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Cycling Plus December 2020

Cycling Plus is the manual for the modern road cyclist. Whether you're cycling weekly, an occasional new rider or a Tour de France fan you’ll find everything you need. Each issue is packed with buying advice and tests of essential cycling gear - everything from bikes to bags! Cycling Plus is the place to find training advice, nutrition secrets and practical tips guaranteed to improve your bicycling. It's also full of inspirational rides, real-life cycling stories and entertaining riding-related features.

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United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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the one(s) that got away…

2012 CANNONDALE SUPERSIX EVO The original EVO was an absolute stunner, with the combination of the classic horizontal top tube design, slim round carbon tubes and flyweight all screaming future classic. Add in handling that’s nothing short of sublime and I still kick myself for not squirreling away one of these dream machines in my garage. 2016 BIANCHI SPECIALISIMA This was like Bianchi’s take on the EVO, but wrapped up in a gloss of heritage and celeste-coloured beauty that’s ageless and iconic. 1992 GT ZASKAR I had one of these classic mountain bikes. I raced it and I loved it, but tragically made the mad mistake of chopping it in for a long-forgotten ‘upgrade’.…

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five things we learned this month…

1 CYCLING COMBATS CANCER A study by the National Institute for Health Research shows lower cancer mortality rates among those who commute to work by bike, 16 per cent lower than non-cyclists. 2 WHEEL POWER Thinking about willpower as an attribute that cannot be fatigued or depleted can improve exercise performance. Trial subjects who reported feeling their willpower was unlimited exercised more than those who believe it’s a finite resource. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology 3 TURN ON, TUNE IN Listening to music on the turbo trainer has greater benefits for those doing longer endurance rides than those performing short, high-intensity sprints, discovered researchers from Croatia and Italy. frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00074/full 4 HIGH HEELS Wearing lights on cycle shoe heels and on the seatpost helps drivers see cyclists better in daylight. Experimenting with rear-facing lights in various configurations, scientists…

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I’ve no shame in admitting to being the fairest of fair-weather cyclists. However, it wasn’t all that long ago when I’d be out on my bike in all weathers, feeling the cold in my bones and loving it, in a weird sort of way. I can’t put an exact date on it, but it was probably pre-Zwift’s Eric Min musing on his indoor training revolution. The idea behind this supplement, then, was both to remind us of the upsides to riding through winter and of some of the alternative ways to stay sharp through this period, away from the road bike. On p4, Trevor Ward, a man with a 12-month cycling season, talks up the benefits of winter cycling, and then rides a long way on the shortest day of…

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four essentials

01 ENDURA ENGINEERED PADDED BOXER II £29.99 As more of us turn to bikes for commuting we’d recommend investing in padded undershorts that can be worn under your office/work trousers for extra comfort. These seamless knitted boxers use Endura’s discreet 300 series pad that’s only 12mm at its thickest. It brings all the comfort you need on your ride to work but you won’t look like you’re wearing a nappy at that important meeting. 02 KINESIS ANTI-SLIP BAR TAPE JO BURT SIGNATURE SERIES £25 This shockproof bar tape is designed to take the sting out of rough roads. It’s backed with Vex Gel, which won’t leave a glue residue on your bar when it comes to replacement. It features an exclusive design by our sister magazine MBUK’s most famous contributor, Mint Sauce creator…

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from the editor…

When we were deep into lockdown 1.0 I ‘treated’ myself to a couple of kettlebells. I figured that I could use my time inside to build washboard abs and a v-shaped back or something. Needless to say, after an initial flurry of Joe Wicksian enthusiasm they’re now just getting in the way of the step ladder and bike cleaning bucket. After reading our core strength piece on p64 I’m determined to dust them off and make more of an effort to work my aging mid-section. If nothing else, it’ll make access to the chain cleaner a lot easier. SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE OFFERS & COMPETITIONS AS PART OF OUR SUBSCRIBER CLUB! HIGHLIGHTS… ELECTRIC AVENUES I’ve been using an ebike and, gradually, I’m being converted. It’ll never replace my nonpowered bike, but some…

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cycling plus the uk’s best tests for over 25 years

BIKE - BUYING ADVICE YOU CAN TRUST… We take our testing very seriously at Cycling Plus. For more than 25 years – an age when disc brakes, Di2 and super-wide 1x gearing weren’t even a glint in a designer’s eye – we have been putting road cycling products through their paces. Our Senior Technical Editor Warren Rossiter, has nearly a quarter of a century of riding experience in just about every discipline. He can separate the great from the also-rans when it comes to bikes, clothing, accessories – and more. If it gets our seal of approval you can be sure that you’ll be bagging a great buy! THE TECH TEAM’S SENIOR TECHNICAL EDITOR PREVIEWS HIS ISSUE HIGHLIGHTS… WARREN ROSSITER SENIOR TECHNICAL EDITOR ‘Versatility’ is a buzz word in bicycle tech right now so we’ve…