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Cyclist March 2020

Dedicated solely to road cycling, Cyclist is the very first magazine of its kind. A celebration of the freedom to explore and the gear that makes road cycling special. Cyclist will take you on the world's best routes and get behind the doors of iconic brands. With performance advice from the experts, we unearth tall tales from the pro peloton and get you up-close to the best road bikes and technology. Plus, Cyclist mixes in-depth articles with breathtaking imagery from the sport's best photographers. It's the road cycling magazine you've been waiting for.

United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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ed's letter

On the great swinging pendulum of the cycling calendar, late January must surely rate as the low point of the year. Cold, wet and dark, it is unconducive to getting out on the bike, and there is a foreboding sense that there is still a long time to go until the longer, warmer, dryer days return. It’s also the time when all those good intentions of New Year start to crumble. How’s the training plan going? Are you still keeping up with the evening sessions doing turbo intervals, or have they given way to catching up with the new series of The Crown on Netflix (I’m up to episode five – don’t tell me how it ends)? There isn’t even any pro racing to get excited about. The momentary spark of the…

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one for the road

Take a quick glance at British brand Vielo’s new R+1 and you’ll notice it stands out from an increasingly homogenous road bike crowd. There’s no front derailleur, and those kinked seatstays are radical, but the differences don’t stop there. ‘We wanted to make something ahead of the curve, and really focus on what customers riding the R+1 would need – leave race bike features for the pros,’ says Ian Hughes, one half of Vielo. His son Trevor is the other half, and between them they have many years of experience in the bike industry. They’re used to having their fingers on the pulse of current and future road bike trends. ‘Being a small, boutique outfit means we can respond to advances in technology with great agility,’ says Hughes. ‘For example, in the…

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giordana kit

Monsoon jacket, £249.99, AV bibtights, £149.99, yellow-limited.com ‘Mother Nature has met her match,’ reads the marketing bumpf. Bold words. We’d never bet against Mother in any brawl, even against Old Father Time, but Giordana has utilised an impressive fabric for its new Monsoon jacket, so it should put up a good fight. The primary material is eVent, which isa micro-porous fabric a bit like Gore-Tex. The holes in the material are smaller than water particles from rain but larger than vapour particles from sweat, making eVent fully waterproof yet breathable. In fact, eVent claims it is more breathable than any other comparable material, as it is able to wick moisture away from the body the moment it is present, whereas others are said to be reliant on the water of sweat becoming…

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specialized power mirror saddle

£TBC, specialized.com Specialized was the first brand to launch a snub-nosed road saddle back in 2015 with its Power design, which aimed to reduce pressure in sensitive areas and promote better blood flow. Now the brand is looking to move the concept forward once again by incorporating 3D-printed cushioning on top of the Power’s base and rails. Foam padding is so 2019. The structure is a polymer lattice that incorporates ‘14,000 struts and 7,799 nodes’, each of which Specialized says can be tuned individually to provide anatomy-specific comfort and support. The idea is that it allows Specialized to adjust the density of the material in a way that isn’t possible with foam. The saddle is not available to the public yet but has been spotted propping up many Specialized-sponsored pros, so Cyclist has…

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pro vibe carbon stem

£249.99, madison.co.uk Owing to the complex torsional forces that act on a stem, it’s often the case that an aluminium stem can have a better stiffness-to-weight ratio than a carbon one, but Pro aims to tip the scales back in the favour of carbon with its latest Vibe. It looks pretty bulky, but Pro says the shape is necessary to make it super-stiff while keeping the walls very thin to save weight – a 110mm stem weighs 125g. Aerodynamic claims are also made, chiefly because of its slimline ‘puzzle’ clamp system. This has been updated from previous iterations and is now reversible, so that the stem’s 8° angle can be run in either a positive or negative orientation.…

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dt swiss prc 25th anniversary wheels

What better way for DT Swiss to mark its 25th birthday than to reveal a pair of new wheels? Enter the PRC 1100 DiCut 25 Year edition, which it says is the culmination of a quarter of a century’s wheel-creating expertise. They weigh just a sniff over 1,300g per pair, making them the lightest production disc brake tubeless carbon clinchers out there. That’s already plenty to shout about, but UK brand manager Chris Brattle suggests there’s more to them than just low weight. ‘DT has stipulated a generous 110kg rider limit,’ he says. ‘They still happily surpass all the company’s usual strength and durability test standards too. That means a pretty heavy rider [for context, the average weight of a member of the England rugby team is 105kg] could ride them as…