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welcome to february

What makes you hungry? Is it enticing, almost edible magazine pictures? Is it how a recipe is described on the page? Is it the smell of something sense-tinglingly aromatic simmering on the hob or baking in the oven? Or is it that moment of bringing the finished dish to the table where the drama of the big reveal gets everyone’s juices flowing? (A challenge on a Monday night, but it is possible.) I imagine it’s a combination of all these, and I see it as our job to entice you from magazine page to kitchen, encouraging you to dream more about the things you want to cook and love to cook, helping you plan how you’re going to fit those things into your life. We’re also here to improve your skills…

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the super-easy recipe

Rhubarb vodka MAKES 1.2 LITRES. HANDS-ON TIME 5 MIN, PLUS 4 DAYS STEEPING/INFUSING MAKE AHEAD Once strained the rhubarb vodka will keep in a cool, dark place (or the fridge) for several months. FOOD TEAM’S TIPS Add a drizzle of syrup from a jar of stem ginger for a warming twist. For a how-to on sterilising jars and bottles, search ‘how to sterilise’ at KIT YOU’LL NEED… Sterilised 1.5 litre glass jar with an airtight seal, such as a Kilner jar (see tips); sterilised glass bottle with a top Chop 600g rhubarb into thin slices and put in the 1.5 litre sterilised jar. Add 200g caster sugar, a few strips of orange zest and 1 litre vodka. Seal and store in a dark cupboard for 1-2 weeks, turning or gently shaking every now and then to dissolve…

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february moments...

The hot new restaurant If you’ve never tasted Tom Kitchin’s brilliant but not showy-offy food, you might want to make 2019 the year. He and his wife Michaela (right) have opened a new joint, Southside Scran, in Edinburgh. It’s moved on a step from the open-kitchen trend: this restaurant has an open rotisserie. Imagine the smells. I can’t wait to go… Look out, too, for his new pub with rooms, The Bonnie Badger in Gullane, on the coast east of Edinburgh.; Dinner on a London double-decker? It sounds gimmicky but it works. The sleek black Bustronome is no ordinary sightseeing bus – as well as serving smart, French-inspired meals, it has a glass roof so you won’t miss the central London sights. Diners are welcomed with a glass of champagne in a…

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in the know.

The afternoon out Snowdrops are the first sign of life from frosty ground, poking their little white heads through the soil even when there’s a dusting of snow. Find carpets of them at National Trust properties nationwide, from Castle Ward in Northern Ireland to Beningbrough Hall in Yorkshire to Stourhead in Wiltshire (this picture). To find the best place near you for snowdrops and a welcome blast of fresh air, visit At some locations you can help to plant bulbs to make next year’s displays even more impressive. YOU KNOW IT’S FEBRUARY WHEN… ✢ You suddenly think ‘Pancakes for tea – yes!’ (but then realise Shrove Tuesday isn’t until March this year… What??!) ✢ You contemplate creating a chart to tick off the days until your next holiday ✢ You glimpse the first daffodils…

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from our inbox...

SUBJECT: Don’t give up the Twiglets FROM : Carla Allen What a fabulous article from Debora Robertson in the January issue [p16]. I found myself nodding along with a smile on my face as I happily delved into my Twiglets. I’ve never been particularly good at keeping new year resolutions, feeling pressured to make them because everybody else does. How refreshing to read about Debora’s ideas for January – what better than to snuggle up, “eat your dinner on a tray” and dream of warmer days? She’s inspired me to bake a cake I’ve never made before once a month. I can’t wait! SUBJECT: Healthy eating FROM : Suzanne Rothwell Great recipes in January’s issue. I’m following a healthy eating plan, so I chose all the things I want to cook that aren’t too calorific.…

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in this month...

525AD St Brigid was a milkmaid before becoming a nun, which is why her feast day (1 February) is marked in Ireland with freshly churned butter and a loaf of St Brigid’s oaten bread. 1897 Inventor Alfred L Cralle of Pennsylvania was awarded a patent for his ‘Ice Cream Mold and Disher’ on 2 February. His basic design for an ice cream scoop is still used today. 1960 When four African-American students were refused a coffee at a ‘whitesonly’ lunch counter on 1 February, they just sat and waited, signalling a new tactic from the Civil Rights Movement. 2010 On 5 February crates of whisky and brandy were found near a hut used by Shackleton on an attempt to reach the South Pole. The 101-year-old spirits were perfectly intact.…