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October means... Tree branches laden and bendy with fruit, fields polka-dotted with incongruously bright pumpkins and squash waiting to be gathered, the smell of wood smoke on the air, autumn mists and looking ahead to Bonfire Night. Memories of baked potatoes cooking in the embers and hands clasped around warming mugs of hot chocolate sum up a time of year when the contrast from one season to another appears most marked, with a glorious array of new produce beckoning from market stall, veg box and shop shelf. If the above makes your heart sing as it does mine, turn straight to p46 for our Bonfire Night menu, to our pumpkin story on p22 and to our spice features on p28 and p84 for ideas to inspire you in the kitchen as…

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the delicious manifesto

Cooking is for everyone If we could get everyone in the world cooking we would. Food brings people together – families, friends, communities – and it’s a pleasure. Get children involved in decorating the Halloween spider cookies on p96 – brings a whole new meaning to browsing the web... You can trust us Every recipe is rigorously tested by our food team, at least twice, using domestic ovens, so you can be confident our recipes work every time. When it comes to reviews, we only recommend discoveries (see p111) we deem to be good quality and worth the price tag. Keeping it simple Eating locally and seasonally, whenever you can, really is a no-brainer. We aim to use easy-to-find seasonal ingredients. We’ll tell you where to find any unusual ones or what to swap them…

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delicious. world

THE GOURD LIFE Turn choosing a prize pumpkin into an autumnal day out: pick-your-own pumpkin patches are growing in popularity, with some offering seasonal snacks and activities too. Visit pumpkinpatches for a list Shaken or stirred? No Time To Die , the 25th James Bond film, finally lands in cinemas on 30 September after several delays. Hail the drink immortalised by Bond with The Martini: Perfection in a Glass by Matt Hranek (Artisan £12.99). Matt traces the cocktail’s cultural history, settles the shaken-or-stirred debate and gives numerous recipes. We spy a gift idea. ARE YOU CAPABLE OF CULINARY MAGIC? The Inspiring Culinary Generations competition is searching for the UK’s best cooks of all ages, with prizes to be won. There are two strands to the awards. Those aged 19 and over can enter the Keen Home…

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this month’s must-follow

Who’s behind the @? Chef and food stylist Julie Jones took solace in baking while caring for her mum and became recognised for her stunning decorative pastry work, which elevates pies and tarts to an art. Author of Soulful Baker (Jacqui Small £20) and The Pastry School (Kyle Books £25), Julie runs masterclasses and supports Alzheimer’s Society. What’s great about her feed? Julie’s intricate pastry and fruit designs, from textured feathers to geometric wonders, are awe-inspiring – but it’s also her warmth and honesty that have amassed a loyal following. She pours out her heart in her posts, reflecting on the benefits of baking, weathering life’s challenges and embracing its joys. Style and substance.…

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from the mailbox…

THIS MONTH’S STAR EMAIL WINS... …two boxes of premium red and white Portuguese wine worth over £50, by the experts from The Wine Show (Amazon Prime). These delicious wines stay fresher for longer thanks to their box format, which produces less CO2 than glass bottles. For more information, visit thewine boxed-wine FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN... Let us know your thoughts on this month’s issue by emailing us at info@ delicious* Star email From: Donna Carroll When I read Ellen Manning’s piece about boring food [Sep, p16], it struck a chord. Like many people, I work full time and have lots of commitments. I was a frontline worker during the pandemic, so never had any spare time. I often make cheese on toast or something I’ve cooked the day before and I use my slow…

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cook it like delicious. (and win!)

And the winner is… VICKY RILEY’S MILE-HIGH LEMON MERINGUE PIE Vicky’s pie wins Cream Cornwall bone china and tableware worth £500. Acting deputy food ed Jess says “What a pie! Excellent work on the Italian meringue. The filling looks luscious too.” The runners-up KAREN FLOCKHART’S PEACH CRUMBLE TRAYBAKE Jess says “This seems to have been the bake of the month for August and we loved Karen’s beautiful circular version.” ROSALIND OLDS’ VEGGIE TART Jess says “This was another popular bake and Rosalind’s take was spot-on. The pastry looks perfect and flaky, and the fresh topping is inviting.” Follow us on social @deliciousmag…