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Digital Photo Pro July/August 2019

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editor’s note

Be sure never to throw away this issue of Digital Photo Pro. In fact, although the theme of this issue is Photojournalism and Travel Photography, we really should have called it the “Warning: Keep This Issue Forever” issue. Or perhaps the “Do Not Lend…Even To A Friend” issue. Why? For starters, we’ve included award-winning photojournalists Steve McCurry and Lynsey Addario, who’ve provided some exceptional images and discuss various aspects of their careers and recently published retrospective anthologies. (You can see one of Addario’s extraordinary photographs on this page from her assignments covering conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa in the Darfur region of Sudan.) Also, photojournalist Andrea Bruce, who has won her share of prominent awards, discusses how she’s using multimedia in a new way to explore what democracy, community and citizenship mean…

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The AIPAD Photography Show In New York City The AIPAD Photography Show displayed some iconic photos in April, like this one of Bob Dylan by renowned music photographer, Elliott Landy. World Press Photo Announces Contest Winners Winners of this year’s World Press Photo Contest included John Moore, of Getty Images, and his compelling image of a two-year-old Honduran asylum seeker Reports From NAB 2019 The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention may be over, but there was a lot to take in during the three-and-a-half-day exhibition. Check out Michael Guncheon’s take on the trade show and Terry Sullivan’s report on trends to keep your eye on. DigitalPhotoPro digitalphotopro digitalphotopro NEWSLETTER: Subscribe today for updates on the latest features, how-to articles and photography news. SIGN UP: http://digitalphotopro.com/newsletter/…

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Canon Introduces New Cine Sumire Lenses In response to photographers, filmmakers and cinematographers looking for Canon glass with a PL mount, Canon introduced its first set of seven cinema prime PL-mount lenses. According to the company, the lenses are “aptly named Sumire Primes. Pronounced ‘Soo-mee-ray,’ the word is of Japanese origin and is associated with a floral gentleness and beauty.” The company noted that when these lenses were opened up very wide, they have some intriguing characteristics in their smooth bokeh. There are seven new Sumire lenses: CN-E14mm T3.1 FP X, CN-E20mm T1.5 FP X, CN-E24mm T1.5 FP X, CN-E35mm T1.5 FP X, CN-E50mm T1.3 FP X, CN-E85mm T1.3 FP X and CN-E135mm T2.2 FP X. According to Canon, all Sumire Prime lenses feature an 11-bladed iris and bright T-stops “that allow users…

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a masterphotojournalist in full

If you search the internet for lists of the most well-known photographers working today, American photographer and photojournalist Steve McCurry, who has been responsible for capturing some of the most captivating images of the past 50 years, is almost always among those distinguished names. However, for a more personal and comprehensive view of how this photographer came to be included on those top-tier lists, you should take a close look at his most recently published book, Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures (Laurence King), which is the most comprehensive volume on the photographer’s images and life published to date. Forty years of McCurry’s incredible imagery are intertwined with unfiltered comments from his sister, Bonnie, allowing us to gain a more personal view of the photographer behind the lens. Plus, personal notes, telegrams…

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documenting the human condition in the age of constant aggression

If I had to choose the most important photograph shot in the 21st century, it may just be the opening image for this article (pages 20-21), shot by the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Lynsey Addario during one of her assignments in Iraq. In the caption, you learn the photograph depicts an Iraqi woman desperately looking to find her husband after a massive fire took place at a liquid gas factory in Basra, Iraq. But for me, there’s much more taking place, both visually and metaphorically, in this nightmarish shot, which packs so much about our world into the frame…and into a single image. Right off the bat, you instantly sense a world turned on its head from the slanted horizon line. The main figure’s identity, though, is literarily shrouded, like so many women…

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capturing images from an unusual perspective

Terry Virts is the most prolific photographer in the history of space travel. He’s shot more than 300,000 images during his two spaceflights, a two-week mission on board the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 2010 and 200-plus days on the International Space Station in 2014-2015, which included three spacewalks. He’s also shot terabytes of video, some for the eye-boggling IMAX film “A Beautiful Planet.” In addition to his dramatic images, his book, View From Above, published by National Geographic, has nail-biting stories about his experiences circling the globe, including an emergency exit into the Russian side of the space station to the sound of warning bells resonating throughout the American sector. Digital Photo Pro: Was photography an official part of your missions or did NASA allow you to pursue your passion in space? Terry…