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welcome to june

Could it really be summer? We’ve had a few false starts this year and I hardly dare to hope. The barbecue has been hosed down and buffed (I am that sad person), the pots planted up and the forest of dandelions excised so, for once, all is set for warm days in the Barnes back garden. Meanwhile, on the food front, strawberries, broad beans, peas and gooseberries (to name just a few favourites) are at their British best. It’s a time of plenty – both in nature’s larder and in the general feeling of bonhomie that comes with early summer, and every recipe in this issue celebrates the riches food lovers have come to look forward to so much. It’s all about the produce, which brings to mind our Produce…

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the five-minute recipe

Balsamic strawberries with burrata (aka the perfect starter) SERVES 4. HANDS-ON TIME 5 MIN Mix 250g hulled and quartered strawberries in a bowl with 2 tbsp good quality balsamic vinegar (we used Belazu), 1 tbsp maple syrup, a small handful of finely chopped fresh basil and a good pinch each salt and black pepper. If you have time, set aside for 10 minutes. Spoon the strawberries onto a serving platter. Split 2 x 100g burrata balls (or tear 200g buffalo mozzarella), put on the platter, then drizzle any juices left in the bowl over the top. Grind black pepper over the top and scatter with basil leaves to serve. PER SERVING 170kcals, 10.5g fat (6.9g saturated), 9.6g protein, 8g carbs (7.5g sugars), 0.1g salt, 2.4g fibre…

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from our inbox...

SUBJECT: The importance of making mistakes FROM: Peter Sadler I enjoyed the heartwarming article from Debora Robertson on making mistakes [May, p23]. She reminds us all how easy it is to overthink an informal evening with friends and family. I’m in my mid-60s and take pride in cooking for any occasion. I too, in my time, have burnt, overcooked, undercooked and hopelessly forgotten about countless soufflés – yet these are the mistakes that our children will one day recall and remember us fondly for as they host their own dinner parties. Thank you so much for the reminder. SUBJECT: Kitchen treasure FROM: Samantha Knuckey It was endearing to read about Tom Aikens’ kitchen treasure, his grandfather’s sugar jar [Apr, p19]. I lovingly thought about my grandparents’ meat platter, used by my Pops for his dinner.…

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for starters

PICTURE PERFECT The overall winner of the annual Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2019 awards was Chinese photographer Jianhui Liao with this stunning shot, Cauldron Noodles. Taken in Shexian County, Hebei Province, it depicts an annual celebration in which locals don Qing Dynasty costume for a noontime feast. Liao’s picture earned him a £5,000 prize. This year, 9,000 images were entered from 77 countries in 26 categories. To see all the winners and to find out how to enter next year’s awards, visit THE WORLD’S HOTTEST FRUIT When it comes to fruit and veg we’re all encouraged to eat at least five a day, but which fruit top the charts in terms of the amount grown worldwide? Here are the top six Want a career in food? Le Cordon Bleu’s Julia Child…

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in this month...

1742 Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin Stove on 11 June. The metal-lined fireplace was designed to create lots of heat and little smoke. He chose not to patent the design so others could replicate it. 1951 The International Cheese Treaty was signed at The Hague on 1 June, outlining the use of appellations d’origine and denominations and restricting the production of famous cheeses such as gorgonzola, edam and roquefort to specific regions within countries. 1965 The Kellogg Company registered a trademark for Pop Tarts on 22 June. With Pop Art at its peak, the pastry had an edge over its rival, Country Squares 2004 A 3m, 120kg sturgeon was caught off the Welsh coast on 2 June. Sturgeon are considered ‘royal fish’, so the Queen was consulted – in the end it went…

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restaurant of the month

NEW YARD, MAWGAN, CORNWALL Even your satnav may struggle to find this restaurant, part of the Trelowarren estate on the rugged Lizard Peninsula. THE KITCHEN Head chef Jeffrey Robinson (above right) is a local boy who loves to showcase fantastic Cornish produce. THE SETTING Old farm buildings have been sympathetically but modishly converted to create a welcoming space with courtyard tables for the summer crowds. THE DISHES New Yard sources 90 per cent of its raw materials from within a 15-mile radius and simplicity is the mantra of the open kitchen. Monkfish fresh off the boat that day might be lightly cured and dotted with sea buckthorn caramel and a tangy yogurt dressing, while aged beef is served in a classic tartare with horseradish crème fraîche. THE VERDICT A great spot for a June…