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welcome to july

It’s that full-of-light time of year when proper sunshine comes into play – or it should do, anyway. Are you a morning or evening person? I’m naturally the latter, but on weekdays I force myself to get up early to enjoy the relative solitude of misty mornings when London is at its most still and quiet, before the heat of the day. Everything seems possible then – even if over-ambitious hopes and plans crumble slightly later. Weekends are a time to relish the feel of cool grass underfoot and a grabbed moment at end of day when it’s gloriously okay to enjoy a glass of something chilled as the sun dips down. But how do you feel about eating outside? At home it’s easy – as long as there’s shade to…

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five quick things to make with… courgettes

The 10-minute lunch Courgette & buttermilk salad Whisk 100ml buttermilk, ½ small crushed garlic clove, the grated zest and juice of ½ lemon, a small bunch of chopped fresh mint and 2 tsp poppy seeds in a bowl, then season. Peel 2 courgettes into ribbons with a Y-shape peeler, toss in the dressing and serve sprinkled with crumbled goat’s cheese and a few fresh basil leaves. 2 Herby side dish Slice 2 courgettes into 1cm discs, spread out on a baking tray, drizzle with oil, season with salt and pepper and roast for 10 minutes at 200°C/ 180°C fan/gas 6. Arrange on a platter, sprinkle with chopped fresh dill and mint, then crumble over some feta. 3 Summer ribbons Cook 300g linguine according to the pack instructions (save half a mugful of the cooking water). Toss…

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july five good things to do

1 Critical mass Regular readers will know delicious. has long supported the charity Action Against Hunger, and 8 July sees the return of its Too Many Critics event at Neil Rankin’s Temper City restaurant in London. Food writers will be manning the kitchens – as opposed to writing about what comes out of them. On the team in previous years have been Jay Rayner and Bill Knott, and this year the cooks will be joined by delicious. team member Hugh Thompson. There’s just time for you to buy a ticket and enjoy the meal alongside some of the best chefs and restaurateurs. Tickets£120each. 2 The good book Bake for Syria comes hot on the heels of the success of Cook For Syria, both books produced in their entirety through people donating their recipes…

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from our inbox...

STAR EMAIL SUBJECT: Veal of approval FROM : Ceri Mortimer delicious. is the only food magazine I buy these days and I get ridiculously excited in anticipation towards the end of the month. That said, I’m disappointed you aren’t showing support for British dairy farming’s efforts to launch rose veal as a by-product of milk production. Rather than destroying male milk-herd calves, they are being reared humanely to produce rose veal. I’ve struggled to find recipes using veal in the magazine. In the June issue, for example, the meatball recipe (p84) could be improved by using some veal. Rose veal is sweet, tender and adds a depth of flavour to any recipe calling for beef. I make a ‘mother of all meat ragùs’ (my homage to bolognese) using five types of meat – rose…

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this month’s star prize*

Our exclusive prize from Australian wine producer Nepenthe is a case of Petraea sauvignon blanc from its Pinnacle range, a collection of premium boutique wines made with the best-quality grapes. Renowned for producing top-drawer sauvignon blancs, Nepenthe embodies a modern Australian style that reflects the cooler climate of the Adelaide Hills.; available at, RRP £19.99 ILLUSTRATION: GETTY. *A FULL MAINLAND UK DELIVERY ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER MUST BE SUPPLIED. ENTRANTS MUST BE OVER 18. FOR FULL TS&CS, TURN TO P129…

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in this   month...

1806 Michael Keens presented the Keens Seedling strawberry variety to The Royal Horticultural Society on 3 July. It was one of the first large-fruit strawberries marketed, and many modern cultivars can be traced back to this variety. 1856 Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin on 26 July. He went on to write the drama Man and Superman that featured the timeless line “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 1996 Scottish scientists announced the arrival of Dolly the sheep, the first successfully cloned mammal, on 5 July. Named after Dolly Parton, she was born to a Scottish Blackface surrogate mother and had six lambs before her death in 2003. 2009 The town of Bundanoon in New South Wales became the world’s first to ban the sale of…