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welcome to july

You’ll have noticed by now that this is an issue with a difference. If anyone asks me to sum up delicious. I say we are warm, down to earth, we try never to be intimidating, we have a mix of simpler and more challenging recipes but we always explain unusual ingredients and where to get them. We tell the stories behind food and (this is key) we try to empower cooks everywhere through teaching skills and know-how that increase and enrich knowledge. Why? Because when you understand the ingredients and skills involved in a recipe, you become more confident in the kitchen – and that in turn encourages you to experiment and even develop your own recipes. That overall aim is where the theme for this issue originated. As always, the…

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the super-easy recipe

Boozy peach iced tea SERVES 6. HANDS-ON TIME 10 MIN FOOD TEAM’S TIPS We used Tetley Cold Infusions Orange & Peach teabags, but you could use any fruit tea you like. If you prefer a less sweet drink, use half tonic and half lemonade in the mix. Put 5 peach tea bags (see tips) in a large jug and pour over 1.3 litres lemonade (see tips) and 200ml peach schnapps. Add a handful of fresh mint leaves, 3 sliced peaches and 1 lime, cut into wedges. Stir well, leave to infuse for 10 minutes, then scoop out the tea bags and discard. Add 2 large handfuls of ice cubes to the jug, then serve. PER SERVING 233kcals, 0.1g fat (no saturated), 0.7g protein, 38.5g carbs (38.5g sugars), trace salt, 1.3g fibre…

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from our inbox...

SUBJECT: No easy answer FROM: Christine Wilkins I agree with Neil Davey [Jun, p130]. I eat meat but I also care about cruelty to animals. I can’t help but think that this issue is uppermost in the minds of most vegetarians and vegans when they make the decision to give up meat and animal products. The price of meat has fallen but so have the quality and welfare. But many vegetarians haven’t researched the issue thoroughly enough to realise that meat-free diets are also made cheaper by the use of pesticides and chemicals that can damage the oceans and all that live in them. There’s no easy answer. Years ago chicken was an expensive and rare treat. Now it’s a cheap, everyday commodity. But at what cost? Like Neil, I too would…

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for starters

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE SUSTAINABLE RESTAURANT Great food with a conscience – that’s what the Food Made Good Awards are all about. We’ve teamed up with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) once again to find the People’s Favourite Restaurant 2019… And that’s where you come in. Nominate a restaurant dishing up great-tasting plates of planet-friendly food and your choice could follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner, Dusty Knuckle Pizza in Cardiff. Their recipe for success included pizzas with toppings sourced from local artisan producers, served up in reusable aluminium boxes. Help us find this year’s winner and you could enjoy an all-inclusive dinner, B&B stay at The Pig near Bath in the Mendip Hills, with a tour of the hotel’s kitchen garden, orchard and smokehouse from chef Jack Stallard. Visit deliciousmagazine.…

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in this month...

1307 King Edward I died on 7 July. He earned a place in culinary history for a colossal coronation feast 33 years earlier, which included 60 oxen and cows, 60 swine, two fat boars, 40 bacon pigs and 3,000 capons and hens. 1865 The Salvation Army was founded on 5 July by William and Catherine Booth to promote the three Ss: ‘Soup, soap and salvation’. Serving doughnuts at the front in WWI, and food and drink at Ground Zero after the Twin Tower attacks, the charity has provided food at seminal points in history. 1988 The first episode of the BBC’s Countryfile examined the fishing conflict between anglers and conservationists. From bog snorkelling to worm charming, the cult programme continues to cover all manner of creative country pursuits. 2006 Three people were arrested…

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restaurant of the month

THREE HARES Sedbergh, Cumbria On the narrow high street of the Dales ‘book town’ of Sedbergh, this black-fronted bakery-café is a beacon of cheer. It’s the vision of baker Nina Matsunaga (born in Germany to Japanese parents) and James Ratcliffe, a Cumbrian local. THE SETTING Chunky, scrubbed pine tables and shelves heaving with books make this a homely spot that invites you to linger. THE FOOD Nina honed her craft in Düsseldorf, so you can easily find German-style dark rye breads alongside farmhouse whites in the changing daily selection. Dry-cured bacon or local pork sausages on sourdough are mainstays of the breakfast menu, while lunchtime sandwiches might be piled with smoked salmon or rare roast beef. Just about everything is made on the premises, including traditional scones and all manner of sticky pastries.…