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Cyclist March 2021

Dedicated solely to road cycling, Cyclist is the very first magazine of its kind. A celebration of the freedom to explore and the gear that makes road cycling special. Cyclist will take you on the world's best routes and get behind the doors of iconic brands. With performance advice from the experts, we unearth tall tales from the pro peloton and get you up-close to the best road bikes and technology. Plus, Cyclist mixes in-depth articles with breathtaking imagery from the sport's best photographers. It's the road cycling magazine you've been waiting for.

United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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ed’s letter

It’s all rather pleasant in a family bonding sort of way, and I will miss it when the lockdown is finally lifted and the girls find better things to do with their evenings than hang out with the parents. But their choice of movie is often unnervingly reflective of the situation we find ourselves in. This includes The Matrix (mankind is decimated by its own hubris and humans are forced to live in a virtual dream-state to shield them from the horrors of reality); The Shining (man trapped in isolation with his family goes slowly mad); and of course Groundhog Day (man wakes to discover every day is the exactly the same and he is unable to move on with his life). The only real difference is that instead of waking…

4 min
gravel arcadia

All the stuff that makes you glad to be a cyclist You’d be forgiven for thinking that Bianchi, as the oldest bike brand in the world, would be resolutely about road riding and nothing else. Yet the Italian brand’s range is surprisingly diverse. If you could see beneath the mud splatters you’d notice that Wout van Aert’s 2020 race-winning cyclocross bike was a Bianchi, and the company has a comprehensive range of cross-country mountain bikes too. Bianchi is no stranger to going beyond the tarmac, but until now it hasn’t properly ventured off-road with a dedicated carbon gravel frame. The new Arcadex addresses that. ‘We started studying the gravel world back in 2016 and released the aluminium-framed Bianchi Allroad,’ says Bianchi’s Claudio Masnata. ‘Back then we were the first to deliver a gravel…

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assos equipe rs johdah jacket

As a recession that will see us pushing our bikes around because all the track pumps have run out of air looms ever closer, there has never been a better time to release a £575 cycling jacket. But Assos’s johDah (pronounced yo-da, like the little green fella) is exceptional, using variations of Assos’s Sphere (stretchy weatherproof), Osmos (thermal knit) and ZigZaggy (thermal foam windblocker) fabrics in key areas to create a high-warmth, impressively low bulk winter jacket. The upper sleeves, for example, use ZigZaggy given that they are literally out on a limb in the wind, whereas the upper back uses medium-weight Sphere to allow moisture wicking as well as waterproofing. Features abound, from the stow-away balaclava-style ‘face mask’ to the Diffusor ‘valves’, those blue shoulder panels that open up at…

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hammerhead karoo 2 bike computer

Modestly described by Hammerhead as ‘the finest head unit ever built’, the Karoo 2 aims to bring bike computer technology a step closer to the smartphone. Hammerhead claims the Karoo 2 has twice the pixel density of its nearest competitor and the largest colour spectrum you’ll find. The glass touchscreen is designed to be functional whatever the weather, however the device can also be fully controlled using the four buttons – a handy inclusion for glove wearers. Inside it has a quad-core processor, a monstrous 32GB of storage and is compatible with just about anything: Bluetooth, ANT+, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G, as well as GPS and other navigation systems. Its versatile display has six different map options that offer route editing and have functions to get you home or to the local…

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cirrus cycles kinekt suspension stem

The Kinekt suspension stem aims to reduce discomfort and fatigue over long rides and rough surfaces. Cirrus says the stem’s 20mm of travel will ‘effectively isolate your body from surface bumps and vibrations to improve comfort, control and traction’. It has three interchangeable springs for soft to firm terrain and the brand insists control and steering are uncompromised. At 500g the stem is unlikely to be adopted on the WorldTour, but for the rest of us the weight penalty could be worth the promise of extra comfort.…

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enve ses ar bars

Enve reasons that because road bikes are changing to accommodate a wider range of riding surfaces, the bike’s contact points should also change to reflect this. Two of those contact points – saddles and shoes – fall outside the company’s current remit, but reimagining handlebars for modern riding is something the US carbon specialist is well qualified to do. The result is its new AR design. Enve claims to have found the sweet spot between aerodynamic performance and ergonomic comfort using several neat design features. The AR’s tops have been flattened to minimise the frontal profile, yet the brand says their shape and the bar’s carbon layup promotes vertical damping. The bend from the tops to the hoods is tighter, which Enve says better aligns the bar to support the rider’s forearms…