% I was…. 7% I am! So, uh, what’s the pay like? 58% Oh, I lost money. 31% Not enough to live on. 11% It is (or was) my main source of income. Besides the potential cash, why’d you join? (Check all that apply.) I believe in the company’s product and vision. Really! 48% The flexible work hours, mostly. 32% To live out all my #GirlBoss fantasies. Who do you ask to join your team or buy your swag? (Check all that apply.) 75% My friends and fam. 51% Total strangers. 46% Literally anyone I’m mutuals with on social. How often does someone in an MLM reach out to you? 54% Maybe once a month or so? 28% Basically never! 18% I get a “Hey, you!” at least…

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just a list of juiciest celeb all the memoirs

1 THE MEANING OF MARIAH CAREY, by Mariah Carey Lots of scandalous bits, but the best part might be when she gets super real about her short but incredibly sensual affair with Derek Jeter. Truly, a moment. 2 GREENLIGHTS, by Matthew McConaughey Sooo, parts of this book are about Matthew’s wet dreams. And if you want to hear him tell you all about them himself, pls know he voices the audiobook version. 3 YOU DESERVE BETTER, by Tyler Cameron Yes, that Tyler, from The Bachelorette. Turns out, he’s… shockingly insightful? And full of relationship advice? Who. Knew. 4 UNFINISHED, by Priyanka Chopra Jonas Her anecdotes about winning Miss World are fab, and you’ll LOL at the time this icon sent a security guard to spy on Nick Jonas and her mom. 5 OPEN BOOK, by Jessica Simpson Surprise: Newly…

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dear evan hansen’s isaac powell made you the perfect ’90s jam list

1. “When I hear this, I’m suddenly 4 years old, sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s minivan.” 2. “This has one of the best swingy, fun pop melodies.” 3. “Whenever I go on a road trip, this is the first track I put on. It sets a good tone.” 4. “Ah, Selena! The Jennifer Lopez movie means so much to me, and I fell in love with this song.” 5. “Anytime I’m doing karaoke, this is what I sing. At different periods of my life, I’ve felt like different Spice Girls. Right now, I’m in a Baby Spice phase.” 6. “Whenever I’m feeling a little claustrophobic in NYC, I put this on and feel like I’m back home in North Carolina.” 7. “The first concert I ever went to was No Doubt. During this…

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the everything-you-didn’t-know oral history of the princess diaries

It’s 2001, and tween you is devouring this masterpiece for the first time. You’re contemplating the merits of a foot-popping kiss and also asking yourself, Do I need one of THOSE backpacks that, if I hock it, could feed a whole country? Based on Meg Cabot’s delightful book, The Princess Diaries launched these deep thoughts and much more: a future Oscar winner, the epic-est of makeover moments, and one Mandy Moore song that inspired thousands of friend-group dances. The movie, which follows regular San Francisco high schooler Mia Thermopolis (played by Anne Hathaway) as she learns she’s actually royalty, was surprisingly empowering too. Its whole point is that an average girl can go from “I can’t be a princess—I’m still waiting for normal body parts to arrive!” to discovering she…