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Cyclist February 2020

Dedicated solely to road cycling, Cyclist is the very first magazine of its kind. A celebration of the freedom to explore and the gear that makes road cycling special. Cyclist will take you on the world's best routes and get behind the doors of iconic brands. With performance advice from the experts, we unearth tall tales from the pro peloton and get you up-close to the best road bikes and technology. Plus, Cyclist mixes in-depth articles with breathtaking imagery from the sport's best photographers. It's the road cycling magazine you've been waiting for.

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Dennis Publishing UK
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ed's letter

Happy New Year. Hopefully the bloated feeling of Christmas is beginning to subside and the fug of those New Year’s Eve parties is starting to lift. The shortest day of winter is behind us and the rising sun is shedding its rays of light onto a fresh year that, like a new-born foal, is taking its first faltering steps, full of hope for the future. I love the beginning of January. The year lies ahead, clean and unsullied, a giant, blank sheet of paper waiting for us to imprint our dreams and desires upon it. It is a time for making plans – I love making plans – which in my case means sitting with a calendar and convincing myself of all the cycling adventures I’m going to pack in over…

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sugar and spice

When someone refers to ‘VAM’, the chances are they are talking about how fast a rider can climb. It is an acronym for ‘velocità ascensionale media’, an Italian term that means ‘average ascent speed’. There is a reason it was coined in Italian –the infamous doctor Michele Ferrari came up with it to measure the performance of a certain American rider. Despite its nefarious connotations, it’s an appropriate label for Factor’s new bike. The brand claims the frameset for its O2 VAM Disc hovers around the kilo mark, making for a super-lightweight rig designed for going uphill fast. ‘It was time to evolve the O2,’ says Factor co-founder and chief engineer Rob Giletis. ‘Rim brakes were still very relevant when that bike came out. There was an O2 with discs, but that…

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pearl izumi pro kit

AmFib Jacket £199.99, Pursuit bibtights £179.99, madison.co.uk The perennial challenge facing designers of winter cycling apparel is to incorporate a high level of protection from cold, wind and rain into light and stretchy fabrics while allowing adequate breathability to avoid an unwelcome sweatfest. Pearl Izumi’s answer to this challenge is its exclusive PI Dry technology, which the brand describes as helping to create ‘its most advanced technical outer layers to date’. PI Dry is a hydrophobic treatment that means water will bead and roll off the fabric, and will continue to do so, Pearl Izumi claims, even after 100 washes. Both the Pro AmFib jacket and Pro Pursuit bibtights utilise the PI Dry technology, with three-layer, four-way stretch softshell for a combination of low bulk, warmth, unrestricted movement and decent ventilation. So now…

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hjc valeco helmet

£125, saddleback.co.uk Despite still being a relative newcomer in the road helmet game, HJC has already garnered attention for making uncommonly lightweight designs. The new Valeco does nothing to harm that reputation, coming in at 220g in a size medium. That weight isn’t a great deal lighter than many top-tier helmets, but at £125 the Valeco is about two-thirds the price of many equivalent-weight competitors. It is also one of the only mid-tier helmets to have seen the inside of a wind-tunnel, thanks to the fact that HJC, as the largest producer of motorbike helmets in the world, has one if its own. Lotto-Soudal’s Victor Campenaerts used HJC’s Adwatt TT helmet to break the Hour record last April, so you could argue HJC knows how to spend that tunnel time wisely.…

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gore x romance c7 shakedry jacket

£270, gorewear.com The most revolutionary fabric for wet weather protection has always had one major drawback. Being naturally dark grey it couldn’t be printed on, so Gore-Tex ShakeDry jackets have historically done no favours for riders when it comes to visibility in murky conditions. Until now. Thanks to a ‘new digital printing technology’, Gore is at last able to print onto the fabric in a broad spectrum of colours. Romance, a niche kit brand from Britain, bagged the coup of being invited to design the first colourful ShakeDry jacket, and has gone all out with this funky tie-dye number. Only 200 of these particular jackets are being made, but it will only be a matter of time before every brand with a ShakeDry jacket is able to offer printed designs of their own.…

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bontrager aeolus pro v3 tlr wheels

£1,199.98, trekbikes.com The widespread uptake of disc brakes has sent wheel manufacturers scuttling back to their drawing boards to reconsider how best to design wheels for modern riding. One of the outcomes is that wheel rims are getting wider, with the slight weight penalty being more than compensated by improvements in stiffness and aerodynamics. Bontrager has fully embraced this school of thought with its new Aeolus Pro V3 TLR wheels. Their 25mm inner width is wider than most rims’ external width from just a couple of years ago, and externally they measure a considerable 32mm. The company says this means the wheels pair nicely with 28-30mm tubeless road tyres and also have the width to adequately support high-volume gravel tyres. Wider tyres with the suitable support of wide rim walls can be run…