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Cyclist April 2021

Dedicated solely to road cycling, Cyclist is the very first magazine of its kind. A celebration of the freedom to explore and the gear that makes road cycling special. Cyclist will take you on the world's best routes and get behind the doors of iconic brands. With performance advice from the experts, we unearth tall tales from the pro peloton and get you up-close to the best road bikes and technology. Plus, Cyclist mixes in-depth articles with breathtaking imagery from the sport's best photographers. It's the road cycling magazine you've been waiting for.

United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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ed’s letter

Admit it, you’re thinking about getting a new bike. Of course you are. Every cyclist is always thinking about getting a new bike, but lockdown means we’re thinking about it more than ever. First comes the boredom. Long periods trapped indoors means there is little else to do but browse websites and read magazines (by far the superior option) that draw us inexorably into a dreamworld of wind-tunnel-optimised carbon and gleaming componentry. Look, that bike’s got nano-particles. My bike doesn’t have nano-particles. Surely I deserve nano-particles? Next comes desire. I don’t just want a new bike, I need one. How can any self-respecting cyclist be expected to continue riding a bike with exposed cabling or undropped seatstays? We’re not animals for pity’s sake! Then comes rationalisation. The money saved from not going on…

4 min
let’s rock!

It’s one of the world’s most instantly recognisable album covers. The Clash’s London Calling shows bassist Paul Simonon about to smash his guitar during a gig at The Palladium in New York. The photo has been voted the best rock ’n’ roll image of all time – and it’s the inspiration for the new Cinelli Pressure aero bike. ‘We always like to try to create an emotional connection with the customer,’ says Cinelli vice-president Fabrizio Aghito. ‘This is because Antonio Columbo, our company president, loves art. He has an art gallery and wants to use bikes as cultural vehicles rather than just something only used physically. So every bike we make blends art and popular culture into its design. There is always a link to rock bands or songs.’ The Cinelli Pressure…

1 min
santini redux vigor jacket

Al Jolson may have been singing about ‘April Showers’ for 100 years (the song was first introduced to the Broadway musical Bombo in 1921) but the weather in spring is just as likely to be dry with big temperature swings over the course of a long morning ride. It’s less catchy to sing about, admittedly, but if those are the weather conditions you’re looking at, Santini claims its new Redux Vigor jacket is for you. Water resistance isn’t its top priority but in setting that aside Santini says it has been able to use PolarTec’s Alpha thermodynamic fabric to create insulation and breathability in a sleek, aerodynamic cut. The Alpha fabric gives the jacket a curious look internally as its construction resembles sheep’s wool stuck in chicken wire, but apparently this is…

1 min
fsa gossamer pro chainset

Are your cranks too long? There is growing evidence that shorter crank arms can make you faster because the smaller turning circle means there’s less flexion at the knee and a more open hip joint. This is often more comfortable and hence can help riders sustain more aggressive positions. Bradley Wiggins, for example, went from a 177.5mm to a 170mm crank for his Hour record, and then to a mere 165mm for his 2016 Rio Olympic gold. FSA certainly believes in shorter cranks and has included them as options in its latest chainset. The all-new Gossamer Pro is still available in standard issue 175mm, 172.5mm and 170mm lengths, but now has a further six sizes, which go as short as 145mm. We’d recommend visiting a professional bikefitter before switching cranks, but if…

1 min
schmolke sl 79 saddle

For most brands a 79g saddle would easily be the lightest in their range. But Schmolke isn’t most brands. Its SL 79 saddle is only its third lightest, behind the TLO 65 and TLO 55 at, you guessed it, 65g and 55g respectively. The extra weight of the SL 79, says Schmolke, allows for a less aggressive shape than its lighter siblings, making it more comfortable. The hull promises plenty of flex to offset the lack of padding, and the brand suggests its raised rear helps keep the rider planted on the saddle.…

1 min
lazer sphere mips helmet

Lazer’s latest helmet sits neatly in the middle of the range, being neither its lightest nor its most aero model, but offering a decent helmet at a reasonable price. The main focus is on comfort and safety. The former is taken care of by 18 vents and internal channelling for optimum cooling, as well as the Rollsys retention system found on Lazer’s pricier helmets. This adjusts fit around the whole circumference of the head to prevent pressure points, and is adjusted by a thumbwheel on top of the helmet to keep it out of the way of long hair. Safety is provided by the Mips liner, which helps to reduce trauma from rotational impacts, and also by a ‘polycarbonate roll-cage’, which is an extra layer of the shell material embedded within the…