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The food world is full of people who dedicate their lives to generating enthusiasm for food, whether through recipes, restaurant dishes or tempting treats discussed and cooked on our TV screens. And then there are people who see food as a means of helping others, fighting poverty, teaching skills, building communities, offering companionship and giving people a second chance in life. These endeavours are the heart and soul of food, and it’s what we try to capture in delicious. Here are just two examples from this month’s issue: on p10 you can get a snapshot of the work of Alex Head, founder of Social Pantry, who trains former prisoners, giving them a sense of purpose and hope. I’m involved with a similar initiative called Liberty Kitchen, and it shocks me how…

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One to savour You can rely on Jay Rayner for an engrossing read. His new book, My Last Supper (Faber £16.99; out 5 September), is a happy amalgam of memoir, good eating and adventures, peppered with a few near-death experiences. The book is shaped around the question he is asked most often: what would you choose as your final meal? Expect fine morsels, coupled with typically plain Rayner-speak on topics such as gluten intolerance, butter and snoring. Morbid it isn’t; entertaining it certainly is. THE SUPER-EASY RECIPE Baked figs with blue cheese and balsamic SERVES 2-3. HANDS-ON TIME 5 MIN, OVEN TIME 20-25 MIN Heat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan/gas 6. Cut 6 figs into quarters, slicing most of the way through but keeping the base intact. Squeeze the base of each fig to open…

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STAR EMAIL SUBJECT: Reader Julia Barrow’s email praising a proposal to ban terms such as ‘burgers’ and ‘steak’ from being used to describe vegetarian products [Aug, p10] prompted a flood of responses FROM: I rene Evans Language (just like food tastes) has to develop or die. What, for example, does ‘steak’ REALLY mean? If it can only be a prime cut of beef, then what of lamb steaks? Cod steaks? Or – heavens above! – cauliflower steaks? Can a burger only be made from minced beef? If so, let’s all wave a sad goodbye to turkey burgers, lamb burgers and the ‘so wrong it’s right’ confit duck burger. Legislation should be created to protect. Just what is being protected here? Surely we can work out the difference between a beef burger and a…

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1519 Magellan set sail from Spain on 20 September in search of a western route to the Spice Islands. He was killed on an island in the Philippines, but one of his ships made it and returned almost three years later, loaded with spices whose value was greater than the cost of the entire original fleet. 1949 Lesley Hornby was born in Middlesex on 19 September. The model’s slim build earned her the nickname Twiggy, but it’s likely she’ll be cracking open a bottle to celebrate her 70th: “The odd tipple? I don’t think that’s a bad habit,” she once said. 1979 The Food Programme first aired on BBC Radio 4 on 30 September. Now in its 40th year, it continues to cover everything from robot chefs to the future of the…

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SMALL CHANGE, BIG RESULTS That’s the principle behind charity Action Against Hunger’s Love Food Give Food campaign, which runs throughout September and October. Restaurants across the UK, including Sabor, Hawskmoor, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and The River Cafe, will be adding an optional £1 to the bill or donating a percentage of the proceeds from a specific dish towards the charity’s work. More than a quarter of the world’s population don’t have enough to eat, but just £1 can provide a day’s sustenance – and any more helps families grow their own food and access clean water and healthcare. Over £3 million has been donated during the 10 years of the campaign, which in 2019 aims to raise £550,000 and reach more than 13,000 children worldwide. Find a participating restaurant near you at ON…

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restaurant of the month

THE LITTLE GLOSTER Gurnard, Isle of Wight Islander Ben Cooke is in the kitchen and wife Holly (pictured, right) takes charge front of house at this family-run restaurant with rooms, close to the ferry port at West Cowes. THE SETTING The Little Gloster is slap-bang on the shoreline with only a couple of metres between the restaurant and the sea. Take in sweeping views of the Solent from the Scandi-style dining room or nab a table on the terrace in fine weather. THE DISHES Ben’s menu takes full advantage of the maritime location, so you can expect glorious dishes such as dayboat hake fillets with oyster velouté or Isle of Wight crab salad with celeriac rémoulade. There’s always fresh ‘uffa pasta’ – named after the couple’s son and the basis of the hugely…