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welcome to november

We’re doing Christmas slightly differently in 2019. Why? Because many of you got in touch last year saying you’d like more time to think about what you want to cook. I get that. Christmas needs more of a lead-in than other celebrations because we tend to set so much store by it, don’t we? When you ask, we listen, so welcome to Christmas part one, with a focus on fuzzy festive dreams and getting ahead. December (part two) is our Christmas & New Year issue, and the two magazines are designed as a set to give you celebratory inspiration in bucketfuls. And of course, there’s plenty you’ll want to cook and eat right now. Getting back to the planning bit, here is an insight into my world: list-making forms the backbone of…

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25 of the best sparkly, festive things to do... bring on christmas!

THE GREAT INDOORS 1 A VISIT TO DENNIS SEVERS’ HOUSE , an 18th-century townhouse in London’s East End, is designed around the conceit that the family who inhabit it have just left the room before your arrival, with dinner left half eaten on the table. It’s never more atmospheric and mysterious than at Christmas, when it’s decked out in Georgian splendour. 45-minute Silent Night tour, 24 November to 6 January, selected evenings 5-9pm, £17.50; 2 THE GINGERBREAD CITY IN LONDON’S SOMERSET HOUSE Leading architects design futuristic buildings, parks and public spaces around the theme of transport, all out of their own home-baked gingerbread. Hands off, please, folks… 7 December to 5 January; 3 HERTFORDSHIRE’S CHI-CHI MARKET TOWN St Albans is the home of the Campaign for Real Ale and is renowned…

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your delicious.

SUBJECT: HONEST LABELLING FROM: HARRIET HIGGINS I agree with Philip Lymbery [Oct, p146]: we need legal definitions of terms like ‘free range’ and ‘outdoor reared’ for all animals to prevent companies effectively telling lies about their products. Labelling should go beyond shop shelves. Many restaurants show calories on menus; why not reveal the welfare standards of what they serve? We need to encourage transparency. What YOU’VE been making... @ambia.kx Salmon & potato bake JOIN OUR NEW READER PANEL and have more of a say in your favourite magazine. From time to time, we’ll email you to ask you to take part in surveys on various aspects of the magazine, website, podcast and more. SIGN UP AT Poll of the month We asked on Twitter: does pineapple belong on a pizza? We love a sweet and savoury combo…

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what delia means to you

STAR EMAIL FROM: JAYNE DANIELS Christmas has never been a happy time for me. My dad died at Christmas when I was six years old and from that time Mum always found Christmas challenging. She also passed away at Christmas, nine years ago. What’s this got to do with Delia, you may ask... Well, I’m endeavouring to change my Christmases and make them a happier time for me and my loved ones, and I use Delia’s amazing Happy Christmas book every year. My Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it, and the recipes all work perfectly, from the planning to the execution. I’m attempting to move forward and make my own traditions – it’s not easy, but Delia is the backbone to this. In Delia we trust. FROM: JUANITA HAVERTY Delia is Christmas. One…

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marcus wareing

BACK TO MY ROOTS My father was a fruit and vegetable merchant in Lancashire and hated waste. Everything got eaten, and he never brought home more from the warehouse than we needed. Back then, meat and veg were cooked to death: parsnips were a killer; sprouts I struggled with. My mum was good at baking – apple pies for the freezer, a couple of victoria sponges. I would be there with her in the kitchen, rolling pastry and lining tins. Great fun. THE GOOD LIFE A couple of years ago, my wife Jane and I bought a place with some land in Kent. We have bees, an orchard and a kitchen garden. Getting back to the soil and seeing things grow is special – I look forward to every season and feel at…

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your plan-ahead gift guide

Not for dunking This quirky gold-plated necklace is for serious biscuit lovers. Food-loving jeweller Lily Charmed also makes peapod, ice cream and bourbon biscuit trinkets. Custard Cream necklace (12mm x 8mm x 3mm), Bowl food The S’Well insulated travel bowl keeps food hot for up to six hours or cold for up to eight, with a second container inside for extra snacks or garnishes. Packed lunches have never looked so desirable. Insulated nesting food bowls, £35 for 473ml or £45 for 636ml, Mixed thrill There’s no stirring required with this ready-made Italian aperitivo. Prepared with clove-infused Portobello Road gin, Italian sweet vermouth, Campari and festive blood orange liqueur, it only requires ice and a slice and you’re ready to go. Harvey Nichols Blood Orange & Clove Negroni, £35 for 700ml, Snap happy KitKats are…