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it’s time to celebrate

It seems barely six months since I last wrote the editor’s letter for a Christmas issue – your biggest, most ideas-packed and (we hope) most inspiring magazine of the year. Our aim is to do the hard work for you, tasting, sifting out the dross and whittling down the vast array of products available in the shops and online. When you read about a gadget, gift or food item in delicious. it will have been prodded, tasted, tested and argued over. Nothing gains a place in our pages if it hasn’t punched above its weight. Then of course there are the recipes… We can’t actually cook them for you (sorry!) but we have planned, created, tested, tasted and discussed them until they’re as good, in our opinion, as they can possibly…

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you know it’s nearly christmas when...

People talk to you on the train Even good restaurants fall into the bad-Christmas-menu trap Everyone starts humming cheesy Christmas songs People lurch along the road in Christmas hats Frost glistens & leaves crackle underfoot Gaudy Christmas decorations appear in the office Going to a panto seems like the best night out (see p30) However organised you are, you end up wrapping presents at midnight PHOTOGRAPHS: ISTOCK/GETT.Y IMAGES, STUART WEST, PAUL MITCHELL…

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cranberry compote

Put 75g fresh or frozen cranberries in a small pan with 125g mixed frozen berries, 3 tbsp golden caster sugar and 1 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice. Gently heat, stirring occasionally, until the sugar has dissolved and the berries have softened. Bring to a simmer and mash lightly to burst the berries. Taste and add more sugar or juice, if you like. Serve warm spooned over pancakes, topped with greek yogurt and sprinkled with toasted, chopped hazelnuts. RECIPE AND FOOD STYLING: SOPHIE AUSTEN-SMITH.PHOTOGRAPH: STUART WEST. STYLING: WEI TANG…

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a glimpse behind the scenes

❆ Food team members Livi and Sophie being accused of stealing pumpkins while searching through the market for perfect specimens for our panto food pictures on p30. ❆ Art editor Martine wrapping Secret Santa presents on the train on her way to our Christmas brainstorming. Scenario: high summer; 32°C; lots of funny looks. ❆ The annual team argument about whether anyone actually has unexpected guests at Christmas. One camp says NO! The other insists: YES! ❆ Martine (again) forcing herself to get through 39 bottles of prosecco to make the cork Christmas tree on p143. She claims her friends helped. ❆ Stylist Morag creeping around neighbours’ gardens and a park, secretly snipping foliage that looked Christmassy for our festive shoots. ❆ Playing carols at our planning meeting (editor Karen’s neighbours worry about her quirks) to…

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from our inbox...

STAR EMAIL SUBJECT: Follow the recipe? No thanks. I prefer creativity FROM : Tom Johnston Clare Finney cast a provocative fly on the water suggesting recipes MUST be followed [Nov, p146]. As a proud member of the ‘chuck it and chance it’ brigade, may I be first to rise to the bait? I started cooking in my early teens and, a few years on, graduated to Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The results were great – but you can’t say that about all recipes. Once, staying in a French household, I asked madame what was for lunch tomorrow. She explained it depended on what was good in the market. For me, much of the fun of cooking is improvising with what you have. Some of the finest plates are born of…

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for starters

MAKE YOUR PARTY SHINE Chef Jack Stein is encouraging you to invite people round for festive food and light your gathering with candles. No, he hasn’t gone all soppy – it’s to raise funds for disaster relief charity ShelterBox. The idea is that your guests donate to the charity, and the candlelight is inspired by the emergency solar lights ShelterBox uses to assist families made homeless by conflict and natural disasters, such as the recent tsunami in Indonesia. Money raised will help provide items such as tents and water filters for affected families. Order a fundraising pack, including recipes and a quiz, from BEST CHEESE ON THE BLOCK The 31st annual World Cheese Awards have revealed this year’s World Champion Cheese, but don’t get too excited as the chances of you being able to…